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[1.2.2] Stock Part Revamp, Update 1.9.6. Released Source Files!


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Just a wild guess (don't know whether this is right), but they may be using .tga image files for their textures. KSP will sometimes not load random .tga files, so I would recommend converting them all to .png.

I don't know whether these are .tga files, but it seems like a good explanation.

FYI, Active Texture Management also fixes the TGA loading bug.

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Nice to see you back Ven. Those panels are really good looking. (I also spy the new aerospike between the engines ;) ) Too bad I'm swamped with uni now, but hopefully in a few days I'll have some more times, maybe just in time to see your relase :D That would be a cool christmas present.

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Is there an updated MM-config for SXT support? I'm getting some parts with red and white textures.

EDIT: Nevermind I figured it out.

EDIT2: I take that back, I thought I solved it but I didn't.

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hnnnggggg oh yes oh yes.. My plane has looked so boring without this! And now I have an excuse not to offset the 909 to hide its ugliness! Rep for (and my thanks to) you! :D

EDIT: I just saw the Aerospike and I actually fainted and died :( And the lights! And the 0.635 engines! And that NCS adapter! And RCS ports on the 1-2 pod! Oh golly, Christmas certainly has come early this year! Do you have a donate button? :)

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Whats new in 1.6:

  • Redone solar panels, batteries and the RTG. The panels have been changed a bit, the 1x6 panels are now 1x5, and the 2x3 panels have been downgraded to 3x1 that unfold in their usual way.
  • The MK1 and MK2 lights are new, have their reflectors modeled instead of a painted lens. They now come with zero degrees of tilt, so your lights may be a bit wonky for old crafts.
  • Finished the 0.625m engines.

I re-added the Poodle (albet in a different form) Its stats are as follows:

  • title = Rockomax Poodle Rocket Motor
  • description = After a borrowing some plans from Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co, The Rockomax Conglomerate have entered the field of nuclear propulsion with this tiny little rocket nicknamed "The Poodle". The Poodle has a much smaller profile than its predecessor, but is less efficient due to its smaller power source. Because the reactor is always active, it will constantly produce electricity as long as the engine isn't being fired.
  • Entry Cost = 8000
  • Cost =1900
  • Mass = 0.25
  • Thrust = 8kn
  • Isp = 200-625s(Vac)
  • Alternator = -.24
  • Generator = .5

Several parts have been touched up one way or another:

  • The Aerospike
  • The Turbojet
  • The MK2 Lander Cabin
  • Mk1-2 pod (Functional RCS)
  • The BACC SRB
  • The RT-10 SRB

The biggest change, however, is the reworked file structure. None of the parts overwrite the stock assets anymore, so no more issues with mods like SXT.

Those are the bigger parts of the update (at least the parts that I remember).

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Praise: *looks at the changes* This is what a love about this mod it solves so many of the little peeves one can have with stock parts. :)

Feedback: I don't know if its the lack of plumbing or nuclear signage but to me the new .625 NTR looks starkly simple compared to its bigger brother.

Suggestion: Could we get a cylindrical mk1 landercan that is actually 1.25 meters in diameter to compliment the octagonal one? assuming the windows line up it could probably get away with using the same IVA.

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One quick question: where do I put the bat file - in Gamedata or the main KSP install folder?

Main KSP folder. It seems to work by renaming the extensions of Squad's textures and models to ".ext"+"bak". This however should break mods that reference them, and it should't work if you have converted the textures to dds. So use it with care.

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One quick question: where do I put the bat file - in Gamedata or the main KSP install folder?

I'd put it in the main KSP. The bat file modifies the unneeded stock files with a different extension (mubac or mbmbac), one which KSP refuses to load.

Or at least I think that's how it works.:confused:

Argh, Sage beat me to it.

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