[v0.25] MEPS - Multipurpose Express Pallet System [v0.2.1] - Cargo Bay Flooring 27/10

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11 hours ago, Jeb-head-mug kerman said:

This is nice but boring.:0.0:

so? not every part needs to explode or go fast; either way thanks for bumping this so I had a chance to see it and download it:)


parts look lovely, especially the flooring

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OMG!!!... After keeping track of literally hundreds of mods, over 2 years, from KSP v0.17 to present...


Grabbing both now... :)

@Thiagobs May I suggest adding this on, or, (cough, cough) Curse...?? If you do, I am sure you will see this mod get TONS more love...

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@Thiagobs Re your node troubles, have you considered using unity placed transforms for attach nodes instead of cfg defined ones? I find that the NODE method is considerably more versatile with connections  than the old type cfg method

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