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Pro Props - Wearable items for your kerbals. Updated to KIS!

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not long beard, just a beard, if you use the correct texture. later I will do something for that. but you can move the mesh with the config file. use the KAS secret menu to help you. in the config file says how to access it. try inverting the "mustache prop", or move a little the "mask type b".

about the second:

with KIS probably you will be able to do that. but Kospy hasn't revealed that details yet.

would be nice to have both things in the same mod. i will PM Shaw later.

I think that MSD (the guy from Eva followers) told me that he is making something integrating KAS.

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haha, I was just finishing. : )


I was testing a smaller size, but I think this one is nice.

I left the classic face of lego minifigs. You can change it to the movie version.

So with this I will wrap up the second pack. First I am going to do a revision of both.

After that I will start to get creative. I have some helmets started and projects in mind.

Litle list of some of them.

-Sci-fi helmet

-Sci-fi helmet

-Horse head

-Starlord mask

-Mr. Freeze like helmet

-mask type c

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Awesome mod, especially love the helmets! Such a shame we can't substitute the Squad Kerbal helmet models.

Anyway I had a bit of a go at texturing the 2001 helmet to match my Interstellar inspired suit.


Nice Scart91. I will to a better layout to the texture, when I can.

Hey dude, can you make a lightsaber for the Kerbals? One that can actually do damage to stuff? Or maybe a way to make multiple stuff be put on the Kerbal, cause I want to be able to have a mustache and a pair of shades on at the same time.

I can. But without damage. I'll put it on the list.

KospY (the KAS guy) is working in a inventory system. You will be able to do that. And the props will be attached better to the kerbal.

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Actually I want to do all the tools you see handled by Kerbals in the VAB. (and headwear) But I will wait to KospY to release KIS before making many more hand objets.

The exams week ends soon. I will improve the texture layout of the DaveHelmet first before wrap the second pack.

You still will be able to download individually. (as usual)

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