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So, uh, I just got the "hoax" title screen.


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So I saw a thread earlier with a title screen of Kerbals with their helmets off, many claimed it was a hoax. I can tell you first hand it is not. I got the title screen earlier today. Sorry for the DMP window I was testing the mod and couldnt move it.





This one was a pain to get as the camera flashed by the Kerbal very quickly.

So yea, it may have been cleared up as not a hoax but I just wanted to show you guys, does anyone know of the chances of getting this title screen?

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I don't understand what everyone means by the "toolbar mod". Is it causing incompatibilities or something? Can someone clarify that for me?

toolbar is built into another mod, so not everyone knows they have it. at least thats how i understand it.

blizzy made it so occasionally, you get the weird main screen. only to mess with people.

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It's an easter egg in the Toolbar mod. The toolbar mod as a resizable and movable app window to the game. It was actually made before the current non-movable app toolbar.

Does anyone know the chances of it appearing?

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