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What would you like in .26?


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Better rover controls

Let the kerbals do something on IVA: throw snacks at their fellow astronauts, move around (within possibilities). That's probably not happening for 0.26, unless Squad is already working on it

Delta-V and TWR readouts

Better resource transfer

Show the AN/DN nodes regarding the body the craft is orbiting

Remove the ant engines

Add the proper fuel tanks for the experimental engine tests (say, you have to test the ion engine, add one of the xenon tanks. For the KR-L2, add on of the 3.5m tanks)

MK3 sized cargo bays

The option to start the career with only the essential buildings and be required to build the rest

IVAs for all crewed mod, including the MK2 crew cabin and the lab

Surface sample animations

That(as for ant engines, i'm neutral), & especially the IVA for all manned modules/capsules/cockpits.

Also the missing instrumentation in the 2-man lander-can.


Now where's the third "what you want in 0.26" thread? o_O

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I want In 0.26 Maybe,is to assign kerbals in EVA seats. I did a suggestion thread about this before.. But I dont know. And Maybe make the VAB Doors Open Up and let you see your rocket going towards the launchpad On a crawler,Hope they test it on the Kerbal X or something :/ these 2 maybe will be implemented soon...

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A center of drag.

We have center of lift, thrust, and gravity...

but no center of drag.

Arrows work for a reason. We build rockets like arrows for a reason. but this is not displayed in any way in KSP.

Being able to easily tell that your center of gravity is below (or behind, for space planes) the center of gravity, would be really helpful for the creation of stable craft.

probably a good start to upping the aerodynamics system.

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A release just before Christmas but that may be asking a bit much but if.

And another official mod to do with christmas.

Model rocket parts at the start of career mode.

Surface base parts.

Mk3 overhaul and station parts.

The ability to create your own kerbal before starting without editing the persistence file

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what I really want is KSP with less bugs... :P

and propper IVAs to all stock pods... It's a shame the stock pods don't have good IVAs yet... science lab and the new crew cabin don't have IVAs also. the inline cockpit have that ugly IVA with no window.

And the new spaceplane parts have a Joke... not a IVA... chansub-global-emoticon-ddc6e3a8732cb50f-25x28.png

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Some kind of simple/minimal in orbit assembly capability.

e.g. 'stiffer docking ports' would make a huge change in the kind of craft you can reasonably assemble (and fly). They could even be useful as 'one use'; i.e. once docked they can never un-dock - a mechanical structural port. Giving them an orientation would be helpful, to avoid 'oops I clipped my ship together 5 degrees off'. Possibly a 'docking decoupler', so you could for example clip/dock 'drop tanks' for a re-usable multi-stage lander.

EVA struts would be a bigger change but great for 're-securing re-usable landers', or the multiple materials bays from landers for transfer to Kerbin and recovery (which currently looks like pushing a bead necklace).

I've mainly avoided in orbit assembly so far so I don't have personal experience but I imagine a full blown capability would have to include 'tethers, winches, & bumper/buffers' for positioning sub assemblies (especially since we'll never be able to control a team of EVA Kerbals 'holding' the parts...).

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I would like it if you could fix the problem with count down time. It appears that clocks always round down to the nearest second which is correct when you are counting up. When counting down you need to round up to the nearest second. The clock should read 1s until 0.000000s

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1. Clouds and city lights, (this includes sunny days) with the ability to turn on or off, both parts.

2. Slow motion warp, freezing physics

3. City textures (AT LEAST FLAT :( ) with the ability to turn them on or off (this is for a later version. If it gets implemented, I salute to you sirs.)

4. EVA Umbilical cord parts, big, medium, small

5. More landing gear options (heavy, medium, smaller than the current one)

6. Re-entery kills Kerbals and certain parts (no, i'm not the protestor of the "Danny's Method", it's just highly unrealistic to some people :P ), with the option to turn on or off, with configuring which parts get the damaged and which won't

7. KAS kind-of thing, which adds containers and the ability for Kerbals to grab, drop, or attach stuff, as-well as use it (pretty much these parts of the KAS)

8. Stock-alike Space Station Parts mod implemented completely into the game

9. More easter eggs :P

10. Last but not least, damage effects on certain parts. This includes puncturing holes in fuel tanks, breaking glass and killing Kerbals due to decompression in habitation modules and cockpits, and dark smoke effects for damaged engines (not only turbofan engines, but also rocket engines when they are overheating. People sometimes miss out on the indicator :P ) (this is more for like, 0.28 or something, but if it's possible to add in 0.26, OMG THANK YOU), with the ability to turn on or off, and configure which things get damaged and which don't.

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This is no place for big asks so...

* The small set of structural pieces, tanks and engines.

But KSP is having the classic problem of an extremely successful game still in dev: the develop is lagging behind the mod comunity (in a way I never seen)

Im not asking to integrate the mods the modes that revamp the whole gameplay (as aerodinamics, or remotetech, lifesuport, deadly reentry, ...). But, in particular, working with an ensambled ship is the hell witout an actions mod.

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Adding a trivial change that is a 5 minutes code for devs: Posibility to add entire ships as subparts :-(

Small ship tested. Alls ok.. but some central piece ended as root... Reconstructing the same ship initiating with a dummy module... is annoying as hell.

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*Missions including stuff with asteroids (deorbit, investigate, bring to orbit,destroy)

*Missions with airplanes (travel from point A to B, achieve certain speed, destroy some natural object)

*Missions with rovers (drive certain distance on a planet using only wheels, add caves so that it's impossible for anything else than rovers to get in)

*Missions with natural phenomenons that random spawns ("we have discovered a mini black hole outside of Duna, go check it out")

*Easier way to know of the different Biomes on the planets (add a scanner that marks the different areas of the planet or add a button that toggles on and off colors for each Biome)

*A timer for Kerbals in space, right now if you can't return them to Kerbin it doesn't matter since they are always alive.

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1. I would like kerbal's that I've assigned to a ship to still be assigned if i need to revert back to the vehicle assembly. As a new astronaut I forget a lot to reassign them and end up at a new planet with an empty science center and have to restart the launch.

2. higher science tiers with parts to build buildings/bio-domes on other planets.

other than that thank you for the amazing game.

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observatory building where you can create a surface maps of other celestial bodies (using probes to map it first) and finaly see the overlay of biomes over those maps. Remember the landings/impact posisions of probes/capsules on those maps and some stats about the planets so one shouldnt need to go to wiki during flight to see where the hi/low space border is starting for that body. Add and inpactor probe device and science experiment. make some smaller probes and part avail able for the begining of the game.

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More science for my poor robotic probes only can play with termomethers. :(

One of my wildest dreams is having some form of magnetometers and when some perturbation is found in your way, it shows in the map in the space center map. (You know since you are traking the space, space findings must show there...) Same goes for space dust around planets, stock scanning for biomes so you can gets lot of readings with a single proble around an orbit. etc.

Im such a probe junkie it's the only thing I do in kerbal. xD

I know Kermans are the heroes here, but probe science is so sideline that most of the time is not worth to do it (you build a probe, you send it out, but the probe cant explore as much as a manned expedition). One change that will improve probe missions is decay on the RTGs so your missions must include running time as a factor when planning it.

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I would like to make a suggestion for ships. I know that we can use unique mission flags for each ship created, but for our interstellar ships, what about a way to add a ship name? Maybe have a "empty" placeholder that can be used for the ship's name. As the name is changed at the command module, the placeholder will pick up the name and add it to wherever the placeholder part is located.

Also, what about the addition of a space plane or flying saucer icon to use on the mission control maps to identify interstellar ships from Kerbin orbit ships?

Just a couple of thoughts - thanks for an awesome gaming experience so far!

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