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Devnote Tuesdays: The KSPumpkin Edition


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How about instead of Kerbals outright boosting science (or ISP etc), maybe specialisations you can choose like

Scientist - Allows results processed in the lab by this Kerbal to return more science by transmission than normal.

Navigator- Ships piloted by this Kerbal will show an intercept line when a target is selected for rendezvous in the map screen.

EVA Specialist - Kerbal can repair OX and SP type solar panels whilst on EVA in addition to wheels and landing gear

Kerbals can have one (1) specialisation perhaps giving them the applicable spacesuit or perhaps a patch (done like the flag as an overlay)


Plus maybe some fun 'perks' which they can have several of like

Will to live - This Kerbal will automatically bail out of a destroyed pod instead of being KIA when the part is destroyed

Badass - Like the current flag - this Kerbal doesn't flinch in the face of danger

Yeah, that sounds like something. But how about stupidity and courage, after badass the most kerbal traits?

Will, for example, a panicking kerbal (a kerbal without courage who has been exposed to large G-forces during the current flight) mess up the controls, so every input will result in exaggerated movement, causing more sweat under our armpits than it already does?

And will a overexited kerbal (a kerbal with high stupidity who has not experienced any significant G-loads during the current flight) at moments mess up translation by excessive use of RCS, exaggerating the players input? Or will a stupid kerbal get bored and mess up thrust controls, and secretly increase thrust if it has been too long in any position between 0% and 100%? And will he randomly jump in eva?

I can see a lot of potential here. If not for stock, it would even make a hilarious mod. Especially in combination with the Dang it! mod. Imagine, a stupid kerbal in eva repairing the ship with a huge sledgehammer, and a nerdy kerbal scientist in panic floating around in space like a fish out of the water, flopping around. 0.26 will be an update full of kerbalness, I suspect.

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I'm actually not too against experienced Kerbals giving bonuses to thrust, fuel efficiency, etc. It fits perfectly in with the game. Kerbals are brave, bold, but incompetent and a little crazy, explorers. I would regard this as already having a malus effect on the stats as they are, and as the Kerbals become more experienced, they make less mistakes and get closer to the true potential of the craft.

I feel like that's a plausible enough explanation for what could be a fun game mechanic.

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