Spartwo closed his thread so I guess I'll start the new one ._. I kinda copy and pasted some of the rules. Rules 1- The team with the last armed ship wins. 2- Each player takes it in turns to engage one target with one ship. 3- Ships engage in order of tonnage, lightest to heaviest. Once all ships are used the cycle repeats. 4- A ship is considered dead when all 'cores' of the ship is incapable of fulfilling two of these three goals unaided from other ships or onboard weapons... (see bottom for clarification on "cores") +Sustaining power +Moving +Firing weapons. 5- Weapons can only be fired from the original ship core and must be used within the the same turn that they are fired. 6- Screenshots or videos documenting all moves are needed to complete a turn. 7- Players are not allowed to control enemy craft that is considered alive or attach to them with the Klaw. (only when it is considered dead and you must be attached or docked to take control) 8- Players are not allowed to intentionally edit the orbit of enemy craft via any method other than weapons fire (because there's gonna be some recoil when your ship gets hit with an I-beam, I mean come on). 9- Half of the total of your ships may be moved in a turn (rounded up) but only one may attack. 10- Ramming is disallowed. 11- Weapons stealing is allowed under the pretense that the parent ship is 'dead' and the weapons are disconnected from it (you can disconnect them with weapons fire if you want). 12- Weapons must be fired within 2.5 km. 13- Surface to orbit weapons may be fired once per turn,and are exempt from rule 12. 14- All moves must be done manually, without the aid of autopilots. 15- A team may forfeit the game at any point, resulting in a loss unless both are in agreement. 16- Any mods which affect craft or persistence files are forbidden. (These rules may be negotiated however mods are always banned) Carriers 1-The total mass of carriers includes fighters and any other items being carried. 2-Ships onboard carriers cannot have munitions larger than 1.5m diameter. 3-Carrier fighters have a mass limit of 10 tons,anything heavier will be included as another ship. 4-Carrier FIGHTERS will go first because carrier fighters have a mass limit of 10 tons. 5-Carriers may not use heavy armor* higher than 50% surface area. 6-All fighters must return to the carrier by the end of the turn. 7-Carriers can have their own offensive weapons (But they always go last). Battle settings are made in the following fashion. -Body -Special rules/rule exclusions -Maximum number of craft -Maximum total mass -Use of K-drive,yes/no (These are recommended to be negotiated) *Heavy armor means stuff that has 80m/s impact tolerance Allright. So people are arguing about cores and random stuff. Alright so a core is counted as either a place where you house kerbals or a literal probe core. You may use any probe or manned "core" to control your ship provided that it was originally on that ship and it is not part of say a missile or fighter attached to it. So If you guys choose I suppose you could go nuts with probes all over your ship but that would be pretty useless amirite? OPTIONAL RULES (For varied gameplay) Beauty Battles Rules: 1 - Ships are made for form, not function (however if it does function bonus points) 2 - No more than 30% of the ship can be made from structural plates. Use Wing Armor (no mor dreks) 3 - Make your ships look good! Do some historical battles! Maybe even sea battles! 4 - Ship movement and order is the same as always. 5 - Ships may carry no more than one round greater or equal to 1.25m in diameter. 6 - Have fun reenacting some of the world's greatest battles!