0.90 Kerbal Weather Systems! Alpha 0.5.3 WIP! (Jan 2)

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That's right! Weather is here!(just wind + a few clouds for now :wink:) And that means you can go sailing, flying, and worry about your rockets drifting off course!:D

It's a WIP and is in it's early alpha stages, but there's enough to warrant an alpha release!

Screenshots + Videos:

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Community Creations:

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Known issues:

-Kerbal Weather Systems will NOT work with Windows 64 bit KSP.

-Setting the wind high enough will cause your craft to become subject to Kraaken attacks.

-Broken Solar Panels dont update properly with FAR, it is a FAR issue, not Kerbal Weather Systems.



Installation + Download:


1.Latest Version of Ferram Aerospace Research is a requirement! The mod won't work without it!

1.5 FAR Thread:

2. Copy and past the GameData folder over to your KSP directory

3. Boot up KSP and enjoy the cool breeze!

If you really love using this mod and would like to contribute to help alleviate the money it takes to have this going at the pace I have it going, or just want to show support in a little way, then feel free to check out the donation link in the download on Kerbal Stuff below!:

Download: (Kerbal Stuff!) (Down)

Alternate Download (Dropbox)

Instructions For Use:

-GUI is pretty self explanatory, make sure you don't put letters where numbers belong and vice versa.

-When starting the Wind Gust Storm, it will first kill the wind, which will take about 20-30 seconds, even if you see the wind speed is 0.00, it might still be less than that and still killing the wind, you WILL NOT be able to change the wind speed, or direction during a wind storm, as changing the wind direction and strength, would change those for the windstorm as well, this is all apart of slow integration to automatic wind values. Embrace the love of the wind.

-For the Wind Gust Storm, when selecting direction, it takes in an Integer!! not a string, so please input numbers 1-9 for the 8 cardinal directions, otherwise, things will break.

Weather Functions/API Thing:

So, I have gone out of my way to make a weather function caller/api thing. What it allows you (as a modder) to do, is say, getAltitudeFromCell(Cell in question) and it will return you the value. there are plenty of functions you can call, and it's only just the beginning! These will only grow in number as this mod grows more features. If you are referencing the KerbalWeatherSystems.dll, you'll find WeatherFunctions class under namespace Database, and can be found with the following functions:

getCellAlbedo(WeatherCell cell)


getPressureDifference(WeatherCell cellA, WeatherCell cellB)
getAbsolutePressureDifference(WeatherCell cellA, WeatherCell cellB)
getNeighbourWithHighestPressureDifference(Cell cell)
getCellPressureGradientVector(WeatherCell weatherCell)
getCellVector(Cell cellA, Cell cellB)
getCellNeighbours(Cell cell)
getCellWindSpeed(WeatherCell cell)
getCellWindDirection(WeatherCell cell)
isCellHigherPressure(WeatherCell cellA, WeatherCell cellB)
isCellHigherTemperature(WeatherCell cellA. WeatherCell cellB)
isCellMoreHumid(WeatherCell cellA, WeatherCell cellB)
getNumberofCells(int gridLevel)
getCellAltitude(WeatherCell cell)
getCellLongitude(WeatherCell cell)
getCellLatitude(WeatherCell cell)
getCellHumidity(WeatherCell cell)
getCellTemperature(WeatherCell cell)
getCellPressure(WeatherCell cell)
getCellDensity(WeatherCell cell)
getCellPosition(Cell cell)
getCellAtLocation(CelestialBody body, Vector3 worldPos)
getWeatherCellFromCell(CelestialBody body, Cell cell)
getCellMap(CelestialBody body)


These are straight from the WeatherFunctions class and I am even now working on adding more functions for everyone to use! Have fun modding and do let me know if you come up with a mod that uses my values~

ALSO! If you have any suggestions for possible functions for the WeatherFunctions class, please let me know and I will see what I can do to add it if possible, thank you~


ver 5.3:
-Updated so that CKAN users will get an updated version.
-It's all hakan's fault! XD

ver 5.2:
-Updated FAR to version 14.6
-Added two new functions to the WeatherFunction list:
getWeatherCellFromCell(CelestialBody body, Cell cell)
getCellMap(CelestialBody body)

ver 5.1:
- KSP 0.90 compatible!
-Added WeatherFunctions for use!
-Updated FAR
-Added 3 more cloud layers on Kerbin for a total of 4 clouds
-Added in cell code as basis for awesome natural weather(soon to come)
-Automatic winds and directions(No user input required!)
-Vessel now checks if you have the anemometer on the craft before displaying weather data regarding wind, don't forget your science equipment~ :wink:
-Anything else which has been found to change

ver 5.0:
-Parts added: Anemometer, camera, thermometer, barometer
-Custom science for the Anemometer
-Updated FAR dependancy
-Kerbals are now affected by wind
-Set up ground work for automatic wind, which will hopefully be done by next update
-Bugfixes in general.
-WindSpeed input and display is now in km/h instead of m/s
-Clouds now move with the wind direction!
-Trade winds have been added!

ver 4.3:
-fixed more wind
-NERFED OP upper atmosphere wind
-Added volumetric clouds
-Added a new Storm option! :DDD

ver 4.2.3:
-Fixed the wind as it got wrong again
-CLOUDS! (only 2d for now, volumetrics are coming soon!)


-Massive GUI rework, multiple windows added and textbox for windspeed added!

-Re-Arranged calculations to correct for wind calculations.

-FAR made wind backwards, reversed wind on my end to compensate.

ver 0.0.4:
-Updated how wind works, now is more accurate in it's directions, no matter where you are around kerbin.
-Updated FAR
-More groundwork for clouds.

-Skipped "d"
-Updated FAR dependancy
-Clouds are coming along!

-Fixed GUI issue with newest release of FAR
-Laid down more ground work for upcoming clouds

-Changed wind direction terms to be more scientifically accurate.
-Prepping on adding in clouds! :D

-GUI rework! Added some new toggle buttons, made the GUI a bit smaller and compact
-Added way to new weather functions later on!

ver 0.0.3:
-Made the GUI closable, laid down some code for easier windspeed changing for later on.

ver 0.0.2a+:
-Mod name changed to Kerbal Weather Systems.

ver 0.0.2:
-Initial release!


Coming Next!(Probably):

-Stock Toolbar Button!

-new Weather Functions!:

(Which any reference to WeatherCell inside the parameters is being replaced with Cell cell!)

- doesCellHaveTempScanner(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer, Cell cell)
- doesCellHavePressureScanner(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer, Cell cell)
- doesCellHaveWindScanner(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer, Cell cell)
- doesCellHaveScanner(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer, Cell cell)
- doesCellHaveRainScanner(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer, Cell cell)
- getCellThermalForce(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer Cell cell)
- cellContainsOcean(CelestialBody body, Cell cell)
- isDaylight(CelestialBody body, int AltLayer, Cell cell)


-Altitude layers!

-Representation of Atmospheric cool-off!

-Working Cloud GUI!

Coming Soon!:

-Dynamic Clouds!


Hopes and Dreams:

-Clouds, rain, snow, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, dust storms /other weather anomaly.


-Sail parts and other boat stuff?

-Automatic wind gusts

-Navball marker for wind

-Plus many more! Stay tuned for more Weather news!

IRC Channel:

We have our own dedicated IRC channel called #kerbalweathersystems on, come join if you have questions or suggestions~

For any of you that need an irc client or go web-based, here is a link to the channel:


-SilverFox8124: Visionary, head dev and starter of the project



-diomedea, for model development and testing.

-Everyone at #kspmodders chat for helping me get my code straight,

-Ferram, for letting me use his mod as an dependency, and for code use.

-Ippo for giving me some good advice on coding as well!

-Rbray, for being such a good sport with lending me his clouds.

-Night Lone, for making the part models and textures!

-Majiir for use of his Geodesic Grid API.


Keep on sailing!


All Rights Reserved! ;3

Edited by silverfox8124
kerbalstuff ded

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Well now, this is a wonderful little surprise. I can imagine a plethora of different scenarios this could allow, even with just wind. I'll certainly be watching with great interest to see where this mod goes in the future. Good luck, and thank you!

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So, weather means wind, right? Is this compatible with FAR/NEAR?

KsWeather Requires you to have FAR, NEAR is not supported and does not see support with KSWeather.

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Holy crap... This can bring alot of depth to ksp. Dude/girl, kudos! Can you try it with hooligans airship plugin?

Also can you cnage it up in space, and or add variables for the eifferent planets? such cool news this is

Edited by ahappydude

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@ahappydude: FAR worked with Hooligans Airship stuff, so my plugin works with it as well. Any mod that works well with FAR, works with my mod as well.

@BFGfreak: EVE is something I was talking to the creator about, but I'm most likely going to add my own clouds and such. It's a possibility though!

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Hah! I can just see it now... A wind-powered repulsor craft using lo-fi's zero-friction repulsors.

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good job sir but will this hopefully extend to include things such as solar weather and micro meteorites and maybe even dust storms on Duna, blizzards on Laythe, and even acid rain on Eve...

or is that too far into the future?

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@Helix935: Micrometeorites have nothing to do with weather, there is already a mod for that also. And yes, duststorms, snow and ice are all in the planned features section of my post.

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Silverfox you're amazing. Even if it's a little rough around the edges, it does show off perfectly how awesome weather in KSP can become.

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@Helix935: Micrometeorites have nothing to do with weather, there is already a mod for that also. And yes, duststorms, snow and ice are all in the planned features section of my post.

i am aware of the micrometeorites mod which is by all intent and purposes "dead" currently but i am just wondering

although this mod is awesome and i hope it will spawn all sorts of features in the future much like RasterProp and Alcor did :)

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Do you think you could work with EVE, for clouds and related stuff (rain effects, maybe even snow, dust storms)? Visuals for that area already done by EVE, but there's no effect on flight.

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@Dragon01: As I've said before, the creator and I have talked in the past, and it may be something to look into, but for now I'm working on getting some things finished up and polished, debugging and testing and the such.

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@Javster: It's planned to have a windsock, it's all about getting wind touched up a bit and expanded on. It's also a bit of a challenge to get things that you aren't focused on, or switched to, to animate/ do things properly. In due time my friend, in due time.

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@kiwiak: I'm not sure what you mean exactly, windsocks have already been mentioned, and if you look on my GUI, it explicitly tells you the direction of the wind.

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Does it work with NEAR?

EDIT: Sorry. Oh my god I'm one of those people who does not read the first thing in a post.

Actually, would you mind giving it a try anyway for me, and report back? To the best of my knowledge, FAR and NEAR share the same code base, and so I *think* that the wind API is included there too.

I'd test it myself, but I'm on my phone right now.

Scrap that: NEAR does not include the wind API, as confirmed by ferram to silverfox.

Edited by Ippo

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Looks like this will be fun. You can cobble together a wind direction/strength thing with a KAS rope, some Firespitter air brakes and an IR free rotator, a wing in place of the air brakes would also work I guess but the higher drag on the airbrakes made me use them. I present the mk1 weather station :)

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