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[Stock]Kraken drive climb rate challenge

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I remember the old days before 0.23.5 when kraken drive was all the rage. The patch broke them for the most part, but a few designs still work. Recently the cheaty SSTO challenge rekindled my interest in this particular fuel-less propulsion, which I hope could be further developed in the community.

Wiki entry on Kraken Drive

Given a kraken spacecraft, the biggest trouble with using it is its painfully slow rate of climb in slow mode. That is, when the craft speed is slower than 800m/s and you're trying to get off the surface. To find out whether kraken drive can be made practical, here is a challenge to build a kraken spacecraft that could climb the fastest in slow mode, with hopes that we may discover the best method of building kraken propulsions in 0.24.2.

Ladder drives and infinigliders are not a part of this challenge, since they are well developed, and neither is able to maneuver significant payloads for orbital transfers.


1. No engines, RCS, separators, or launch clamps;

2. No aerodynamic surfaces;

3. Launches should start at the launch pad or the runway;

4. Crafts have to carry a manned capsule, to simulate the weight of useful instruments;

5. All parts must be stock, autopilot modules allowed. Physics should be post 0.23.5, FAR and NEAR submissions will be accepted;

6. No time warp;

7. No use of alt-F12.


Score will be based on the mission elapsed time at which the craft climb to 200 meters above Kerbin sea level, with a smaller score being better; Submissions that are unable to climb to 200 meters will be scored based on maximum altitude achieved.






5. goduranus (4 minutes, 30 seconds)

My proof of concept attempt:


A version of my ship as a reference for first time kraken drive builders:


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