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[WIP] Advanced Mining Technologies


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Figure I had better start the WIP for this one as it will be the next mod in the constellation.

In short, it adds a series of new mechanics to resource gathering (specifically, on the ORS-X platform). The best analogue would be that AMT is for Resources like MKS is for base building. It has depth, and a lot of activities. So if you're really into resource gathering and mining, you'll probably dig this mod.

This is designed to enhance MKS, ART, and Karbonite. They will still work fine without it, but it's a nice (optional) layer that adds a ton of depth.

Summary of stuff:

  • Asteroid Mining on steroids. Large, asteroid crushing mining gear, asteroid content analysis and variability, and exceptional recovery rates.
  • Crewed drills, and drill differentiation
  • Resource randomization and high variability. Everything is everywhere, but it may be nearly impossible to get at it without significant infrastructure, expenditure, and luck.
  • Multiple map levels (planetary, regional, etc.)
  • Resource anomalies (mineral springs, etc.)
  • Site survey mechanics and actual prospecting
  • Dynamic hot spots
  • Modules to affect yield... at a price.
  • Drill operating life (measured in years, but still measured)
  • Mining crews and foremen
  • Mining ships with new parts
  • Anything else I think of.

First pic - this is the PSM-1500 Planetary Survey Module. Place a few of these guys around to triangulate on the plum resource spots in a given area. One of the intermediate steps in resource gathering.


(night view - the light is actually a strobe light :D)


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you sir need to slow it down you are putting out mod after mod at such a speed i can hardly keep up with the version numbers of all your mods :D

that being said woo-ho another mod from the awesome arsenal USI :D

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Dude you are awesome as usual , however is there any miracle way to upload all this processes on a different thread/core and make it count inactive vessel jobs . This will be something that will really shake the KSP grounds!

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  • 2 weeks later...
The awesomeness continues :D Your talent truly knows no bounds :) With respect to the asteroid mining, will the supplant or supplement your current asteroid mod? :)

Supplement. A lot of it is that mod's code broken out and made a bit more generic. When WaRi and I worked on it, we agreed to remove some of the resource complexity and move it into it's own mod (hence why resources got simplified in ART). Going further, it would be nice to have one backend resource system to support asteroids/planetary/atmospheric/oceanic stuff - so this will also supplant OSX (but bring along the 'X' bits, like animation groups, etc.) and be done in a way that's very friendly to multiple mods, breaks the dependency on PNGs, and will work automatically on new planets (think Star Systems, etc.)

This is kinda why there's been less stuff lately as I've been hip deep in this - lots of design, code, and modeling going on.

Roverdude, more like prolific dude, amirite?

Thanks :)

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wow i have and question.. what resousers u plan to ad? and will be any only economical so only reason to mine is to ship it and sell or better-giving reputation for selling it

and nice claws but i wondering.. becouse is realy small amount of low profile landing platforms(like that 2.5mclaw) so it will be possible to cach within these claw ground? or is posible to have some landing struts for realy low profle lander?

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@sober667 - I've tested the low profile claw and it essentially acts as your landing legs - the claw pads have colliders.

Resource wise, not many new ones - Uraninite is likely, along with some new converters for water, liquid hydrogen, etc.

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So a quick update.

Still polishing off the new code - a lot of this is a completely new resource DLL. Basically asteroid mining, planetary mining, and a generator all rolled into one (where in the past we would have had the USI_Converter, DynamicTanks from ART, and ORSX). Basically a 'recipe' based system for resource conversion that's pretty generic. It will be released as a stand-alone library once complete.

Oh... and here's a video of a mining laser (asteroids first, but will work for planetary as well).

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