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The Eve Rocks Challenge (v0.90 only)

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But i just build a rocket that can land on Eve and get back.... I almost have it in orbit and on its way... =(

100% tested and can re-enter, land and make it off of Eve!

Are we going to have a 1.0 version of this?

I am going all the way to sea level and back to orbit in a stock craft, no part clipping~


TAC lifesupport


Texture Replacer

Ill remove all the other mods before the trip.


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I will now ask for this thread to be closed.

The joy of reviewing the missions has turned into a duty and finally into a chore. Besides,I don't think Eve returns will be easy in 1.x, but they will be sufficiently different so that this challenge and it's rules no longer apply. This seems a good time to draw a line and call it quits.

A very big THANK YOU goes to the volunteer reviewers. Astrobond, Starhawk, and Kuzzter: I may have started this, but it has been you who have brought it to a graceful end. I am in your debt.

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