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[1.8.x]GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam 00


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On 9/6/2020 at 8:13 PM, Riku_Anita said:


will you be adding other versions of the engines?
all the master grade model kits seem to have slightly different looks compared with each other, i.e. Dynames has a stubbier GN drive compared to the twin drive Gundam

will you be adding sounds?
are the visual effects going to be enhanced in any way?

love the work you've done, these are awesome, stupid fun, and mostly why I watched Gundam 00 in the first place

hyped to see where you take this mod and any other mods you make in the future!

Nope, GN drive will mostly stay what it looks like ,I might update the texture later.

Sound is there already, it is just too low to notice, I will tune it louder latter.

Visual will probably stay the same, I will add trans-arm and quantum burst effect latter.

This mod is actually for robot design, so it is still missing the uniform torque function. Once the quantum burst function is stable, I will work on it as the last functional update.

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Personally, I tend to use this mod more for shuttles akin to Nena Trinity's craft in S2, so this mod works nice for me as is. Also useful in small scale sats. I wouldn't mind getting to have some smaller GN drive units that have a limited particle count with no ability for recharge, like a GN torpedo/missile.

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as you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of the show, and this mod is among my favorites. and then I found the waterfall mod and I decided to try drafting up what it might look like to use waterfall with the gn drive. I think if I explore the waterfall mod more I might be able to craft something that looks good, here's what I came up with in only a few hours of experimenting. waterfall_gn_drive_test.png

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