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KSP Skill level poll

What was your final score in the quiz below?  

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  1. 1. What was your final score in the quiz below?

    • 0-2
    • 2-4
    • 4-6
    • 6-8
    • 8-10

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I'm disappointing the quiz does not feature anything regarding brilliant contraptions and feats of engineering. I don't think you can measure someones skill in KSP based only on how many planets they have landed on.

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Only reason not in the top tier is I've been working on the alternate mode of RoverDude's Warp Drive rather than plotting an Eve landing and return mission. It's my last major thing to do in KSP.

I'm kinda waiting for 1.0 aero. I'm running with FAR but with the new engine behavior and such, I think I'll wait.

I think I should be able to have that last .4 for contributing to a mod :P

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Q: Have you ever achieved a stable orbit around Kerbin?(2 points)

yes (+2 total)

Q: Have you ever landed and returned from the Mun?(4 points)

yes (+4) (6 total)

Q: Have you ever landed and returned from Minmus?(4 points)

yes (+4) (10 total)

Q: On how many objects outside the Kerbin system(which includes Kerbin, the Mun and Minmus) have you landed on(doesn't have to be a return mission)(2 points per object, or 24 if you've landed on all)

all (+24) (34 total)

Q: Have you ever successfully docked?(10 points)

yes (+10) (44 total)

Q: Have you ever intercepted an asteroid?(16 points)

yes (+16) (60 total)

Optional question 1(if you use mods): How many of the following difficulty enhancing mods: TAC life support, Remote Tech, Deadly Reentry, FAR, RSS; have you used at the same time in a save?(4 points per mod)

FAR, DRE, TLS (4 * 3 = 12) (72 total)

Optional question 2(if you don't use mods): Do you rarely(in less than half of your career saves) use reverts/reloads? If only your revertless/reloadless worlds were counted, would the amount of 'yes' answers to the above questions be roughly the same?(+0.25 points for every 'yes' answer to the above questions that would remain the same, not including optional question 1)

0 points here (use mods)

Q: On which of the following objects outside the Kerbin system have you done successful return missions: Duna(2.5 points), Ike(2.5 points), Dres(5 points), Moho(5 points), Gilly(5 points), Laythe(10 points), Vall(10 points), Bop(10 points), Pol(10 points), Tylo(15 points), Eeloo(15 points), Eve(30 points)

Duna 72 + 2.5 = 74.5

Ike 74.5 + 2.5 = 77

Dres 77 + 5 = 82

Moho 82 + 5 = 87

Gilly 87 + 5 = 92

Laythe 92 + 10 = 102

Vall 102 + 10 = 112

Bop 112 + 10 = 122

Pol 122 + 10 = 132

Tylo 132 + 15 = 147

Eeloo 147 + 15 = 162

Eve 162 + 30 = 192

192 / 20 = 9.6

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2 + 4 + 4 + 16 + 10 + 16 + 0 + 2.5 + 2.5 = 57 / 20 = 2.85

It looks like I need to start doing some return missions.;.;

I've made some good progress since I last answered this poll. I've now landed on and returned from every planet and moon in the Kerbol system.:D

2 + 4 + 4 + 24 + 10 + 16 + 0 + 4 + 120 = 184 / 20 = 9.20

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My score is less than 2 as well yet this is because I spend hours upon hours designing mission hardware and not actually using it. I'm confident in my abilities so I think today I will go and abuse this by going to as many places as possible to return. I have been and returned from Duna and Ike and I am sure that using some of the hardware I have designed I could easily go to and return from almost everywhere.


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I'm very good at landing stuff, but it's only one-way trips..., so this make my score kinda low (1.4).

I guess kerbals don't care being stuck in a tiny capsule for years/decades/centuries/milleniums.

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If that's directed at me... its the result of poor planning and the transition from .24 to .25.

It was directed at the OP assigning more points for a landing on Bop/Pol/Laythe, than a landing on Moho.

Bop, Pol, and Val are the only moons I haven't visited, because I never got around to it.

There didn't seem to be any challenge to them.

Jool transfer and aerobrake? yea, I did that for Tylo

Ascent difficulty? Bop/Pol They are low grav worlds, easy, LV-N lander engines make it easy. For laythe: OP jet engines are OP. Steer on reentry to land on an island, pop a chute, control descent rate with jet (you can even land on water if you wish and design it to be stable) - then reach orbit on the jet engine alone which has a very nice TWR, and an effective ISP of over 10,000

I built a mission to go to those three moons, but never got around to flying it (it was uncrewed in LKO, waiting for a launch window while I was doing asteroid redirects and such)

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Well, I haven't gone to Eeloo nor Dres, I haven't captured an asteroid, and I haven't returned from Eve. Other than that I've done everything except the mods part. As to reverts, I think the only landings and returns I've never done without one are Tylo, which is super hard, and Laythe, where I always seem to end up in the drink on the first try. Anyway, I think it's too early in game development to stand on not reverting, because let's face it: half the time or more I do it because the game bugged out, not because I messed up. Anyway, if all those revertless return missions only count for .25 points collectively, I got 110 total, for a score of 6.5, if each revertless return counts for .25, it would be 115. Pretty paltry considering the 1300-odd hours I've spent playing. Given that, it's pretty hard to believe so many people scored 8-10, which essentially implies all of the above. I assume most of them forgot to divide by 20.

As to your point values for feats, I'd say that Moho is not worth enough, given the massive deltaV it takes to get there, nor is Tylo, which is a real bear to land on. Eeloo is worth too much, because it's not really so hard, it just takes forever. Going forward, I think there are all sorts of things you didn't touch upon that speak strongly to a player's skill. Of course I have done all these, so I may be biased :D. I list them with suggested point values: Forgive me if most of these have already been mentioned, but here goes:

1) Ever made a plane that flies? (10 points)

2) Ever made orbit with a space plane? (15 points)

3) Ever landed a plane on the runway? (10 points) ... from orbit? (15 points)

4) Ever done an orbital rendezvous or docking without the benefit of the navball indicators? (15 points) ... Without RCS either? (20 points)

5) Ever gotten a single stage to Mun and back? (20 points) ... to Laythe? (25 points)

6) Ever built a station with a closed-loop truss structure of some kind? (25 points)

7) Ever landed a plane on Laythe and returned it? (20 points)

8) Ever done an orbital rendezvous-based Munar or planetary return mission? (10 points)

9) Ever successfully aerobraked from a planetary escape trajectory to orbit (10 points)...or directly to a moon encounter? (15 points)

10) Ever visited more than one planet other than Kerbin in a single mission? (15 points per extra planet visited in one mission)


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Well that's depressing, I thought I was reasonably experienced but came in at the lowest category so I'm no better than the rankest noob. What did I do for 360 hours?

Maybe you should include points for repetition. There's a huge difference between barely landing on the Mun and just making it back and doing it so many times that you can't remember why it was ever hard. Then landing a rover, or building a base. Or precision landings for artifacts. Or landing, flying around, landing again, going back up to Munar station to refuel, repeat.

And docking, doing it once by luck isn't quite the same as putting together and taking apart space stations like giant tinkertoys. Or burning RCS in map mode and getting rendezvous to less than 1k.

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((2 + 4 + 4 + 24 + 10 + 16 + 0 + 0 + 120) ÷ 20) = 9

Not bad :)

But I would say this quiz needs changing, I wouldn't call someone who has explored the Kerbin system a beginner but with this scoring system that would be unfair.

Also, many peoples (mine included) first Mun landing doesn't make it back to Kerbin so despite safely (ish!) landing on the Mun, in this quiz that would count for nothing...

Edited by hazard-ish
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I got 1.425.

I feel so offended..

I've been playing since 2012 yet got a terrible score. This quiz only really takes places you've been into account, rather than what you've built. As I prefer building things I'm apparently a poor player.

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A: 2

B: 4

C: 4

D: 16 (Moho, Duna, Ike, Gilly, Ike, Dres, Bop, Pol)

E: 10 (not sure why docking is worth 10 points).

F: 16 (You should give us credit for putting an asteroid in orbit around Kerban, Mun, Minmus, Eve. Also landings and landing at KSP.

Option1: I don't mod.

Option2: What?

G: 40. Moho, Duna, Ike, Dres, Gilly, Bop, Pol.

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I've been playing since 2012 yet got a terrible score. This quiz only really takes places you've been into account, rather than what you've built. As I prefer building things I'm apparently a poor player.

I agree.. I most often spend my time testing new designs, exploring Kerbin and all that, and building stations too. To me, it's a very big aspect in the game, and defines every other flight goal. I create launchers all the time for my payload and often goof around, trying new things. The quiz might be applicable to KSP if you didn't design your own ship, but it's a bit unfair for excelling builders with so much talent, yet never got to the Mun. Maybe if things like "Have you ever built an SSTO or built a station in orbit?" were asked, maybe the quiz will be fair. :)

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