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Gravity Braking Joolian Moons

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Is there a way to use the Joolian moons to break into an orbit around Jool? I have a stage with 2347 delta v left, and want to end up in orbit around Tylo (big lander so transfer stage doesn't have a lot of delta v).

Aerobraking isn't an option:P

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Get a retroactive slingshot on one of the Jool moons and you can acomplish such a maneuver. This example shows using Laythe to go for a close Jool orbit.


An orbital capture is possible in theory.


Best bet is to aerobrake in Jool's or Laythe's atmosphere.


The orbit after aerobraking


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I actually figured out the technique (I knew it existed, but I didn't know all the rules to it or how to exploit it consistently before. Now I know how to hit it every time) in the below video.

The trick is to hit Laythe or Tylo (It may work with Vall but I'm not sure) as it's coming around Jool on the same side of Jool that you are coming in on, in the same direction you're moving. Come in on the moon's outside and swing by it so you eject from its SOI backwards in its orbit. All your forward velocity will then be used to slow you down enough to stay in orbit.

I should make a dedicated video for it, I think.

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