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[WIP] Doppleganager Systems - Earth Parts for Your Kerbal Universe

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Okay, I'm learning 3D modeling and a bit more about coding in the backdrop of providing more stuff to do in KSP. Yeah, yeah, maybe we don't need/want another science part. Sure, fine, don't use it. Meanwhile, here I go.


The objective for this parts mod is to create a series of replica parts from NASA, ESA, JAXA, FKA/RKA, USSR agencies. I'm going to mostly focus on research satellites as others are doing great work on rovers and deep space probes. This may be a challenge since much of the typical satellite is made up of the space craft bus (or propulsion, SAS, starfinder, batteries, comms, resources) and many of these are already available in KSP or via other parts mods. My goal then is to focus on the parts time selves and allow you guys to create your own bus to get them where they need to be.


WISE - Researched, Modeled and textured

SDO - Researched, Modeled

Aquarius SAC-D - Researched

Chandra - Researched

NuSTAR - Researched




1) Well, not getting in over my head with over complicated parts

2) Not giving up.

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Okay, breaking rule 1) already - again.

Is there a good tutorial on how to create a science part? Copying and pasting other's work only gets you so far.

On my WISE satellite I have my part.cfg set up fine (less some teaks to the standard part parameters). So next I attempted to add the science module.



name = ModuleScienceExperiment

experimentID = wiseScan

experimentActionName = Observe Sky

resetActionName = Reset Observation

useStaging = False

useActionGroups = True

hideUIwhenUnavailable = True

rerunnable = True

xmitDataScalar = 0.2

dataIsCollectable = True

collectActionName = Collect Data

interactionRange = 1.2

externalDeploy = True


In the parent folder beside the part folder I have a resources folder with a ScienceDefs.cfg with the following.



id = wiseScan

title = Wide-Field IR Survey

baseValue = 5

scienceCap = 5

dataScale = 1

requireAtmosphere = False

situationMask = 32

biomeMask = 0



default = Observations.

default = More Observations.

KerbinInSpace = Even More Observations.



I should be able to run my experiment only in HKO but right clicking on the part at any point in time yields nothing. Any obvious silliness?

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