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This thread has now become a discussion thread for the Kethane Station and submissions to the series. If you wish to submit ships then please visit the new thread. The new thread has a strict rule of a single post per forum user so that we can keep track of submissions more easily (the main reason we decided to start a clean slate with submissions). You can also notify us here when editing your submission in the new thread.

Here's a Directory of all the episodes I've done so far. Much of season one has been made private as it no longer reflects what the show has become and brings down the rest of the series. To replace season one you can watch the 'Season One Recap' video, which properly introduces the show. 

Season 1:

Season 2:

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All gone! Instead, I have a new 'Victory' class for GMI.

This one is lighter, has higher D/V (about 3600m/s) and a higher TWR (0.30 ish). She is also armed with 8 SRB missiles and an incredibly resilient outer shell.

Here's a picture:


She's 580 parts now but most of them are struts and since struts aren't affected by physics they shouldn't cause any lag. Regardless, I don't mind if she's used or not, she's got enough fire-power to give Duna a planetary ring made of the debris of HKA's fleet.


Almost forgot,

Action groups:

1: Activates solar panels.

2: Activates main engines.

0: Activates reverse engines (to be used for rendezvous manoeuvres and if the main engines are somehow destroyed).

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Added the new Mk-IV Victory class.

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Download flag: http://www./view/8nteh0zmd43rhkc/Project_Genesis_2.jpg

Table Of contents

Part One: History

Part Two: atmospheric

Part Three: Space

Part Four: Other


Part Six: Downloads


While most Kerbals belief they have evolved from lower lifeforms, the members of Project Genesis believe they were created by higher power. However they do not discriminate in others because of their faiths. Project Genesis has made leaps and bounds in the areas of low gravity technology. However in the past they were attacked by militant anti-religious followers and thus had to create their own defense force. This defense force has no interest in starting wars but will not be pushed around by its advisories. It also is willing to aid its allies in the event they do not start the wars.



Javascript is disabled. View full album


Javascript is disabled. View full album


This part is for craft that I am simply just donating to be used for any purposes. These are not PG ships just donation crafts. Use them as you see fit.

Javascript is disabled. View full album


Project Genesis Manifest.





NOTE: Use the following Key to identify which ships stay with PG and others go to allies. 
As well as which ones are stock and modded. You will find these in the craft downloads


(PG)- Project Genesis only


For crafts that don't have (PG) in craft file name, Project Genesis will sell a set amount of crafts to other companies as well as provide support personally. 
For Crafts with (PG), only support will be granted. Not for sale

*All craft come with action keys. Please feel free to rearrange them as you see fit


Jubilant Class LFV (MOD)


Alpha Class Tank (MOD)




PG-25B Griffon (PG MOD)


PG-27 Temple (MOD)


PGV-34B Aquila (MOD)


PGB-4 Arkbird


Omega Class AA Gun (MOD)



Spirit Class LGT (MOD)


PGUSV-D Mustard Seed (MOD)


PGSF-3E Cherub (PG, MOD)


Faithful Class Corvette [Gen 6] (PG, S)


Salvation Class Destroyer [Gen 7] (PG, S)


Archangel Class Battle Cruiser [Gen 6] (PG, S)


Dorchester Class Carrier (PG, S)





Corvette (S)


Starfighter (MOD)




Troop/Prison Transport


Scorpion Series






Fighter X1 (MOD)


Attacker X2 (MOD)


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Now I'm debating which versions I should use, SP+ or stock.

Just edited the OP in regards to SP+. Hope I helped :)

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Reserving my cargo ship entry for when Imgur works for me.

I'll go with HKA for this.

I don't have a company and Colours can be up to you.


Name: Heavy Cargo Hauler.

Class: Logistics.

Delta V/ TWR: Provided

Download: http://www./view/rn0vzwz9cbka8do/Heavy_Cargo_Hauler.craft

A Duna transfer with return Takes 1700 m/s of Delta V.


And the launcher,


100% stock if I remove Mech Jeb.

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Be Bold.

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VLO Industries presents its Reaper class carrier.

Class: Heavy Prowler

Crew: 0+6

Warp capable: Yes

Delta V: 4.3 kms

Bays: 2x torpedo 1x carrying bay

Modular Bays: Yes

Docking ports: 4x Clamp O Tron

Armament: 6x I-beam Torpedoes in internal bays

Carrying Capacity: 1 HKA sized Fighter, or 1x Drone fighter(indevelopment) or by using the torpedo bays, 3x Drone Fighters

Special Weapons: 3x Wraith anti-capital ship to ship weaponry with multirole space to ground attack mode.



VLO Industries presents it's latest in unarmed combat space vehicles, the ASF-50.

Designed to be operated from the Reaper-class internal bays, the ASF-50 provides the following roles,

1. Space to Space combat

2. Point defense of carrier

3. Autonomous short range recon capability

4. RCS(Radar Cross Section) Decoy capability for strategic maneuvers in orbit.


Delta V:450ms

Armament: Twin .50 cal articulated mounts with intelligent targeting system

Counter measures: PCS-35 Flare Launcher

Power Supply: Twin LTE-75 power generators



VLO Industries presents its latest in electronic warfare suites. The EWS-590 is capable of self-triangulating with its multiple antennas any signal to 900km.

The EWS-590 also features the following

1. Wide and Narrowband signal analysis

2. 256 bit encryption cracking in 2 hours 5 min and 36 seconds

3. Fire solution computing using enemy signal emissions

4. Missile warning

5. Automatic countermeasure deployment via PCS-750 Countermeasure Launchers

6. Duplication of enemy radar signals to prevent enemy fire solution computation by sending back replicated signal thereby distorting range and other important targeting statistics.N1X70u2.jpg


Link to download:


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Moving submission to official thread soon. This post is now obsolete. Ignore all links in this.

The grey empire Co. started out as a small manufacture dedicated to creating ships for the spirit wolf empire in Macey deans war against Hanlan. Now due to the incursion onto HKA soil by GMI, we will be taking a more active approach towards this war. As of date 10/19/14, the company has voted that our ships are to be under our command, and soon to be deployed into this war. Our logistics and military department are under heavy guard to prevent spy's into our plans. Our ship yards are in a confidential location. We are dedicated towards the military cause. Our company fights for the HKA empire for peace. If we find a way to end this war peacefully, we shall do so in a diplomatic manner, without the fear of guns and weaponry. As of right now, troops and fleets are being deployed to strategic locations under "cloak". We are the peace keepers of this war, and we shall prevail.

Unfortunately, harsh times have forced us to ally ourselves with GMI due to financial concerns from our board of directors. I had pleaded with them to reconsider their actions, and tell them how many of our men would be killed on each ship we sent out, but to no avail. They had their heads in an economical crisis, while the rest of the company had theirs in an ethical crisis. In war, there is no black and white, only thin lines of grey, and we are caught in the middle of them. Make no mistake, I will not rest until I have dedicated the entire company to the most important and greatest cause, and I feel I am slowly getting there with the recent defeat of GMI forces at Cerberus. I believe the board are shifting in their seats going over this information. But I am sorry my fellow kerbals, until that day comes where we ceded from GMI, we are allied with them.




This is the new flagship of the fleet, the Beetlejuice class cruiser. It has about 6638 m/s detaV and can go for an hour before running out of fuel. it is equipped with 4 guide-able torpedoes and 4 i-beam missles. its propulsion is comprised of 5 nuke engines and can hold about 5 kerbals. It is the most manuverable of our capital ships and the heaviest. It WILL destroy the runway when you load it. The craft has been upgraded to meet operational standards.

Recommended job: patrol

UPDATE TIME!!!!!1!!111!!

New aircraft have been uploaded

Generic action groups:

1. Arm/disarm weapon manager

2. Next weapon

3. Previous weapon

4. Toggle guard mode (for AI control if you decide to put one on.)

5. Toggle target type

6. Toggle team

Abort: Countermeasures

Ambassadorial transport:

With an acceleration of 58.81 m/s^2, this is one of the fastest transports conceived. Capable of transporting 4 additional kerbals, and with a Delta V of 35711m/s, this craft will get you to point A to point B in a flash.

propelled by 2 basic jet engines and 2 whiplash turbojet engines for maximum adaptability.


1. toggle basic engines


F-54 "The Dart"

A fast and maneuverable Fighter, this Marvel of engineering is able to turn at hypersonic speeds with out getting torn apart by the G-forces that would normally tear other planes apart. Powered by 2 turbo-jet Engines, it has an overall thrust of 359.99 kN, clocking in at about 12,927 Delta-V. The F-54 has an arsenal of 2 sidewinders and 2 AMRAAM missiles for air-superiority It is also equipped with 2 hidden vulcan cannons that are attached directly in from of the cockpit for better accuracy.

Action Group: Generic


G-26 Ground assault plane

A ground assault fighter designed for precision targeting of ground forces. Its arsenal carries 4 Maverick and 2 sidewinder missiles, along with a hidden Vulcan cannon on its undercarriage. Its unique design makes it ideal for Carrier launches, and with enough skill, can be landed on a carrier. It is powered by two turbo jet engines, and has a Delta-V of 16,934. It is truly an ideal all-round aircraft.

Action Group: Generic



An interceptor so fast that our scientists could not even measure its acceleration rate, and all that they could give us was that it was "very fast", and Jedediah personally said that "no boosters were needed." (That's saying something). With a delta-V of 18,477 m\s, easily making it our fastest manufactured aircraft yet. It is supplied with the standard arsenal of 2 sidewinders and 2 AMRAAM missiles, and has 2 hidden vulcan cannons. It, as well as our previously mentioned F-54, can turn at hypersonic speeds without tearing apart. This may be one of the most deadly and advanced fighters GME Co. has ever produced.

Action group: Generic


KGF-12 "Stingray"

A dedicated stealth Bomber, this tiny craft is able to dodge enemy fire due to its small size and maneuverability. Unfortunately, due to some errors with our computing system, we could not get the Delta-V stats of this craft, and we will update this to include them as soon as possible. It is powered by one turbo-jet engine, and has an arsenal of 2 Maverick missiles, 2 hellfire missiles, and 2 500 Ib unguided bombs, along with on hidden vulcan cannon.

Action Group: Generic


MobyDick Transport

A mammoth of a plane, and designed to carry VIP's and important cargo from place to place, this transport boasts a 417 part count, and has a whooping 25,744 Delta-V count. Its thrust to weight ratio however is 1.26, making it an easy target for ambushers. That does not mean it is defenseless. It sports 8 Chain gun turrets and 6 .50cal turrets to shoot down enemy fighters. it also carries 14 countermeasures to sway missiles away from it. It is able to carry 4 extra passengers at a time and can carry max capacity of 20000.00 L, though it is not recommended that you carry that much.

WARNING : Do not fly above 7500 m with this craft or else you will start to pitch down uncontrollably.

Action group: Generic



A long range stealth Fighter, this plane is designed to hit large targets from long distances and return without being seen. It has a delta-V of 26,113 m\s, but only has a TWR of 1.78. This is because it carries 2 AGM-86 cruise missiles, as well as 2 AMRAAM missiles. It also carries i hidden vulcan cannon as well, in order to remain as sleek as possible to avoid detection. It, as almost all the other fighters in this list, is powered by 2 turbo-jet engines.

Action group: Generic



A multi-roll fighter, armed with 4 Maverick missiles and 2 side-winder missiles, along with a GAU-8 cannon, this plane is in it's experimental phases, and is rarely deployed in battle unless they have given the go ahead for a Trial-by-Fire. It has a Delta-V stat of 17,135 m\s, and powered by two turbo-jet engines. Only the best of pilots get to fly these, as it is still being field-tested, though the information where and how is classified information.

Action group: generic



another update!!!!

Albatross class carrier:

A carrier capable of carrying 4 Zeypher class Fighters (MK II), this carrier is a vital part of our fleets. She has 1,382 m/s Delta-V, and a total thrust of 240 kN. Although she has more than 600 parts included, most of them are struts holding the carrier together. It is best to hold back this craft from the front lines of a fight and send out her fighters to do the fighting for her. 

Action groups:

1. Toggle solar panels

Zeypher class Fighter MK-III:

The replacement for the original Zeypher fighter and the vulcan, this model boasts a higher maneuverability and longevity. It has higher Delta-V (596 m/s) than its predecessor, and carriers a deadlier armament of missiles. This craft is sure to win your battles, and is one of the many fighters that will come in the future.

Action groups:

1-4: I-beam Missiles


New crafts, sure to bring fear into the hearts of kerbals....

Crystalline class Dreadnaught:

With a delta-V of over 1000 (1188 to be exact), and a payload sure to ruin your day, the Crystalline class dreadnaught is one of our deadliest vessels out in production. With a total part count of over 600 (i know, but come on, its a dreadnaught, what did you expect?), this craft packs a punch. Equipped with 4 anti-capitol ship missiles, 4 guided penetration missiles, and 4 guided standard missiles, this thing brings even our engineers into question if this craft is morally correct to produce. I just say there's no such thing as overboard. The crystalline class also comes equipped with a forward battering ram, as i see many people tend to ram when there ammo is depleted. We hope this will bring down casualties to GME forces. It is powered by 4 swivel engines, giving it overall good maneuverability and speed. You just best hope this craft isn't pointed at you....

Action groups:

1: toggle engines

2: Fire first volley of guided penetration missiles

3: Fire second volley of guided penetration missles

4: fire first volley of anti-capitol ship missiles

5: fire second volley of anti-capitol ship missiles

it is best to fire the guided penetration missiles one at a time, as the penetration part is activated by the probe on the missile itself. By throwing an unguided torpedo at close range, the main payload has a higher chance of disabling a target. This takes skill and sweat to do, and as such, only the best get to pilot the Dreadnaught.



New ship came out from the assembly line today. I'm quite proud if it.

Zodiac Class Long range support cruiser.

Meant to hang behind allied lines, this vessel provides long range support against frigates and capital ships. Equipped with 4 I beam guided missiles and 2 large anti-capital guided missiles, it is truly a ship to beware. Unfortunately it suffers from a low Delta-V of 1,531, and only had a TWR of about .18. In total, it has a total part count of 572. Truly, this ship will be feared.

Action Groups:

1: toggle panels

Press space bar to fire guided missiles. You will have to switch to them to use them properly.



Some more new stuff for the GMI campaign.


Tungstun class destroyer

A lightly armored destroyer with 372 parts, armed with the default of 4 GME penetration torpedoes and a battering ram. She has a propulsion system of 4 LV-T30 engines along with VTOL engines of the same make. She is capable of landing and taking off on bodies with similar gravity to kerbin, provided that there is no atmosphere to get in the way. On kerbin, she has a TWR of 1.2, along with a Delta V stat of 1,420 m/s, roughly enough to get to the mun from LKO using half her fuel. This is truly a unique craft, one worth putting in.

action groups:

1. activate solar panels

2. toggle main propulsion system (parallel to pro-grade)

3. toggle VTOl


New crafts have been brought to the table....


Derek Anti-air missile system:

its basically just a patriot missile launcher on top of a moving wagon. What else is there to say?

Comes with it's own radar.

Jacob Heavy tank:

A fearsome beast of a tank weighing in at 46 tons with 377 parts. She comes equipped with 4 M230s on each of her four corners and a single abrams cannon attached to her top. However, unlike previous models, where we could get away with covering the tank treads, these have had their covering removed in order to increase mobility. It also cannot go up steep inclines like some of the ones located at KSC, due to it's large size, therfore having to select optimal routes for it to traverse.

Also, try not to go to fast down or up slopes. The tires may break.

Camelback Infantry Tank:

The GME's response to Cytan's Vikus, the Camelback is an infantry mobilization vehicle designed to carry troops across a battlefield with minimal loss of life to the vehicle occupants. It is equipped with 2 anti-tank turrets mounted with tow missiles and a single Oerlikon Millennium Cannon mount on top, like the Vikus. However, this vehicle wouldn't be a viable response if the Camelback wasn't superior. This vehicle boasts a triple layered armor system and the 2 aforementioned anti tank turrets mounted on the front, providing protection from enemy tanks as the Camelback moves forward.


XIF-29 'gunstar'

A 2 seat long-range interceptor/fighter designed to be able to deploy from distant airbases and get to the battlefield at high altitudes. She has a main propulsion system of 2 panthers and 1 whiplash engine. The two panther engines are designed to be used for low altitude combat while to whiplash engine is used for high altitude traverse and engagements. Alternatively, the pilot can activate all 3 engines at the same time to increase the pilots speed during engagements at the cost of the planes turn-rate. On take off, the pilot is to activate afterburner on the 2 panthers and ascend to above 10km, turning of the afterburner after a short period of time when the craft has gained speed and turn of the panthers afterward when air intake is not enough to sustain them, leaving the whiplash to carry the fighter to cruising altitude. The gunstar has an armarment of 4 sidewinder missiles and 2 AMRAAM long range missiles, along with 2  hidden vulcan cannons.

Action groups:

1. switch modes

2. toggle panther engines

3. toggle whiplash engine

4. fire countermeasures


XF-582 'pilon' (pronounced pylon)

A short range defensive fighter designed to protect key military installations. It's small size, high turning rate, and high speed makes it a relatively hard target to hit. However, because of it's small size, it cannot go very far without needing a refuel, but because of the aforementioned small size, it is easy to produce them in masses (lets see how many people say "GMI must construct more pilons" in this thread and in upcoming videos). The pilon is propelled by 2 panther engines, giving it a TWR of about 2, and is equipped with 6 sidewinder missiles and 2 browning .50cals. 

Action groups:

1. Fire countermeasures

2. Toggle engine mode.

B-52 Stratafortress

A high altitude bomber that carries a single rotary load of 1000Ib JDAM bombs. It has the same range as the 'gunstar', making the two planes inseparable from each-other; if you see one of these, you can bet that your going to see some 'gunstars'. In order to use her bomb compliment, the B-52 is equipped with a targeting pod. However, by using this targeting pod, the B-52 is left out in the open, but this does not make her defenseless. She is equipped with 3 Chain guns (2 waist-gunners, 1 tailgunner and 1 front gunner) and 2 .50cal turrets (1 top 1 bottom), giving her a 360 angle of attack in all directions.


Fjord class Missile Cruiser

One of the first ever Wet navy vessels to ever be produced by GME.

The Fjord class is a missile cruiser; a ship designed to long range support with it's two fully equiped jernas missile turrets (w/ maverick ground attack missiles) while keeping away from heavier targets that might choose to prey upon it. However, if by chance an enemy vessel were to sneak up on the Fjord, it will find it is not as defense-less  as it appears. The Fjord comes equipped with 4 M230 chain guns stationed along the port and starboard of the craft, along with a single millennium cannon upon the stern.

This vessel has a Burn time of 1 hour, and carries 6000 units of 30mm ammo to supply it's defences. It's part count numbers at 438 (that's actually pretty low in my standards), and holds 2 crew members at a time.


The Victorium Class Intel Dreadnought

The Victorium Class Intel Dreadnought is the first of it's kind to ever be produced. The Dreadnought is designed to covertly gather information at a distance using the two Intel probes docked on the port and starboard of the craft, each carrying about 2000+ Delta-V. These probes are designed for longevity and reliability, each equipped with a RTG. As for the Victorium itself, she carrys a payload of 6 penetration torpedoes, each carrying the potential to slice through enemy armor. Her unique hull shape is designed to keep a low profile and protect against incoming kinetic damage by deflecting most of the energy (real thing). She is also well equipped to travel the entire system by planet hopping. Planet hopping, if you are unfamiliar, is a technique that has the star ship stop at various planets on it's journey to refuel. You see, the Victorium is equipped with Convertotron 125, enabling to to process ore gathered from planets. However, a separate vessel is required to mine the ore.

The Victorium Currently has 1,687 Delta-V and contains 471 parts (I wish i could have gotten lower).

Only action group is one, which toggles the solar panels. 

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/40g59n7fi4x9dmk/Victorium Class Dreadnaught MK V.craft?dl=0


TF-2 Nova

Delta-V: 26,900

TWR: 1.52 dry, 2.32 wet

parts: 67

mass: 11,419 Kg

Armament: 6 sidewinder missiles and 2 Browning .50 cal AN/M2

Defensive measures: 4 Flare Dispensers

Propulsion: 2 panther after-burning turbofans

The TF-2 Nova (which is not related to the game in any way) is a ground based (possibly carrier born if anyone finds an efficient way to do so) fighter with a tight turning circle and is, as of now, Grey Empire Co.'s new top of the line fighter after trumping all other fighters in our stock. It's extreme maneuverability and speed gives it an edge over other fighters, able to get behind them in a short maneuver. The precursor to the TF-2, the TF-1, had featured a double hull design, with an additional engine attached to it, and a howitzer in between the two hulls. However, this made it extremely larger than it should have been, making it an easy target for enemy fighters, even though it had greater maneuverability when in the hands of an ace pilot. Removing the second hull along with the howitzer however, greatly increased the effectiveness of the craft, and was thus dubbed the TF-2 "Nova". This craft, even though it looks quite unorthodox with it's cockpit in the back and extremely long nose, is a deadly threat in the air, and in the hands of an ace, a death machine.

Album is here


Insignia download (Required for some craft)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/53pjtys9v5f6qnf/GME.co insignia.zip?dl=0


Master Files:

Air master file download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejuy6imb7ltgcly/AIR.zip?dl=0

Ground Master File download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/seiao1p4kd71a5a/GROUND.zip?dl=0

Navy Master File download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9tis8pv6o2e61gj/Navy.zip?dl=0

Space Master File download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/144t0mk51ojccti/SPACE.zip?dl=0

Edited by Greymangames
Soon moving what I have revised to official submission thread

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Hmmm. Do you mind submitting these using the guidelines provided? The reason they're there is that I'm trying to stay away from having to download ships just so that I can get the required information.

NOTE: Please use the same post

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Before I go about rebuilding this Minmus-drilling behemoth, (Compatibility parts reasons / Big changes in Kethane recently) I'll ask if you actually want it.

What do you think?

Back when I originally tested this monster, it would drain whole deposits of Kethane completely dry with room to spare.


It's surprisingly easy to land - when coming to the ground it is much lighter than its full capacity, and sports 24 LV-N's.


So far, this is what the rebuild is looking like. I don't know how much the Kethane mod is working at this point, but I was able to use the parts for construction. Tomorrow, I will build a launcher for this beast, and test its ability to land effectively on Minmus, and possibly the Mun.

I present you : Armored Banefire!


....So I just tested this thing on the Mun. It can land, but it can't quite take off with the full load. (It weighs well over 1200 tons when full.) Despite that, it was almost able to leave the Mun at over 1200 tons, causing it to skate before spectacularly ripping apart. I will be adding 16 more LV-N engines in order to ensure full Mun capabilities. I will not leave Mun unconquered!!!


Mun revisions complete, and tested. Banefire can now successfully leave The Mun with over 400,000 units of Kethane onboard. Banefire weighed in at 1,331 tons at Mun takeoff. It did not use converters to refuel. (because they don't work - Kethane isn't fully supported in 0.24.2 yet).

I will be making finishing touches in the next day or two and work on officially submitting it.

Smile, Barlock.


Download Link for a De-armored Banefire.


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Before I go about rebuilding this Minmus-drilling behemoth, (Compatibility parts reasons / Big changes in Kethane recently) I'll ask if you actually want it.

What do you think?

Back when I originally tested this monster, it would drain whole deposits of Kethane completely dry with room to spare.


That thing looks insane xD

I don't know if I would be able to land it, but it would be awesome later down the line for when HKA has developed more advanced 'tech'.

When you do submit it, help me out by using the same post as the one you just used :)

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I represent Labor Representative Dilmar Leonid Kerman, Chief Secretary of Leonid Advanced Applications. We at Leonid Advanced Applications do not choose sides and would prefer to deal with highest bidder. We present system of two aircraft for ground support role. The Leonid L-19, a short range hypersonic interceptor and Leonid Logistica, a long range cargo aircraft.

Only mod used is Spaceplane Plus, Mechjeb just used for endurance stats and removed. Craft files in the album.

Javascript is disabled. View full album
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Kethane won't run for 0.24.2. There's rumored to be a patch but I can't find it. Can't make a skyscraper sized driller without Kethane...

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Vagani Car Manufacturers are a reliable, quality ground based vehicle company that specialise in suspension, quality and products for every occasion. The military department of VCM was set up on the 12th july 2014, since then various countries across Kerbin have invested in our technology.

So why choose us?

Vagani Car Manufacturers was set up on the 1st June 2014 in a attempt to resurrect the dead vehicle market on Kerbin, in doing so they quickly became the number 1 brand for quality vehicles for every occasion. The company has achieved many things that had never been accomplished before such as compact reliable suspension for every vehicle, anti-roll systems and much more that come as standard!

What we are offering

The ATORV 4 is a elite class of fast manoeuvrable scout cars and armoured cars, they were created when a need for a vehicle was established. The HKA government demanded a vehicle that used a strong chassis with durable suspension and crew safety, VAGANI CAR MANUFACTURERS, met the requirement with their ATORV 4 series, each one offering fast reliable 6.0 Litre V10 engine, suitable crew safety and a number of variants capable of traveling over sand, snow and mountains.

A similar demand was put forward for a fast arctic roaming vehicle that could be used as a science platform, this was met by our Arctic Rider which used the same V10 engine and offered 8 wheel drive with suspension as standard.

Here is our promotional video of our products:

Download: Here

Vagani Car Manufacturers doesn't provide any logos or badges on there product as they wish to remain neutral in this war due to us providing equipment to both sides

Edited by Vagani

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I represent Labor Representative Dilmar Leonid Kerman, Chief Secretary of Leonid Advanced Applications. We at Leonid Advanced Applications do not choose sides and would prefer to deal with highest bidder. We present system of two aircraft for ground support role. The Leonid L-19, a short range hypersonic interceptor and Leonid Logistica, a long range cargo aircraft.

Great stuff, should I be expecting some more ships from Leonid Advanced Applications in the future? :)

Kethane won't run for 0.24.2. There's rumored to be a patch but I can't find it. Can't make a skyscraper sized driller without Kethane...

Hmmm, well it works for me. And looking at your last picture I'm guessing it's working for you too.

I've made some rovers and such that you could use for ground stuff, I recommend the Atorv 4 series, the Jadgtiger Prototype, F Series of Jets, some others, they are all on my thread, with a list of available crafts

Awesome, but do you mind submitting ships using the guidelines? It would really help me out :)

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Hey HatBat, as a favor could you update the rules section and add in a class for the Prowler, as the stock weapons such as I-beam torpedoes for the ASF-50 Drones you requested aren't going to fit in the internal bays and even if they did, you would not get a lot of them. I sent a PM but you seem to have not received it. Cool submissions everyone! Keep it up!

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Well, I've been thinking, that because of its shape: the Prowler would probably pass for the 'Space Fighter' category, so feel free to use modded weapons.

Here's that very same message in Russian:

ÃÂу, Ѡôуüðû, чтþ ø÷ õóþ фþрüы: ÃœðрþôõрÑÂтòþ, òõрþÑÂтýþ, ÿрþùтø ÿþ úðтõóþрøø Space Fighter, тðú чтþ ýõ ÑÂтõÑÂýÑÂùтõÑÂÑŒ øÑÂÿþûь÷þòðть üþôþü þруöøÑÂ.

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Mine's a destroyer right? Or battleship? I have no idea. Meant to be a battleship. If anything's wrong with the download or anything then just tell me.

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The MU pledges it's full and unwavering support for HKA, and hopes to provide in-field fire support (alliance) and supplies to combat the corrupt menace that is GMI!

The Mechani Union was founded many years ago as a simple starship-building firm, mainly specializing in over-engineered designs and simple defense technologies. The advent of the "Spiritwolf/Hanland Crisis" caused a major shift in the company, (which then existed as "I/O Tech Innovations") and caused it to invest very heavily in SSTO and combat ship tech. However, due to economic issues, the nation on Kerbin [name not disclosed for legal reasons] that the MU was based out of suffered a severe societal breakdown, upon which the then well-equipped MU stepped in to effectively run the country (the government was "reinstated" shortly thereafter, but with MU-allied candidates). This paradigm shift for the now massive company (and geopolitical powerhouse), combined with a massive buildup of the heavy engineering, spaceflight, and defense branches of the company was the final push needed to transform it into the modern-day MU.

In order to assist in the conflict between HKA and GMI, the highly-trained MU Deniable Ops force has been sent out.

The MU DO fleet is the MU's black ops division, a highly-trained bunch of veteran warfighters who are equipped with the best the MU has to offer... and then MORE. (*cough* skunkworks ships [mods] *cough*)

Also, the execs are a tad bit annoyed whenever MU fleets engage in direct warfare, so the DO forces are perfect for this conflict.


Javascript is disabled. View full album

DL Folder:


Updates and new craft will be coming at a semi-regular pace.

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Mine's a destroyer right? Or battleship? I have no idea. Meant to be a battleship. If anything's wrong with the download or anything then just tell me.

Same difference really, all large space-going military ships go in the same category.

I have a recommendation: Add the Kerbpaint mod to the modlist, as it allows team (or manufacturer)-based painting of crafts, and is just a plugin.

Just added it, but it's only available to companies, as ships from manufacturers are going to be wearing HKA/GMI insignia.

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Just added it, but it's only available to companies as ships from manufacturers are going to wearing HKA/GMI insignia.

Did you get the stock add on for it so you can paint structural panels and other crap?

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Sounds good, my english is good enough but thanks for double sure understanding, I appreciate it,(how did you know?) BTW, I'll be posting the ASF-50 and the EWS-590, is that cool or do you want them to remain classified, until you choose to reveal them?

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Did you get the stock add on for it so you can paint structural panels and other crap?

Nope, but I'll see what I can do about that tomorrow morning. (1 AM here in Merry Ol' England)

Sounds good, my english is good enough but thanks for double sure understanding, I appreciate it,(how did you know?) BTW, I'll be posting the ASF-50 and the EWS-590, is that cool or do you want them to remain classified, until you choose to reveal them?

Haha! I had no idea you were Russian, I was just doing it for a laugh xD

I couldn't decide whether or not to do Japanese or Russian and I guess the rest is history.

And yes, submit away. Having the ships here would really help me keep things organised.

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I think you should outline HKA and GMI, what sort of aesthetics they might have, or design philosophy. Something that would visually differentiate sides. I would pick a side, but not enough information.

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