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Triple 07 Kirrim?


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Kirrim's not the only one with a cutesy designation.

At 0:33, Chris [Hadfield] Kerman has the designation #CSA2 (Canada Space Agency)

At 0:36, Scott [Manley] Kerman has the designation #YOUT for obvious reasons.

At 0:50, Edlu Kerman has the designation #NA5A. Not sure how "Edlu" is associated with NASA, but maybe someone smarter than me can figure this out.

At 0:54, Kurt Kerman has the designation #YUT3, also probably a reference to YouTube. (Kurtjmac)

I never noticed this before, though :wink:

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There's lots of stuff going on in the numbers.

DZ01 Dean Kerman - Dizzy 1 since he seems to be the only one in the centrifuge.

0001 Jebediah Kerman - Obvious

CSA2 Chris Kerman - Chris Hadfield from the Canadian Space Agency

YOUT Scott Kerman - Scott Manley from Youtube

0007 Kirrim Kerman - Yup, special agent Kirrim

NA5A Edlu Kerman - Something something NASA something

YUT3 Kurt Kerman - Kurt Something from Youtube

DZ02 Matt Kerman - Dizzy 2 after that flip he did

0002 Bill Kerman - Obvious

0003 Bob Kerman - Obvious

All are in order.

Edit: damn internet ninjas.

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Edlu is a reference to Ed Lu, who founded the B612 foundation and is also a former astronaut.

Kurt is a (rrrrrrr)reference(!) to Kurtjmac, best known for his Far Lands or Bust series but who also helped get KSP some publicity after playing it in a long running-series on his channel.

Hope this helped!

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