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Deciding on the appropriate scale for my part

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How do you guys approach scaling your parts for the kerbal universe? Do you use the RSS ratios and scale down? Do you just make it up and test until failure?

For instance, in terms of the Earth based universe, my telescope would weight 363 kg. I could choose between 232-273kg depending on which ratio I go for. It isn't a lot of a difference ... and in the perspective of the MORE BOOSTER universe we play in, it would make no difference at all ... I think. Maybe furthermore, I would position my part relatively early in the tree (pre 2m parts), but again, it isn't like the early engines aren't quite capable of lifting much larger payloads.

How about costs? Just throw a dart at your wallets and wait for the complaints to drive changes?

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I scaled down to 2/3 and then rounded to the nearest standard diameter. I don't think a telescope needs to have standard widths though since it's more of a payload than a part for rockets.

When it comes to prices and resources and all other gameplay related things you should aim to keep things balanced for gameplay rather than proportional to real life values. That means actually playing through a game with your new mod to see if it makes things too easy.

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