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List of Launches

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I'd like to have a simple plugin that adds a log where all your launches are listed. Would be a very useful tool for those who like to roleplay.

Things that get into the log should include:

- ship's name

- time of launch

- place of launch (launchpad or runway; it would be a good idea to support mods that add alternate launch sites)

- info about crew (total number of crew and total number of seats)

There should be an ability to manually delete entries (so not to cramp it with various Untitled Space Crafts)

Example of such log:

23. Soyuz 22 - Year 2, Day 31, 10:20:30 - Launchpad - Crew: 2 of 3
24. Progress 16 - Year 2, Day 33, 12:10:20 - Launchpad - Crew: 0 of 0
25. Skylon 3 - Year 2, Day 40, 09:11:34 - Runway - Crew: 0 of 0
26. Soyuz 23 - Year 2, Day 45, 17:45:00 - Launchpad - Crew: 0 of 3

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Coupling a mission control building to the tracking station would be nice.

I very much like the idea of a log for launches but why not go a step further and create a sub info directory about intended mission profiles and backstory?

Not much use at this point beyond RP but with hard mode coming up it would make the whole no-rollback a whole lot more dreadful with your mission log filled with CRASHED - MISSING - KIA and so on.

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