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Hello and Welcome!


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Oh hello, @Cooki! Welcome to the forums :D

Also, you can see your rocket's space ∆V when it gets to space :)

You can also see it by using the actual ∆V app of the game. In editor (VAB and SPH) the ∆V app is in the lower right corner of the screen. Using it, you can see what the ∆V and other such stats are in different heights, at different planets :D

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Oh hey llok, a new page
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Hi, I'm CapPenguin! I have lurked in the background for many years but I finally created an account. I have 3000+ KSP hours and am excited to start posting mission reports.

Is there anything I should know about posting challenge entries or mission reports?


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glad to finally find help .

been playing this for a while still getting use to trying new mods.

now i can turn my attention to getting my play style and ideas right and get my crafts in the right place and finish this game and make it more fun :cool: 

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