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[1.0.2] DunaDirect Sabatier Reactor


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DunaDirect is a mod for Kerbal Space Program inspired by the Mars Direct plan. I really wanted to do a similar mission in KSP, but was unhappy with my options. Kethane mining was a little too science-fictiony, and the ISRU was removed from the 0.24 port of InterStellar. So I wrote my own mod.

The stock ISRU has been extended with a Sabatier process. This will convert liquid hydrogen and carbon dioxide into liquid fuel and oxidixer.

The FL-T100 and X200-8 can now store liquid hydrogen; you're on the honour system for disabling liquid fuel and oxidizer when using these tanks for hydrogen! The tanks include enough Hydrogen to fill a FL-T800/X200-8 and Jumbo-64 respectively.

Carbon dioxide can be obtained by using any of the stock intakes on bodies containing carbon dioxide (Eve, Kerbin, Duna, and Laythe), or from a waste storage container when using TAC Life Support.


Download from GitHub

Download from Curse

Requires Community Resource Pack and ModuleManager.

Source code on GitHub under the MIT license.


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New release!
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