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[1.0.2] TAC Sticky Controls v0.3.1 [24May]


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  • Updated for KSP 0.25
  • Changed the default key to toggle on/off or zero controls to ` (The tilde key in the top-left of US keyboards, next to the 1).
  • Locks out normal inputs when enabled.
  • Refactored the way control input works: it moves the controls slowly at first, speeding up as you hold the key down longer.
  • Added a key for capturing the current control positions. Defaults to y. Useful for setting the controls to what SAS was using before turning off SAS. The idea was shamelessly stolen from Extended Trim.

Has anyone besides me been using this? I saw a few people try it out but I'm not sure how many kept it.

Yaaaay My mod was mentioned!!! :)

I'm using it. :P

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Yaaaay My mod was mentioned!!! :)

I'm using it. :P

That was a good idea so I had to steal it :cool:.

could this have a "Rover" mode? Basically it does the same thing but good for controlling rovers. Where the player doesn't have to always be pressing W to move the rover forward. (basically, cruise control for rovers xD)

It should work for rovers too. You just have to remember to back out any steering inputs that you give because it won't automatically return to neutral. It does not work for EVAs though, and I'm not sure why. Also, I do not recommend using this when flying any kind of vessel in space -- but that is why I made it easy to toggle on and off. My opinion, as the mod author, is that it works best for flying planes in the atmosphere and that is what it is designed for.

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Seemed to work okay in the new version, but I made a barely tested build that includes some changes that I was working on. Use at your own risk. No guarantees. I will upload a new version after I have had a chance to fully test it.

Change log

  • I was apparently wrong about rover compatibility. It should work now, and should also control airplane wheels.
  • Added position scaling and a deadzone. This makes it so that the controls will move a small amount per increment when close to neutral, and a larger amount when close to maxed out. The deadzone allows you to have several increments in the middle where the controls have no effect. Completely configurable.
  • Resets the control movement speed when crossing the neutral point.

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Dear TaranisElsu, could you please integrate this awesome mod with the Toolbar? We would really appreciate an option to show and hide the Sticky Controls window at will.

Thank you for this amazing mod, with it I could finally forget about setting flaps action groups and inclination degrees. My flights and landings became so much smoother! Love <3

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  • Updated for KSP 1.0.2
  • Changed to use OnPreAutopilotUpdate so that SAS and other autopilots can override the input.
  • Keeps the current trim when setting control positions.
  • Added position scaling and a deadzone.
  • Resets the control movement speed when crossing the neutral point.
  • Fixed rover compatibility. I did not realize wheel steering and wheel throttle were handled separately.
  • Changed the default settings to my preferred settings.
  • Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.3.0
  • Updated to latest TacLib: sets the min/max KSP version, hoping that future KSP updates won't break too much.

Note that this version has a lot more settings:

  • Speed: how fast the controls move while pressing the key
  • Step: the minimum amount the controls are moved per key press. It also snaps the controls to multiples of this value, so larger values cause it to change in large discreet steps.
  • Precision Controls Modifier: scales both Speed and Step by this amount when "precision controls" is turned on (the Caps Lock key in KSP's default key bindings).
  • Minimum Time: the time in seconds a key has to be held down in order for the controls to move more than a single step.
  • Exponent: larger values make the controls move much faster when holding a key down longer. When set to 1, the controls move the same amount per unit of time regardless of how long the key has been held down.
  • Position Dead Zone (new): controls the dead zone around zero where the controls have no effect.
  • Position Exponent (new): larger values make it so controls have less effect when near zero and a much larger effect when farther from zero.
  • Zero Controls Key: the key bound to zeroing the controls. The default is 'z'. Note that toggling on/off is always Alt plus this key (need to change to support Mac/Linux)
  • Set Controls Key: the key bound to using the current control positions. The default is 'y'.

- - - Updated - - -

It is updated to 1.0 if you download the latest release from GitHub. Seems like Taranis forgot to change the thread title after he updated the mod.

Sorry, I have had very little time to work on my mods. I got everything updated but had not found the time to upload all the new versions and update all the posts.

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