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what is the biggest/best anything you have made in KSP?

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Honestly best things i have made would be these 4 planes, each is pretty much 100% perfect when it comes to doing what it is supposed to do.


The mini Beast mk 4


The Beast mk 6


HA Mongrel mk 2


And last but not least my personal favourite, The beast mk7


I mean i have made good rockets, SSTO, planes and yada yada, just never to the level of perfection these guys are at.

If you are wondering exactly how good they are fly them, honestly if someone has better planes made from stock parts id love to have them because pretty sure these are at the limit of what can be done in ksp as far as planes and stock parts go.

I mean i am having trouble making better planes than these out of modded parts, ill put it that way lol.

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One thing I really liked in an older version of KSP was my ICBM missile of stupidification. The missile was part of base modules I made for a polar base on Kerbin.




Two other models in my current career game in 0.24.2 and also covered in my documentation (signature) are a stock VTOL plane and a stock helicopter, both with floats:



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