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[1.2.2] 10x Kerbol system development for Kopernicus: Version - Update: April 14 2017

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Support for the Kerbol system scaled ten times the size that stock presents. For those who want to play the fantasy of the progression of little green men to the stars with all the challenges of traveling the vast void of a realistically sized star system.



This configuration is maintained by jsimmons

License GPL


* All Celestial bodies have been scaled up by a factor of 10 in size except the star Kerbol. The mass was scaled by 100 to maintain the same gravitational forces as stock.

* All semi major axis have been scaled by a factor of 10. The new orbital periods where calculated with Kepler's 3rd law.

* Celestial bodies rotations have been changes to preserving synchronous rotation. This means the same number of rotational periods per sidereal periods is preserved as stock. In other words the number of days per year is the same. The new rotations also preserve the same ballistic profile as stock as well. Thanks to starwaster42 for pointing this out.

* Support for a total of 4 kerbalspace centers all located about 90 degrees apart. Thanks to NathanKell for helping me setup the bases.

* Enable RemoteTech2 support for all 4 kerbal space centers. Increased the range to cover all of the kerbol system. This allows players to send out probes into deep interstellar space without the need to setup special relay networks through out the system. Note you will still need relays for very low orbit satellites and to communicate with objects blocked by celestial bodies.

* Added in tracking station locations from KerbinSide. KerbinSide models not supported with RSS at this time.

* Thanks to Starwaster for his Kerbin Height map. Did some tweaks to it to get mountains more pointy and created a cliff side base for one of the launch sites.

* Thanks to PingoPete for giving permission to use RVE for our mod. It looks so much better now.

NOT Supported at this time:

* Missing height maps and normal maps for Laythe and Eve. Laythe and Eve needs more rework.

* We need temperature and pressure curves for Eve, Laythe. Duna still needs a temperature curve.

* The star Kerbol is missing an atmosphere and a new SolarPowerCurve is needed.


* There is a "cave" under the tracking station for the Inland KSC 2 center. This is due to the extremes of the landscapes elevations locally. If someone can figure out some PQSMod for the KSC center it would be most welcomed.

* Due to the new rendering of the Inland KSC 2 center the old tracking station is buried in the terrain. Need to reposition it.

* The older buildings of the KSC 2 are a little sunk into the ground. Need to reposition it.

* Laythe and Eve need to be worked on for its height maps and deformities.

* Gilly is a boring round shape. Need to get back the captured asteroid look.

* Update star kerbol SolarPowerCurve and Atmosphere.

* Need to add new CommSat station locations from stock to RemoteTech settings file.

This mod no longer requires RealSolarSystem.


1. Start with a FRESH unadulterated install of KSP.

2. Install latest Kopernicus.

2. Optional. Install EVE, KSCSwitcher, RemoteTech2 or any other mod if so desired. Ensure you have the most up to date version and have followed their respective installation instructions.

3. Download the zip files from space dock  - http://www.spacedock.info/mod/296/10x Kerbol system

4. Unzip the zip archive you downloaded to your KSP/GameData folder.

5. Launch KSP. Enjoy.



Kopernicus 1.2.2 Release 2 by Thomas P.


EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements by rbray89/waz (v 1-2-2)   [ https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases ]

Scatter by blackjack (v0.300)

RemoteTech 2 by Remote Technologies Group (v1.8.3)

Ferram Aerospace Research: (FAR v0.15.6.3). (Not yet updated for KSP 1.2)

BetterTimeWarpContinued by LinuxGuruGamer (v2.3.7.3)


All of the Mods noted for RealismOverhaul


* All KSC sites are floating in the air.

- You need to increase your Terrain detail setting.


The delta-V map for 10x Kerbol is the stock delta-V map multiplied by sqrt(10)


v6.3.0.1 Beta \/

* Updated to KSP 1.2.2

* Fixed up Laythe so its actual Ocean world again.

v6.3.0.0 Beta \/

* Update to KSP 1.2

* Reworked directory tree structure. Much cleaner and easy to understand

* Use ModuleManger to configure scatter. No more copying over scatter.

v6.2.0.0 Beta \/

 * The eye candy update. This version requires the 1.1-3 release of EVE to work. 

 * The newer version of EVE had trouble with v6.1.0 version of 10xKerbol so did massive cleanup/merger of our EVE configuration.

 * Better clouds from the configuration posted in EVE forum by DrFumbles. Thanks for posting that.

 * Use the RVE terrain textures for Kerbin.

v6.1.0.0 Beta \/

 * Updated for KSP 1.1.X

v6.0.0.1 Beta \/

 * Added MiniAVC support.

v6.0.0 Beta \/

Updated to latest Kopernics, Eve, and Scatter.

* Support scatter for all planets adjusted to calculated atmospheric properties

* Created a pressureCurve for Duna.

v5.1.2 Beta \/

* Include 10x version of OuterPlanet Mod thanks to Tellion

* Cleaned up Zip files. They had old configurations from older releases.

v5.1.1 Beta \/

* Added hot fix for the career mode bug from Nathan's RealSolarSystem mod.

* Added in configs for scatter mod to use with Overhaul.

v5.1.0 Beta \/

* Tested with Kopernicus 2.4

* Update the star Kerbol radius using real physics (Stefan Boltzman law). More work can be done to model the star.

* Updated Overhaul version from - Aug 2 2015

v5.0.1 Beta \/

* Tested with Kopernicus 2.3

* Updated to the latest Overhaul - July 17 2015

v5.0.0 Beta \/

* Moved from RSS to Kopernicus.

* Kopernicus renders the landscape more correctly than the old RSS so the surface near bases had to be redone.

- Updates to ScaleSpace color map to match more closely the landscape.

- KSC2 had to be reworked since the terrain was rendered differently. As a bonus I added access to the nearby large lake.

* Dropped support of Astronomer's Oblivion pack. Caused too many headaches for users

* Dropped Better Atmosphere's and KSPRC. Both need updating for 1.0x.

v4.0.0 Beta \/

* Updated to RealSolarSystem 8.6

* Converted all RealSolarSystem png files we use to DDS format.

* Added back in the Kerbin ice sheets. Now you can land at the poles.

* Create a 8K texture that maps to the new Kerbin terrain.

* Modify the locations of the Kerbin population centers to the new terrain. This prevents cities in the ocean.

v3.1.0 Beta \/

* Uploaded correct normal map for Kerbin.

* Using VOID I realized my atmosphere limits were wrong. Now they are truly correct this time.

* Added in tracking station locations based on what KerbinSide has. Currently KerbinSide is not supported on RSS itself but we are ready for when it will be.

* More beautification of the Overhaul pack. Skies on various planets look better.

v3.0.0 Beta \/

* Updated all celestial bodies except for Eve and Laythe PQS to give them realistic terrain.

* Added flat normal map for Jool.

v2.1.2 Beta \/

* Fixed thick looking atmosphere for kerbin

* Added in proper normal map in DTX format for Kerbin.

v2.1.1 Beta \/

* Merged RVE work into Overhaul version

* Chrisl track down the fix for the long standing issue of the KSC center rotating.

* Calculated atmospheric limits using new scale heights.

v2.1.0 Beta \/

* Updated to RealSolarSystem 8.5

* Added support for Astronomer's Interstellar pack

* Added support for KSPRC visual pack

v2.0.0 Beta \/

* Kerbin now has a height map. Meaning you have realistic terrian

* Updated ScaleHeight for Eve, Duna, and Laythe according to the laws of Physics.

* Add a OverHaul version for people to test.

v1.2.1 Beta \/

* Update to RealSolarSystem 8.2.1

v1.2 Beta \/

* Updated to RealSolarSystem 8.2

* Added Licences

v1.1 Beta \/

* Repackaged to include RealSolarSystem

* Create a initial package for Better Atmosphere

* Fixed RT2 for KSC

v1.0 Beta \/

* Initial Release

v0.5 Alpha \/

* Early release of RealSolarSystem.cfg for RSS v6.X

Time for pretty pictures and a demo video (sorry I messed up the sound).


Javascript is disabled. View full album



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* There is a "cave" under the tracking station for the Inland KSC 2 center. This is due to the extremes of the landscapes elevations locally. If someone can figure out some PQSMod for the KSC center it would be most welcomed.

* Unmanned probes on the launch pad at the main KSC center don't function with RT2. In orbit probes appear to communicate with the main KSC center.

The RT2 issue is because the "base antenna", or the red dot or whatever, is too far away from the pad and too low in the ground so the signal is blocked.

Name = Mission Control
Latitude = -0.1054
Longitude = -74.683
Height = 529.91

I'm able to control probes on the pad using those coordinates instead.

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Tried it out, very nice. A little rough around the edges but I think this mod will grow into one of the big ones everyone knows about by nickname.

One thing missing in the instructions though, Real Solar comes with Custom Biomes. As a result you are flying over Earth map Biomes on Kerbal surface. I removed the custom Biomes to a backup folder and all seems to still be working. I don't know if there are any hidden consequences to this yet.

Also in the recommended mods list I would add either NEAR or FAR. (I use NEAR) Both mods upgrade the aerodynamics of the game and make it possible to get into space with reasonable sized rockets. Procedural Fairings works well with both mods.

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Honestly, if you're willing to keep this in sync with RSS, I'd suggest just bundling the RSS plugin and whatever cfgs you need with this, and I'll tell people on the RSS thread to *just* download your pack, not RSS proper. Because yeah, problem.

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frencrs: I fixed the RT2 with KSC. Yep I forgot to update the the RT2 location to the latest one. Now it should work.

NathanKell. I will prepare proper packages then since I have your blessing to redistrubute your mod. Than you.

Lesek: My first leap into KSC modding :D I will update the instructions and also I will prepare new bundles to avoid these problems.

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I installed this mod and got it running, however I have a few issues that I don't know if they are real bugs or something expected for a wip beta release. For visuals I am using EVE with Better Atmospheres and max res textures.

1) The textures from Kerbin are showing many glitches, specially on the shores (dirt and water overlapping themselves very quickly when seen from far) and on KSC view (every build seems to have double textures "fighting for space");

2) The clouds, when seen from below are ok, but when seen from far above they create circles that are transparent inside and opaque outside. These circles don't change with camera angle, they are really rendered on the planet, and although generated on cloud levels they intercept parts of surface with high altitude;

3) The shadows of radial parts of the ship, when cast over the ship itself, start to flicker badly depending on the angle of the camera;

4) I am bulding 12k+ m/s delta-vee rockets to get Jeb in orbit. 8-O

None of these were seen on the stock version of my game with the same mods (FAR, Deadly Reentry, EVE, BAtmospheres, etc.), and if these are actually bugs (except #4, of course), I could provide pics, logs, version of mods, if necessary.

Other than that, very nice mod, giving the challenge of putting kerbs in orbit with more than just some glorified pepsi+menthos rockets.


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I have those same cloud issue on mine. It seems to be cosmetic so I am going to live with it until the next version of 10x comes out.

To get into orbit, if you have NEAR or FAR, you need 9k Delta V to get to orbit if you don't want to come back. (I have done it with 8.8 but only if everything goes perfectly.) It doesn't take much to get back from orbit, 9.4 is what my last ship had and it didn't use all the fuel. It takes like 3K to get to Mun and if you get a free return or near free return trajectory, not much more to get back. I have a ship that will do flybys of Mun with this mod, but it can't orbit Mun. The thing is an ugly beast though. Ran out of science and I don't have the tech to go farther.

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Megafly : All those bugs are related to the EVE-7.3. I have been testing with EVE Overhaul but it is not ready for prime time yet. That version should resolve those issues. Perhaps this weekend I will give Overhaul another look.

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This one line is a bit confusing:

2. Install the required mods. Ensure you have the most up to date version and have followed their respective installation instructions.

That insinuates that there are required mods, but the OP does not list any mods required. That means either the line extraneous, or the required mods are not listed.

I want to try this out, but don't want to botch the installation =).

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This one line is a bit confusing:

That insinuates that there are required mods, but the OP does not list any mods required. That means either the line extraneous, or the required mods are not listed.

I want to try this out, but don't want to botch the installation =).

While we wait for the OP to be fixed, what happened is that before you had to download RSS first and then install this overtop. He streamlined it so that you can just install this and get going. Put any other mods you want after.

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WololoW: Sorry about not updating the OP. It should reflect now that you don't need to download RSS anymore. EVE and RemoteTech2 are not needed but if you do use them please install before installing this mod.

InfinityArch: No one has done this to date. I do plan to create a delta-v map.

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hi sorry to bother you, just a suggestion/ request, could you make it so that the clock matches the new time, eg one day= one day on rescaled kerbin or could you or someone make a clock mod that matches the new solar system? really sorry to bother you your mod is grate its just that is bugging me.

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I enjoyed this in 0.23 but it had some bugs (like no atmosphere or sky) for me, how does it work now in 0.24?

Quick question but is this in RRS still or does it have its own separate download now?

Edited by RuBisCO
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You only pick one of the downloads depending on your setup. If you run with default EVE then you pick that version. Some people use artist packs like Astronomers or SonicGalaxies. So I have provided support for these two popular add on artrist packages. Pick what fits your taste.

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Lewis 101: Yeah that bothers me as well about the time. We don't have 6 hour days nor 24 hour days. The reason for the 19 hour days was to keep the days per year the same. I will talk to Nathan if we would be interested in change that is RSS.

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Since people have asked I calculated the delta-v needed for Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus.Note kerbin does not count the extra needed due to atmospheric drag. I would add a exta 1km/s.

Kerbin surface to 200km = 9652.98 m/s

Kerbin 200km to GTO = 2283.72 m/s

Kerbin 200km to GSO = 3717.34 m/s

Kerbin 200km to Mun intercept = 2689.42 m/s

Mun intercept to insert (200km) = 916.52 m/s

Mun surface to 200km = 1325.26 m/s

Kerbin 200km to Minmus intercept = 3794.51 m/s

Minmus intercept to insert (200km) = 248.53 m/s

Minmus surface to 200km = 985.80 m/s

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