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[WIP][0.24.2] - More Fuel Types - Now with B9 Compatibility Purgatory!

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I am here to put this forth, so that I can get some feedback and continue to grow this work into something truly usable. Here's what we have, and what we want to do with it. This mod is designed for those who like to add realism to the game, but don't feel like plunging into the Realism Overhaul. This is also career oriented, but will work just fine in sandbox as well.

Major Note:

As I have seen that there are a variety of fuel systems and tech trees, the eventual goal of this project must be to compile all of the config settings logic into a .dll so massive, that it will have appreciable gravity. The end game here must be to use this, to analyze parts on a per part basis, determine if mods are involved, and adjust settings procedurally. There is really no other way to do this. Truly, I invite people to come help on this project, because if I am left to my own devices, it may take till 0.26 to do such a thing. But this is really what needs to happen. Code needs to be written, which identifies what a part is FOR, what properties it HAS, and what dependencies it USES, and create a procedurally crafted modded config file for EACH PART. This must be the only way forward. i will continue development of the current setup for at least the next week, to make it play nice with most major mod deployments which include dependencies, but then, I will be moving to the juggernaut .dll development only. Now that's out of the way...


-Add more fuel types to the game, which create a more dynamic experience

-Create incentives for using different fuels for different applications

-Create additional challenges to store cryogenic propellants

-Make monopropellant more interchangeable with lift vehicle fuels

-A more challenging career progression

-Automatically update fuel types in new mods without additional engine configs

-Allow for certain propellants to be mined via ISRU, but not all of them!

-Provide a more beginner friendly (I hope) alternative to Real Fuels.

Fuel Types:

-Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Hydrogen - High ISP, but difficult to store

-Liquid Oxygen/Methane - Lower ISP, but can be created in CO2 atmospheres (ie. Duna)

-Liquid Oxygen/Kerosene - Lower ISP, but Kerosene is also Jet Fuel

-Hydrazine/Aerozine - Lower ISP, but is inert, and Hydrazine can be used as Monopropellant

-Liquid Hydrogen - This is now the only fuel type needed for NERVA engines

-Hydrazine - This is now MonoPropellant

-Liquid Oxygen/Solid Fuel - Thanks to Procedural Parts, procedural hybrid engines are now implemented. Higher performance, and higher price than simple solid boosters.

What is done now:

-A working plugin!!! Hooray! Watch that LOX and LH2 boil right away!

-Cryogenic tanks can now consume power to stop boil-off

-All fuel types are implemented, and properly replace all stock tank payloads

-Peak ISP is determined by fuel type

-Compatibility is confirmed with KW rocketry

-Most stock engines are updated automatically to use new fuels

-All RCS units are switched to run on Hydrazine

-Procedural Parts have been updated to be fully compatible

-Procedural Hybrid Rockets are available, with limited throttle control. Requires an external LiquidO2 tank.

-"Zubrin" style procedural tank with space for Liquid Hydrogen, and main tankage for Methane/LiquidO2. This readies the mod for ISRU.

-There are now new types of Vernor thrusters. I hope it has been made clear in the titles which ones belong with which fuel tanks.

-Implemented full CRP support.

What needs to be done:

High - Analyze the the entire tech tree

High - Fix ALL stock parts

High - B9 Aerospace complete integration

Low - Add sun exposure to boil-off code

Low - Creation of ISRU components to manufacture fuel and oxidizer from atmosphere and oceans, this shall implement ORS and be compatible with Karbonite

Low - Method of automatically updating fuel types in mixed mode engines

Medium - -Determine how the Aerospike shall be fueled

Low - Implement non cryogenic oxidizer for Hybrid Motors

Who to thank:

AncientGammoner, NathanKell, Swamp Ig, and all the contributors to procedurals.

NathanKell specifically, for both helping me through the first steps with MM, as well as Real Fuels, which in no small way inspired me to write this (as well as his other work).

RoverDude, for guidance on CRP

Dr. Robert Zubrin, for further inspiration


8/30/14-17:20 EST - Fixed monoprop engines, added compatible Vernors
8/30/14-19:30 EST - Forked project. CRP and non-CRP versions deployed. Integrated ORS into non-CRP version. This is now required.
8/30/14-21:35 EST - CRP issue confirmed to be transient. Non CRP version is now discontinued.
9/01/14-17:45 EST - Preparing for general release of first scope complete version!
9/01/14-21:12 EST - Rebalanced electric charge consumption to factor in mass of tankage
9/04/14-02:32 EST - B9 First pass at fuel tank replacement implemented in the stable build.
9/04/14-23:53 EST - Fixed cryostat code to boil-off when EC is depleted! Added next version of B9Smasher.cfg. 75% of tanks fixed, all jet engines fixed.

Download Materials:

Source included in download.

1. Procedural Parts (not technically needed, but really, you need it):

2. ORS. This now includes the basics for ORS based Methane production on Duna:

3. The More Fuel Types data and ProceduralParts configs

Latest stable exparamental:

Latest release:

4. CRP, on which the mod is now dependent:

This REQUIRES module manager:

WARNING: This mod might break all the things.


What to do after:

Please, post, comment, suggest, and contribute! I need all the help I can get. I would love to be able to edit this to say "We need all the help we can get". If nothing else, test it out, and tell me what breaks. I might even be able to fix it.


CC BY-SA 3.0 US:

This is to comply with the license which applies to Procedural Parts. They have not endorsed this mod, but still, thanks guys!

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This seems pretty much verbatim what RealFuels does. Would you go into more detail as to the comparative advantages this has with RealFuels?

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This reduces the complexity, to something that is more compatible with normal gameplay within stock KSP. To give an analogy, if Real Fuels is comparable to Ferram Aerospace, then this mod is intended to be comparable to NEAR. This also does not require one to install engine config files, or worse, create them for a mod which does not have them, and instead uses some simple logic to pick the fuel type and ISP of any given engine.

So you can expand with new mods, without worrying that they will break the experience. This also is meant to help expand upon In Situ Resource Utilization, and allow the creation of fuels that would logically be available at any given place. This is meant to be balanced to career mode, causing the player to think before using cryogenic fuels for long duration missions.

Unlike real fuels, the idea is that a decent amount of fuel stocking and transfer could still take place at normally sized and configured fuel depots, by standardizing fuel oxidizer mix ratios.

In addition, variety is the spice of life. I feel that it is important to have multiple mods which accommodate multiple play styles. Some people will swear by Kethane, and some people will swear by Karbonite. This is important for our vibrant and creative community.

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Additional comment

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Not to bump, but just an FYI, I am currently sitting down to tackle B9. This will take a while.


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