[11/26/15 Update] Say Hello to the Light-Green Group!

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NOTE: This group is now redundant with the forum upgrade, the new group can be found here. Please move all discussion to that thread, unless it directly has to do with this outdated group.


There are currently nearly two hundred(!) people on the forum who have more than 500 points of +Rep. This gives them one or more light-green bars on their Reputation counter, meaning that they are the famous...



Light-Green Group!




This is meant to be a catalog for newbies and experienced forum-goers alike, as to the most notable individuals on the KSP forums. If one of these guys stops by to say hello on a thread, or even give reputation, be sure to say hi!


With the new forum comes change, and unfortunately that will change this group forever. We will no longer have rep bars, only a number. However, adsii1970 has created these wonderful rep bar signature badges, so once the change happens, you can keep your green bars by putting the appropriate image in your signature. :) (note: your rep number will be visible, so don't cheat :P ) Anyways, here are the images!

adsii1970: After about twenty minutes of graphics design work last night, I present to you, the serious Kerbal Space Program Forum user, with my latest graphics creation: Rep bars for your signature! If you like the images, why not give some rep? (To adsii1970!) :cool:

Note: Images have been given a transparent background and are all a standard height. If you use them as is, they should fit perfectly within the space allowed for the signature!

1,500+ points of rep

1,300-1,499 points of rep
1,100-1,299 points of rep
900-1099 points of rep
700-899 points of rep
500-699 points of rep
400-499 points of rep
300-399 points of rep
200-299 points of rep
100-199 points of rep
1-99 points of rep
Reputation was formerly hidden


Now, I realize this is The Light Green Group, but I figured that I would include all of these images here, for the sake of my sanity and the number of visitors to this particular thread. Maybe eventually I will create a thread specifically for all the images that I've done for KSP. If there is an image you'd like me to create, send me some specifics in a private message. I aim to please. :wink:

NOTE: To use, right click and hit "save image" and it will be downloaded. :)



Okay, so I'll start with examining the color-coding that you see around the Forums (and in the Group).

People whose names appear in YELLOW are official accounts by SQUAD. They have their +Rep artificially inflated, but they really are among the most important presences on the Forum.

People whose names appear in GREEN are lower-level moderators, and are in charge of maintaining the Forum.

People whose names appear in BLUE are higher-level moderators, who monitor the entire Forum or monitor teams regulating a certain section.

Developers of the game, such as HarverstR, have their names listed in RED. KasperVld, the lead Moderator, also has a red name.





Without further ado!

Here they are in person, listed in order of decreasing +Rep (as of 9/8/2015):

[Members with Six Light-Green Bars (1500+ Points): These are the most-Repped, most-beloved, and best personalities on the entire Forum.]


  1. 5thHorseman. 5th Horseman has a good YouTube series going, and is very insightful with with his posts. One time, he made an asteroid into a plane!
  2. Majorjim. This "Waterman" builds really great craft, and lots of them. He also puts out many high-quality, insightful posts. He's a great person to have around the Spacecraft Exchange.
  3. Rune. Another builder of a variety of lovely craft, another excellent poster, and a great help to the new builders of the Spacecraft Exchange.
  4. UpsilonAerospace. Mastermind behind this thread, and keeper of this thread until recently! Give this man some rep!
  5. RoverDude. He's a "Cat Herder" and a notable and widely respected modder. Creator of the "Umbra Space Industries" series. His mods are widely believed to be among the coolest additions to the game.
  6. Kuzzter. A "Powerpointillist" with a pretty wonderful graphic novel series called "Duna, Ore Bust!" that showcases his ongoing mission to the Red Planet!
  7. NathanKell. Creator of a variety of wonderful mods, including Deadly Reentry and Real Solar System, as well as a distinguished "Modder-ator."
  8. zekes. "First Sea Lorde," Founder of Zokesia Skunkworks, and clever person overall. His shuttle still impresses me a lot.
  9. GregroxMun. The official conductor of the Hype Train, GregroxMun is a streamer, an artistic, creative type, and an all-around good guy.
  10. ObsessedWithKSP. Clever poster, good suggest-er and a smart person in general. He's informally in charge of the ever-helpful Squadcast reviews as well.
  11. sarbian. Mod maker, intelligent poster, "Purveyor of the Nyan Cat," and nice person as a whole. Sarbian is especially helpful with teaching new modders the tips of the trade.
  12. Yukon0009. Formerly Majorjim's Apprentice, this great builder is now a self-proclaimed Weavy Geapons Huy, and a builder of great historic rocket replicas and other neat little craft.
  13. Mad Rocket Scientist. Well, the name pretty much says it all. Mad Rocket Scientist creates some pretty cool KSP craft of all types.
  14. ferram4. Created Ferram Aerospace Research, or FAR, along with other nice mods. He makes things fly properly in KSP. (And he's continuing to do so, even after the release of 1.0!)
  15. GusTurbo. He's a Craft Design Craftsman who creates a variety of quality spacecraft! He's never afraid to share his knowledge, state his opinions, or partake in competitions on the Forum.
  16. Brotoro. Goes on a variety of grand and fun KSP adventures in the Jool system and more recently on Duna. He is not my neighbor, though. Where did you get that idea?
  17. Claw. "Claw-erator" who has created plugins and moderated the Forums for a while now. His bugfixes are very much appreciated by the community... Thanks TxeKnab!
  18. pandoras kitten. "Little kitty, big meow." This is meant to be taken literally I believe. When not chasing space tuna and unfurling the secrets of intergalactic yarn, pandoras kitten is building some sweet aircraft!
  19. lajoswinkler. Lajoswinkler is a prolific and helpful poster, mostly in the Other Forums. He's a 'Kapsulni kommunikator,' to use the... um... Russian, maybe?
  20. Vanamonde. A great and long-lasting moderator. Apparently, his posts come from inside my house. Who knew?
  21. r4pt0r. Formerly "Proudly 99% Stock," and an Amateur Ancient Historian, r4pt0r is a intelligent poster and an honest guy. (He likes my plugin songs, too.)
  22. Starwhip. Everyone's favorite Red Dragon, and a very helpful Forum-goer. He's artistic and intelligent and very kind.
  23. Whackjob. Wait, you can make rockets that big?! :0.0: Whackjob is nice, even if he's a... little... nutty. Plus, he was the first member of the Light-Green Group! So that counts for something.
  24. Azimech. If you haven't seen his turboprop engines, do so. Like, right now. They're really cool. (He's working on new ones, too, now that 1.0 has dropped...)
  25. Alshain. An honest and kind poster who does his best to solve problems and help others across the Forum. According to his life's persistent file, he's a smartS.
  26. NecroBones. Another modder, who also creates video tutorials and goes on impressive missions... and is also a great and honest poster. He does pretty much everything.
  27. KasperVld. The new Lead Moderator! Kasper's insights and comments make him well deserving of his position.
  28. BahamutoD. Modder and creator of BD Armory, among other lovely and very pretty mods. He's also a pretty serious metal guitarist, and his epic KSP theme is definitely something to look into.
  29. Tw1. He builds some neat craft, creates creative things in Fan Works, and an all-around nice guy. Also, he's a self-proclaimed "Space Nutter."
  30. Beale. Mod-maker extraordinaire, with a very, very creepy avatar. Like, seriously. It's bread... but... I'll stop now. You're welcome.
  31. Nertea. Well-known for his gorgeous mods, including Near Future Technologies and Stockalike Station Parts.
    [Members with Five Light-Green Bars (1300-1499 Points): These people are incredibly well-known, and only one step away from being Internet famous!]
  32. NovaSilisko. "Spherical Scientist" and former dev. His new game, "Science of the Spheres," looks really cool. Oh, and he does music too!
  33. Cupcake.... One of the best VTOL builders in KSP, Cupcake...'s builds are always quite nice (and very impressive)... perhaps even more so in 1.0!
  34. Giggleplex777. A great builder of small craft, and the head of the famous "Pico Space Program!" Giggleplex is also simply an all-around nice Forum-goer.
  35. cantab. A knowledgeable, clever poster with no shortage of good ideas, cantab tries to help out or offer his opinion wherever possible.
  36. DMagic. Yet another awesome mod creator. DMagic has created mods such as ScanSat and DMagic Orbital Science.
  37. Geschosskopf. Creator of several very nice tutorials. You wouldn't believe how many times I tried to spell his name before I got it right. :)
  38. Columbia. This "Aviation and Rocketry Nut" Isn't totally nuts. As far as we know, pending further tests But he has however made some really nice replica aircraft! Go check them out!
  39. Xacktar. Hilarious guy with a YouTube channel. All hail Xacktar, he's really cool! :cool: (Seriously, though. Valentina the Rocket Lady is great.)
  40. GoSlash27. An intelligent and rather prolific poster, and a "Sliderule Jockey." GoSlash is knowledgeable with both KSP and real-world spaceflight.
  41. Felsmak. Creates zany and wonderful craft and zany and wonderful ideas. His creativity is nearly infinite, and his voice could buy Russia. (Great Naked Space Man reference!)
  42. Starwaster. A frequent poster and a notable modder, Starwaster is the Defender of the Sandbox.
  43. stupid_chris. A great former moderator who also developed RealChute parachute systems. That penguin, though... it vibrates! And vibrates, and vibrates...
  44. RocketPilot573. Builds a variety of really awesome craft, and has a number of wonderful ideas.
  45. nightingale. Nightingale's superior work creating mods has earned this Forum-goer a lot of Reputation in a very short time. Congrants, nightingale!
  46. Avera9eJoe. From Twitch streaming to YouTubing to modding to music, Avera9eJoe is simply 100% awesome.
    [Members with Four Light-Green Bars (1100-1299 Points): These people are rising in the ranks and are becoming very well known throughout the Forums and beyond!]
  47. Streetwind. A nice person and prolific poster in the "Other Forums." He "Talks to boosters," too, but I'm afraid that can't be helped.
  48. pTrevTrevs. "Vintage Plane Addict" is solidified when you look at his amazing [thread=120106]Sopwith Pup.[/thread] Like how do you even do that? :confused:
  49. sgt_flyer. A clever builder of a variety of different, unconventional designs. I personally love his little turbofan engine... it's such a cool idea!
  50. parameciumkid. Creator of some very neat craft, great poster, and "Kerbal Pamperer." He has some great, well-thought-out ideas.
  51. katateochi. Craft builder, YouTuber, co-host of KerbalX, and "Bewildered Kerbal." Everything that katateochi does is quite high-quality and very nice.
  52. pizzaoverhead. Another wonderful modder, pizzaoverhead creates some small but significant additions to the game that make it feel more realistic.
  53. Robotengineer. This "Kerbal Space Pundit" is frequently snarky, even more frequently hilarious, and a rising star on the KSP forums.
    [Members with Three Light-Green Bars (900-1099 Points): These people are halfway through the Light-Green Group, and destined for greatness!]
  54. inigma. This Forum-goer's spacecraft builds are quite nice. (You might have seen his shuttle; he's quite well-known for it. It's good.)
  55. Foxster. This foxy users sorry not sorry is your average forum user, except not at all. He recently ascended to orbit from 950m above sea level on Eve with only a 33.83 ton lander! That's crazy light for an Eve lander! :0.0:
  56. Endersmens. (me!)"Rumored to stalk you at night, teleport, and eat your soul, Endersmens is actually a friendly Forum-goer who is quite helpful across the board. At least, that's what I'm supposed to say........... don't eat me" - UpsilonAerospace, 2015. RIP.
  57. TriggerAu. Creator of Kerbal Alarm Clock, one of the most useful and frustration-preventing mods in KSP (in my opinion, at least).
  58. blackrack. Creator of a gorgeous atmospheric scattering mod ("Scatterer"), blackrack has quickly accumulated enough +Rep to join the Group.
  59. Porkjet. Creator of Spaceplane Plus, a mod that was recently integrated into the official game! Porkjet continues being closely affiliated with SQUAD.
  60. RevanCorana. Creator of a number of distinctive and fun KSP craft of all types. "Strut Tamer." (I really should learn to tame my struts too.)
  61. eorin. A "Blackbird-addicted" Forumgoer who created Sparrowhawk Aeronautics, and a load of great craft to boot!
  62. rbray89. Creator of several notable mods, including Active Texture Management and EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancement).
  63. astropapi1. Knowledgeable, nice, and very informative, astropapi usually frequents the Other Forums. He's an Aerospace Engineer-to-be, and I'm sure he'll make a great one.
  64. Frozen_Heart. This "White Walker" is a great poster, but more importantly, she came up with the name before the movie came out.
  65. Redshift OTF. Builder of some wonderful sci-fi ships, including the Death Star and a Skylon SSTO concept!
  66. KerrMü. A user of few words, KerrMü only has 191 posts as of writing this, yet he had 3 light green bars. If that doesn't say quality over quantity, nothing will. KerrMü is also a renowned ship builder, particularly in SSTO's, and my personal favorite, [thread=91205]The PORKULES![/thread]
  67. Jon144. "Some guy on the forum," Jon144 has risen to fame most likely from his amazing aircraft. And have you seem his [thread=133425]stock STS Shuttle?[/thread] :0.0: Seriously, go look at it!
  68. klgraham1013. klgraham's snarky but very valid opinions have earned him some serious Reputation, especially as 1.0 approached.
  69. Wanderfound. A great builder of SSTO craft, and a big fan of Mk2 parts. Wanderfound's spaceplane emporium features some really nice stuff.
  70. Tiberion. Creator of space shuttle mods, as well as other nice game add-ons. Tiberion's also a long-time Forumgoer and former Moderator.
  71. Jolly_Roger. [thread=129682]Stock. Flying. Millennium Falcon.[/thread] 'Nuff said. It's amazing, props to Jolly_Roger for making it!
  72. sumghai. "Sumdumerator" (moderator), creator of numerous mods, and a helpful Forum-goer to new modders.
  73. Proot. I... AM... PROOT! (Sorry, had to get that out of my system.) Proot is the creator of the wonderful Renaissance Arts compilation, a plugin that makes the game look wonderful.
  74. SkyRender. A long-time Forum-goer who is well-known for his clever and insightful posts. "Not for resale."
  75. Kasuha. Incredibly knowledgeable, especially with KSP. I personally benefited from his Fuel Flow Rules. He hasn't posted in a while though.
  76. andrew123. Creator of some wonderful craft, including a very nice boat and World War II plane replicas. "Bane of the Desert Fox."
  77. Cpt. Kipard. "Ambient occlusion baker," "Resident Curmudgeon," realistic-minded and excellent poster, and creator of several mods.
  78. John FX. Another intelligent poster. I personally enjoyed his graphs on engine performance, though many of his other posts are quite high-quality as well.
  79. Pecan. Another wonderful poster, and the creator of some lovely tutorials. Pecan is, according to his profile picture, "Only slightly nuts."
    [Members with Two Light-Green Bars (700-899 Points): These people have been posting for a while, and are beginning to get some serious attention!]
  80. Roflcopterkklol. This "Mad Scientist" is best known for his large, complex, and cool-looking aircraft... even if some of them were slightly broken by 1.0.
  81. Nik_601. Usually seen creating tremendously cool things in the Spacecraft Exchange, such as working helicopters.
  82. vexx32. Former moderator of the Support and Development subforum, and incredibly helpful community member. He watches you at night.
  83. worir4. Fabulous poster, owner of the most distinguished mustached-Kerbal avatar on the Forums, and "Nose Cone." (A lot of people seemed to like this description the last time around, for some reason.)
  84. Levelord. Creator of several lovely craft, and a good poster. I would say more, but I'm stuck staring at that animated .gif avatar.
  85. soulreaver1981. Creator of a variety of wonderful craft, and head of Reapers Dutch Designs. His spaceplanes are neat!
  86. xEvilReeperx. EvilReeper's stock clamshell fairings propelled him to the Group, thanks to their high desirability after 1.0's release.
  87. magico13. Creator of Kerbal Construction Time and other fantastic plugins, magico13 is a notable modder and a friendly community member.
  88. Kerdinand. The "King of Random" and a wonderful builder, Kerdinand has created a variety of truly unique and quite good-looking craft!
  89. Mareczex333. Mareczex is an incredibly good spaceplane builder (especially with replicas of historic aircraft), and a prominent YouTuber as well!
  90. Randazzo. Not only does Randazzo have an avatar of a "like a sir" kerbal, he is also the author of the Vanguard Astrodynamics mods. Go check them out!
  91. KospY. Creator of KAS (Kerbal Attachment System), a mod that allows things to be attached together wherever and whenever you want!
  92. tater. A great poster in all parts of the Forum, tater is both prolific and wise. He's a newer member of the Forum but already has over 1,700 posts!
  93. hellblazer. Most know for [thread=107892]hellblazer's Wallpaper factory,[/thread] hellblazer can turn your average ksp screenshot into a masterpiece wallpaper.
  94. DuoDex. Can into editing other user's posts. Also a moderator, and speaks French. Did not edit this post because he felt neglected without a description. Touch this and die.
  95. razark. A noted poster and kind helper across the entirety of the Forum, razark is also the newest member of the Light-Green Group! Welcome!
  96. Nikola7007. Another rather awesome poster with a good point of view. Also, he's quite proud of his lack of a profile picture...
  97. Frank_G. Another awesome craft-builder and great poster, Frank_G is a "Kerbol System Explorer" and a good graphic designer!
  98. Niemand303. This "Tovarisch Moderator" is a creator of several mods, including a great one that depicts the Soyuz spacecraft in-game.
  99. Kerbart. This grumpy-yet-lovable Forum-goer is never afraid to speak up loudly about matters he's passionate about, as well as creating some humorous posts.
  100. Mesklin. A builder of a variety of quality craft over at the Spacecraft Exchange. Recently, Mesklin went to Eve in 1.0, earning the respect of the Forum in the process...
  101. technicalfool. This moderator does a great job promoting rational discussion, and his profile pic is also quite neat.
  102. HarvesteR. KSP Developer who has been fundamental in making the game what it is today. Thanks, HarvesteR!
  103. blizzy78. Creator of a great number of helpful add-ons and plugins for KSP, most notably Toolbar! He has been rather inactive lately though.
  104. RogueMason. Creator of a great variety of spacecraft and nice craft, RogueMason is also well-known for his great short stories.
  105. Parkaboy. No Description Yet!
  106. Camacha. A very funny and frequently quite intelligent poster in the Other Forums, Camacha is well-deserving of being in the Group.
  107. MOARdV. Wait, wasn't it supposed to be 'boosters?' ...Oh, okay. MOARdV maintains the really neat mod RasterPropMonitor, along with other great projects.
  108. KHTRE. A frequent of the Spacecraft Exchange, KHTRE has made many wonderful, and very creative craft. My personal favorite is KHTRE's boat. [thread=128674]Supersonic boat, that is.[/thread]
  109. landfish2. Creator of the [thread=125875]Fish Land Aero Mart,[/thread] landfish2 has made some absolutely incredible fighter jet replicas. Accuracy to the tee. Go check them out!
  110. Renegrade. "Sir Wingsalot" makes loads of great posts across the Forum. He's frequently got a point.
  111. Darth Lazarus. Another great craft designer, Darth Lazarus creates beautiful replicas of spacecraft, including the SLS!
  112. gGATORr. Another craft-builder who has created a number of quite impressive aircraft. He is, apparently, "The Admiral."
  113. clown_baby. Founder of [thread=88051]Clownbaby CO[/thread], clown_baby has made some jaw-dropping replicas of fighter aircraft. His F-22 is stunning.
  114. frizzank. Creator of a variety of very nice mods, including the well-known FASA and Nova Punch Parts Pack.
  115. keptin. Creator of Kerbal Aircraft Expansion, or KAX, and maker of an incredible tutorial on aircraft design.
  116. selfish_meme. No Description Yet!
  117. Majiir. Developed the Kethane mod, an excellent and very frequently used mod that introduced the equivalent of Ore into the game before it was popular.
  118. Norpo. This "Chaotic Good" creates posts that are witty, insightful, and uses in-game jokes that only players would understand, earning him some serious reputation.
    [Members with One Light-Green Bar (500-699 Points): These are the newest members of the Light-Green Group. Let's give them a warm welcome!]
  119. Jouni. A very knowledgeable and helpful poster, Jouni also has created some very nice-lookin' and practical craft.
  120. alexustas. This modder is rapidly rising the Reputation ranks (he just joined this March), thanks to some very promising new mods such as ALCOR and Exploration Rover System.
  121. Padishar. A very helpful forum goer, Padishar spends a lot of time helping people out in the support forums, as well as being the author of the [thread=81390]Part Angle Display[/thread] mod.
  122. Rowsdower. Formerly the Kommunity Manager, Rowsdower remains a beloved member of the Forums. His leadership and help will not be forgotten...
  123. luizopiloto. No Description Yet!
  124. FlipNascar. No Description Yet!
  125. tygoo7. "Miman the Death Star." tygoo7 has filled the forums with 2,300 (as of now) posts, and of all of these, the best is [thread=62023]Porkahontas. Personal opinion of course He has also authored two mods, one of them being a planet pack with a Saturn Analog.
  126. Exothermos. Yet another wonderful spacecraft designer. You should check out his shuttle too, along with his gorgeous "Valkyrie" replica.
  127. K^2. K^2 is a very intelligent forum user who spends a lot of time in the science labs. He also started the KSP Community CubeSat project, which has been continued on on it's own forum.[/thread]
  128. FlowerChild. Creator of the fantastic plugin 'Better than Starting Manned,' FlowerChild has improved many a Career-mode gameplay experience.
  129. Nibb31. No Description Yet!
  130. tg626. Creator of [thread=125901]Docking Sounds![/thread] A mod that adds..sounds...to docking.. Who cares if sounds doesn't exist in space, it's still really cool!
  131. ScriptKitt3h. No Description Yet!
  132. KSK. The stories that KSK weaves are simply fantastic. This great Fan-Works-goer also loves to help out new writers as they strive to become as good as him.
  133. Capt'n Skunky. Wonderful guy who left last year and came back recently (yay!). It's always nice to see him around again...
  134. eddiew. No Description Yet!
  135. LordFerret. No Description Yet!
  136. Mulbin. This notable replicator of rockets also has an absurdly awesome 1960's-style simpit project which he's working on diligently. Look it up if you haven't already!
  137. Ippo. Ippo is a frequent and often-helpful or funny poster, known as "NetKan's Tsar." His profile picture is... um... Pikasponge? Bobachu? ...interesting.
  138. curtquarquesso. No Description Yet!
  139. Starhawk. No Description Yet!
  140. AlphaAsh. No Description Yet!
  141. Crzyrndm. No Description Yet!
  142. CaptRobau. No Description Yet!
  143. Kryten. No Description Yet!
  144. benjee10. Benjee is astoundingly great at creating short films, high-quality graphic designs, and even some mods. He's also a "Salmon of Knowledge," for better or for worse.
  145. Gaarst. No Description Yet!
  146. maccollo. Maccollo is perhaps best known for his development of a "Spice Launch System" mod in KSP, complete with some gorgeously rendered parts.
  147. Thomas P.. No Description Yet!
  148. Angel-125. No Description Yet!
  149. KerikBalm. No Description Yet!
  150. Diazo. No Description Yet!
  151. Jack Wolfe. No Description Yet!
  152. ShadowZone. No Description Yet!
  153. Parallax. No Description Yet!
  154. taniwha. No Description Yet!
  155. CalculusWarrior. No Description Yet!
  156. MeCripp. No Description Yet!
  157. OhioBob. No Description Yet!
  158. toadicus. No Description Yet!
  159. Ravenchant. A 'Mad Scientist in Training,' Ravenchant is famous for making opinions known, creating great mission reports, and even creating textures for parts.
  160. Meithan. No Description Yet!
  161. SaturnianBlue. No Description Yet!
  162. Fengist. No Description Yet!
  163. Cydonian Monk. No Description Yet!
  164. nli2work. This "Geriatric 3D Artist" with an impressive beard is a modder and frequent poster here on the Forum!
  165. Aethon. No Description Yet!
  166. Capt Snuggler. No Description Yet!
  167. Scotius. No Description Yet!
  168. Wooks. A noted YouTuber, perhaps best known for driving a rover around planet Kerbin over the course of many months. Wooks has also created some great challenges and nice craft.
  169. Thomas988. No Description Yet!
  170. ghostbuzzer7. No Description Yet!
  171. Laie. No Description Yet!
  172. Master Tao. No Description Yet!
  173. TMS. No Description Yet!
  174. tetryds. No Description Yet!
  175. PakledHostage. No Description Yet!
  176. allmhuran. A creator of some very nice historical and modern-day craft replicas, allmhuran is a great builder and a nice Forum-goer in general.
  177. Slam_Jones. No Description Yet!
  178. Dman979. No Description Yet!
  179. 9t3ndo. No Description Yet!
  180. justidutch. No Description Yet!
  181. bac9. No Description Yet!
  182. Snark. No Description Yet!
  183. raidernick. No Description Yet!
  184. Ven. No Description Yet!
  185. WooDzor. No Description Yet!


White Bar Members


  1. Red Iron Crown. Red Iron Crown is very knowledgeable and likable. Always enlivening conversations, he is fair and well-deserving of his former position in the LGG. He is also now a moderator, and does it well. Also, he recently joined the over 10,000 post group! Congrats!
  2. regex. This honest and refreshing personality is never afraid to speak his mind, especially about Squad. He's a "Realistic Spacehippie."
  3. sal_vager. Fair and exalted moderator. Sal_vager recently passed the 10,000-post mark, the highest post count of any member of the KSP forums by far!
  4. Overfloater. Creator of gigantic stock SSTOs, "Rocket Bottleer," and all-around good guy. His profile pic is quite mesmerizing.
  5. Zucal. Zucal just joined this March! His meteoric rise to fame was a result of his astoundingly good craft and very clever ideas. However, he has opted to hide his rep, and is not on the list.
  6. Spartwo. An ardent "militarist," Spartwo's military-oriented craft are great for space battles and aesthetically pleasing, too!
  7. Captain Sierra. Another wonderful poster and helpful member of the community, Captain Sierra is also noted for his neat designs.





A very special thanks to magico13 for giving me a program that spits out the list. I still have to write descriptions, but now I just have to click a button and the list is more or less updated. Once I get into the swing of things, I might even be able to do nightly updates. :D Give that guy some rep!

Oh, and since the creation of this thread, UpsilonAerospace put over twenty hours of work into it total, making it perhaps the most heavily-edited and painstakingly revised thread in the history of the Forum! And now I will be taking it on, and updating it as much as I possibly can. If you want to briefly thank UpsilonAerospace or me for the work we've done, some +Rep would be a very nice gift. (we don't need it nearly as much as some of the other people on the Forum, though.)


Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or revisions that need to be done. I hope this is helpful to you guys!


-Endersmens. :)*poof*

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Fixed most of the formatting.

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BagelRabbit    3229

Ooh, look! I have a placeholder here now!

I'll use this placeholder to do two things:

1) Thank Endersmens for the help. I really appreciate it, sir!

2) You may have noticed my beautiful badge in my signature. It looks like this:


If you have sufficient +Reputation to use this badge of honor, simply copy and paste the following into your signature:


...and you, too, can "Say Hello to the Light-Green Group!"

Anyways, I'm off. Bye for now, everyone!

Edited by UpsilonAerospace
Welcome to the Light-Green Group, everyone!

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Alshain    4730

I'm half way there.

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RocketPilot573    1686

I don't think SQUAD should count, it looks like he just hacked in 100,000,000 points and only actually received 362...

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Alshain    4730
I don't think SQUAD should count, it looks like he just hacked in 100,000,000 points and only actually received 362...

It's not a contest.

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Thomas988    583

Awesome list!

I'm just titch over one fifth of the way there. Someday I'll learn to make good creative stuff, more than just pretty fan-art pictures.

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UmbralRaptor    477


Well, at least I broke 50. Should be less than 2 years away from getting a second bubble.

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JedTech    233

Odd that the list documents the top 32 and the OP is #32. Perhaps it should document the top 50?

EDIT: I now understand that there are exactly 32 light green people. Thanks!

Edited by JedTech

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regex    8868


Also, yay I'm internet-famous. *\o/* Nowadays I do a lot of behind-the-scenes mod work, contributions that the user may not really know about (mainly for NathanKell), aside from being a general pain the rear around here.

- - - Updated - - -

Odd that the list documents the top 32 and the OP is #32. Perhaps it should document the top 50?

OP is part of the "light green group", this thread is about all "light green people".

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Alshain    4730
Odd that the list documents the top 32 and the OP is #32. Perhaps it should document the top 50?

Because there aren't that many. It looks like 2 more joined the group since he posted though.


Edited by Alshain

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Fiddlestyx    61

Yeah? Well, I have a roll of duct tape.

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Alshain    4730
Yeah? Well, I have a roll of duct tape.

That and a can of WD-40 will solve all engineering problems.


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NovaSilisko    2076


Huh. Well, thanks then.

Hi from #33 it would seem.

(how did 3 reputation acquisitions bring me from 488 to 503?)

Edited by NovaSilisko

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regex    8868
Huh. Well, thanks then.

Hi from #33 it would seem.

Much love. ~fist bump~

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BagelRabbit    3229

Huh. Well, thanks then.

Hi from #33 it would seem.

(how did 3 reputation acquisitions bring me from 488 to 503?)

You're up to #31 now, congratulations! (And I'm still at #32, thanks to a small amount of +Rep I gained recently, too.)

Welcome to the club, NovaSilisko! Nice seeing you here. :)

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