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Pixelated Black Shades

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Download here


You can use them when the kerbal is out of the vehicle.

Needs Kerbal Atachment Sistem.

This is a Part file. Put it in whatever part list you want. (Stock part list, or KAS part list, or whatever) but the Shades will appear in the Science section.

If you want a full version of KAS download it from it place in CurseForge, or the oficial forums.

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While that looks hilarious-awesome, I'm afraid I have to pull the link for now. KAS's license does not allow you to redistribute the plugin, unless you have a waiver from KospY. (Apologies if you do).

Instead, you need to distribute *just* your files, and give people the link to install KAS themselves.

Also, you need to post a license for the stuff you've created, and include a license in the download zip. See here for some help on selecting a license

Lastly, KospY is back and is currently maintaing KAS (as the link to KAS you have in your OP says); Majiir is no longer the in-KospY's-absence maintainer.

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well... the fact that I have to READ and obey the rules or get bad reputation.

I was thinking that was enough citing the authors for the minimal version that I uploaded.

I will read.

I geddit Razorcane. I can deal with that. ;)

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The specified license for KAS does not allow you to redistribute any part of KAS unless there are compatibility issues between KAS and the current version of KSP, in which case you may provide (only) the .dll addressing the compatibility problem.

In you case just state the dependancy (this part needs KAS) and provide a link to KospY's KAS 4.8 thread or their Curseforge download page, but please don't include KAS or any part of KAS with your own mod download (as it violates their mods lisence terms).

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