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Best functioning mod combo for x64?


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I've been starting to play again recently.. looking for a funner experience..I would like to have bases with a purpose if possible.. anyone have some good combos that work on 64 bit that keep you busy? EDIT: Really? 30 views and not one recommendation?.... Guess I may have restarted playing at the wrong time..lol

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Here is what I am currently using. It seems reasonably stable, occasional crash when going from VAB to launch (this is a known 64bit bug with stock, it just happens a bit more often with the mods, workaround for me is to go VAB to Main View, and launch from the launchpad)

I run the same mods in 32bit by adding ATM basic. 64bit does have a couple of unique bugs, no ejection force for some (all?) de-couplers, right click menus don't come up easily, launch from the VAB can cause crashing. So I mostly play 32bit, but it looks a bit nicer in 64bit due to the uncompressed textures.

Blizzys toolbar (required for many mods now)

ASET (the ALCOR manned module, requires Raster Prop Monitor)

Atmospheric Sound Enhancement

Aviation Lights

Bolder Co (Clouds and city lights)


Clever Walrus (required for several mods)

Deadly Re-entry

Distant Object Enhancement


Enhanced Nav Ball

Environmental Visual Enhancements


FusTek (Space Station Parts)

Hull Camera (displays cams on Raster Prop Monitor)

Raster Prop Monitor (Great multi-function displays for internals)


Spherical and Toroidal Tanks by Tal

Mod Statistics

Modular Fuel Tanks

Nova Punch 2

Probe Control Room (requires Raster Prop Monitor)

Proximity Warning

RCS build aid

Real Chute

RollKage 1.1 and RollKage Mark II


Ship Manifest (replaces Crew Manifest)

Surface Lights

Thunder Aerospace (TAC life support)

Vessel View (requires Raster Prop Monitor)

Firesplitter (DLL only, required for some animations)

Module Manager 2.2.1 (Make sure you only have one installed, it will run multiples and ruin your day. Some mods come packaged with Blizzys toolbar and Module Manager, Make certain you only have one of each and it's the updated one.)

There is my list.

My system:

AMD FX8320 3.5 GHz OC'd to 4.4 GHz

Sapphire r9 270x factory OC

Gskills Ripjaws 2x4Gb 1800 Mhz (i think that's correct)

For some reason when I add Better Atmospheres I start crashing more frequently, and it goes to 100% if I forget and launch from the VAB.

I haven't tried the latest builds of KAS, Kethane or Infenal Robotics. I had some issues with all three, but haven't yet tried updating to the latest since I started a new career, and would not have need of them yet.

I also have problems with Cool and Hot Rockets, and Final Frontier. They may have updates but I have not checked.

It's rock solid in 32bit with ATM basic at (I think) about 3Gb of memory. So that is my preferred use.

Hope this helps!!!

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I had some pretty decent luck with the entire Realism Overhaul compendium, not many problems there. My preferred mod list is working for me in x64, but I am getting the occasional crash to desktop or even random blue screens sometimes (KSP is the only software I've ever had bsod on this computer.) This is that list:

blizzy's toolbar



Community Resource Pack

DMagic Orbital Science






Engineer Redux (1.06)

Joint Reinforcement


Part catalog

KW Rocketry

Infernal Robotics

Docking Port Alignment

Open Resource System


Procedural Fairings



Spaceplane +


UmbraSpaceIndustries (MKS, Karbonite, Pack Rat, Airbags)


Universal Storage, US-KAS

The ONLY mod, in fact, I've had consistent trouble with is Environmental Visual Enhancement. I know it's working for others on x64, but even just that one on a fresh install it crashes every single time. Actually, I think it crashed my 32 bit KSP as well, so I just don't use it at all. 32 bit is overall much more stable though, and with ATM basic I can easily run all those mods listed above and then some.

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