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[1.12.x] Asteroid Recycling Technologies


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@RoverDudeFYI, the constellation 112.0.0 changes the file structure of this mod, but a few of the cfgs need to have the model filepaths updated. Specifically, the "/Parts" folder is added to the structure, and the two MassDriver and three Separator parts need the filepath updated. The current repositories that I could find didn't seem to have that change, so I wasn't sure where to file a bug report on github.

Thanks for a fun mod!

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For everyone who wants to use all the parts and is comfortable with a temporary fix then here it goes:

CrewHatch, FuelHatch, Jaw and RockTank dont use abolute paths to their models/textures but MassDriver, Separator and MassDriver do. To make them show up and work in game change the paths in their corresponding .cfg files like so (as an example for the MassDriver RCS):

model = UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/MassDriver/MassDriverRCS
texture = Difuse, UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/MassDriver/RCSDifuse

model = UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/Parts/MassDriver/MassDriverRCS
texture = Difuse, UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/Parts/MassDriver/RCSDifuse
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Version 112.0.1 of ART has been released, and the thread has been updated to reflect the updated download location and KSP version supported.  CKAN should also be catching up for those of you who use it.  You can also nab the latest release here:


This is pretty much what was in the bleeding edge releases for 1.11, plus a few small tweaks.  Barring any major issues, this is likely going to be the release we stick with for the foreseeable future, as @DoktorKrogg and I are both neck deep in a new indie game we're both working on :)  

So while we're totally still around and active in the forums and on the USI discord, I would not anticipate any major new USI releases, at least in the short term, though there are still a few major things we both want to knock out (including updating all of the wheels, and some other large system changes).

Lastly, a couple of handy links.  First, the discord server for all things USI (though this also covers our new game as well), and a reminder that I'll be doing a bunch of streaming around game dev (mostly the art side, so Blender, Substance, Unity, etc.). though it's going to be exclusively work on the new game, vs KSP stuff.  

Discord:  https://discord.gg/FNBwUXRgX8

Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/RoverDude

Enjoy!  And make sure to let us know if any bees got into the build process.  If so, we'll do a fast follower in a week or two if necessary to update the releases.

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