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[0.25] Configurable Science Data v.01 (For Science Experiment Modders)

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[0.25] Configurable Science Data v.01.1 (For Science Experiment Modders)

This mod is meant for modders who want better control of how Science Labs boost the transmit value of a Science Report. Stock Science Labs only allow reports to be boosted by 50% of their transmit value. This mod lets modders give a custom boost amount based on 3 different ways:

  • Percent boost based on the base value
  • Percent boost based on the transmit value
  • Flat boost to the transmit value

What It Adds:

  • Adds CfgScienceData, which is a ScienceData Object with fields for a lab boost amount and what the boost pertains to (% of the base value, % of the transmit value, flat addition to the transmit value)
  • Adds ModuleCfgScienceLab, which replaces ModuleScienceLab and can handle CfgScienceData
  • Adds ModuleCfgScienceCommand, which replaces ModuleScienceContianer on parts with ModuleCommand and can handle CfgScienceData

Example Code:

Here are some example on how to review a CfgScienceData and how to process one:

public void ReviewDataItem(ScienceData data){
ExperimentResultDialogPage page = new ExperimentResultDialogPage(
ModuleCfgScienceLab.GetBoostForVesselData(part.vessel, data),
"Transmitting this data with cause experiment to be inoperable.",
data.labBoost < 1 && vessel.FindPartModulesImplementing<ModuleCfgScienceLab>().Count > 0 && ModuleScienceLab.IsLabData(data),
new Callback<ScienceData>(onDiscardData),
new Callback<ScienceData>(onKeepData),
new Callback<ScienceData>(onTransmitData),
new Callback<ScienceData>(onSendDataToLab));

List<ModuleCfgScienceLab> labList = vessel.FindPartModulesImplementing<ModuleCfgScienceLab>();
if(labList.Count > 0){
ModuleCfgScienceLab lab = labList.FirstOrDefault(l => l.getLab().IsOperational());
if(lab != null){
lab.StartCoroutine (labList.FirstOrDefault().ProcessData((CfgScienceData)data, new Callback<ScienceData>(onLabComplete)));

If you can think of anything that could make this better, please let me know!

Change Log:

Fixed casting error
Fixed lab boost showing with no lab on the vessel

Initial Release!


Download Current Version:

KSP .25:

Configurable Science Data v.01.1

Older Versions:

KSP .24.2:

Configurable Science Data v.01.1


Merge GameData from the download with GameData in your Kerbal Space Program Directory


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Edited by SirDargon

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Updated to v.01.1

Fixed casting error

Fixed lab boost showing with no lab on the vessel

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As this mod doesn't seem to be getting the interest I was hoping it would, I'm going to be discontinuing it unless a bigger modder comes to me saying that they are interested in incorporating it for their mod.

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