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Stockalike Mods List


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For reference, he's all the mods that are deemed to be stockalike, and a few that don't look too out of place from stockalike but are not stockalike. If I missed any, please tell me.

Entries with red descriptions are not stockalike, but don't look too out of place with stock parts.

Entries with orange descriptions are arguably stockalike, but fit in nicely with stock parts.

I am not including Spaceplane Plus as it will be added in the next update. Also, keep in mind that SP+crafts will NOT be compatible with 0.25, because SP+ parts will be replacing current stock parts, not as new versions of SP+ parts.


These mods do not require any plugins to work.

Kerbal Stock Parts Expansion by ClairaLyrae, maintained by Kaspervld and Stupid_Chris.

The oldest here, KSPX was made all the way back in 0.18. Many of her parts went on to be implemented into stock.

This mod established the "rules" of stockalike, though some mods on this list do disobey these rules.

-Must be KSP styled - if it doesn't look like it was there to begin with, it's not good enough!

-Stats and gameplay must fit smoothly with the stock feel.

-Must be unique in some way, and fill in a niche that a stock part doesn't.

-Doesn't matter if it's basically a resize - it still gets a new model!

RLA Stockalike by hoojiwana.

Another relatively old stockalike mod.

Includes many tiny-size rocket parts, and some really neat monoprop engines. Mostly abides by KSPX's rules.

Radial Stack Separator By NovaSilisko and updated by Mach_XXII.

Adds a radial stack separator to the game. No little bits left behind on the rocket body.

A mod by NovaSilisko, the artist behind many of the current stock rocket parts, as well as the planets. Check out his current project, Science of the Spheres.

Stock eXTension by Lack.

A stockalike mod that has no new textures! All textures are based on stock textures and thus they are very low-memory.

There is a lack of descriptions in the parts. It's funny because the creator's name is Lack

Large Structural/Station Components by udk_lethal_d0se

Their textures aren't perfectly stockalike, and the mylar thermal protection "foil" is more green than gold, but it still looks great.

Tantares - Stockalike Soyuz and TKS by Beale

This mod gives 1.25 meter soyuz parts, and plenty of other stockalike station/ship parts based on Russian designs.

I have never used this because it's not modular enough and There's already Home Grown Rockets.

StarShine industries by ganinian

Stockalike Athena Pack: Athena is a modern ICBM converted into satellite carrier. This replica is actually pretty stockalike.

Stockalike Parts Pack: Some assorted stockalike parts. Some of them are a little OP, and they don't quite work properly. Features a design by yours truly (Me, GregroxMun)

Stockalike Station Parts by Nertea

A great set of parts that go with the stock station aesthetic.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure I will enjoy it a lot.

Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics by TurboNisu

A set of small parts. Some structural parts are rendundant with Stock eXTension, but I recommend removing them from SXT before SPUE

Stockalike Station Hubs by Starwaster

A set of 8x and 5x station Rockomax adaptor nodes.

Stockalike Astronautics by blackheart612

A set of engines with stockalike textures.

Surface-Mounted Lights for Self-Illumination by Why485

Stockalike light fixtures that are designed to illuminate your own ship.

Color them for navigation lights! Don't forget to increase pixel light count in settings, or it won't work.

Self-contained mods

These require their own plugin, and don't really change the game all that much.

Wet Workshops - Live Inside your Fuel Tanks by NovaSilisko

Kerbals have no qualms about living inside huge metal shells that reek of kerosene, so they certainly won't mind living in a fuel tank.

Wetworks Crew Tanks by lunaran.

Another wet workshop mod, this time a bit simpler, and updated for more recent versions. The parts are slightly too shiny for stockalike, but still fit fine.

ProceduralFairings by e-dog

Gives you reshapable payload fairings to protect your spaceships and satellites from the air.

Their textures aren't quite right for stockalike, but they don't look too out of place. They are absolutely required if you're using Ferram Aerospace Research.

Station Science by ethernet

This mod adds several large parts designed to be integrated into a permanent space station: the Science Lab, the Zoology Bay, the Cyclotron, and the Spectrometron. These heavy parts provide facilities for performing experiments.

GREAT mod for science!

Plugin Part Mods

These require plugins, generally shared amongst eachother to function properly, but they do not change the game with the plugins.

NearFuture Packs by Nertea

These are sleek and futuristic, but still maintain the stockalike feel. Basically, what would future Kerbal technology look like?

Habitat Pack by Porkjet

These inflatable habitats are great for compact, high capacity launches. There's even a centrifuge!

Homegrown Rocket Parts by Orionkermin

This mod has a stockalike Gemini capsule (Radish), a Soyuz spacecraft (Soyjuice), and a Shenzou spacecraft (Shensoup). It also includes plenty of rocket parts for launching them, all in the new 1.875 meter range.

I personally recommend this over Tantares, because the size is more realistic, there's more variation capability for design, and it adds the 1.875 meter rocket parts.

CactEye Telescope by Rubber Ducky

It's an EVA-serviceable Hubble-Telescope replica built in stockalike style. Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Pack-Rat Modular Rover by RoverDude

Uses Kerbal Attachment System to build a modular, easy rover. It DOES however, have a rescaled stock part in it, which loses points.

SDHI Service Module System by sumghai.

Orion MPCV style parts for your Mk1-2 Command Pod. Goes well with Aerojet Kerbodyne and Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul

Aerojet Kerbodyne by blackheart612

Slightly more modern parts to go with the Kerbodyne parts.

Taurus HCV by jnrobinson

A stolen Rockomax blueprint, this capsule will hold 7 kerbals! Compatible with Aerojet Kerbodyne's Taurus pack

United Kerbal Alliance: Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul by blackheart612

Modernized Kerbal X rocket, among other things. Modernized Mainsail-type engine and LV-T45-type engine.

DMagic Orbital Sciences by DMagic

Adds more science parts. Again these scrape the boundary of Stockalikeness, but they don't look too out of place.

Plugins with stockalike parts

These are mods that have stockalike parts but only work with game-changing plugins, and the plugins only work with them.

Kethane (KH4) by Majir

While some may argue it's stockalike, others say it isn't, due to it's green coloration. It is now being replaced by Karbonite.

Karbonite (KaO3) by RoverDude

A bit more stockalike aesthetic, and it's also open-source and more integrated with other mods now than Kethane.

USI Kolonization Systems by RoverDude

Requires TAC life support and Karbonite to use. It's an integrated base/colonization system.

Asteroid Recycling by RoverDude

Allows uses for asteroids other than "Hey NASA! I caught an asteroid!"

BDarmory by BahumatoD

Retractable and aimable weapons.

BahumatoDynamics by BahumatoD

Retractable rocket parts.

Edited by GregroxMun
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Great list, you should link it in your signature or something. Or possibly put the list in the OP of this thread, I know a lot of forum users never visit blog pages.

A couple of notes:

Not all of the stock parts were done by NovaSilisko IIRC.

There's no link for Surface-Mounted Lights for Self-Illumination.

Kethane is not exactly being replaced by Karbonite, though they have many similar features. Both are in ongoing development as I understand it.

There are alternatives to Procedural Fairings, I know KW and Novapunch include modular fairings (though I agree that Procedural Fairings are best).

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3 hours ago, darthvader15001 said:

all of the links 404'ed

Not really surprising since the thread is 8 years old and the site gets redesigned and moved to newer forum technology ever now and then.

To get you started try searching for "Stockalike" in the Add-on releases forum:



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