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[1.0.5] Camera Tools v1.5.1 (+dogfight mode, autozoom margin slider) - March 28

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1 hour ago, Klapaucius said:

I just installed this. It may be my favourite mod. Thanks for creating this, it is amazing!  I spent the afternoon flying in the mountains.

May seem a stupid question...  OK, it is stupid...   but I just installed the camera tools mod and I'm not sure how to make the camera move around the plane like that?

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6 minutes ago, Stephen Locksley said:

Recompiled what?


@BahamutoD has not been around for some time, and others have recompiled the mod in their absence.   There may even be a newer mod thread for this somewhere.  Others will chime in if so.    But look up above your post, and find the listing for the recompile, and try that one. 

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hi guys, can someone help me , i have the problem of the icon of the mod doesn't showing. any help?

is it like maybe the mod itself problem?

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