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I am working on my second ever part in KSP and am having a strange issue when importing my .blend into unity, as can be seen in the below images the mesh called engine body in blender isn't showing up at all when the .blend file is opened in unity. Has anyone else ever run into this problem or have an idea of what might be causing it? My first part used multiple meshes as well but worked fine, I have tried deleting some of the meshes and reimporting it to see if I hit some kind of cap on the number of separate meshes however that still didn't make the engine body mesh show up.



Solved: Joining the Engine Body Mesh(which wasn't showing up in Unity) to the Attachment Plate Mesh (which was showing up in Unity) in Blender and then importing the .blend file again fixed the issue.

I've never come across this problem. Try joining it to a new mesh object.
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Flipping the normals doesn't seem to have any effect, the problem is the engine body mesh isn't appearing in Unity at all, not even in the Hierarchy list, even though it is in the same blend file as the others and all of the other meshes are showing up just fine in Unity both in the Scene Window and in the Hierarchy.

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How are you importing the meshes into unity?

I usually expand the blend file under "Assets" and drag/drop individual meshes, unless I need precise placement or an animation.

I have been dropping the .blend file that has all of the meshes that make up the engine into a folder in assets and then in unity setting the import settings as shown in the below picture and applying those, then dragging the whole blend file from the lower window into the hierarchy and going from there, as shown in the below image the .blend file when expanded in unity is missing the mesh called "Engine Body" as shown in blender in my first post.

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