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Pro Props - Wearable items for your kerbals. Updated to KIS!

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Yea. is some kind of bug. they should be recognised as debris, and if you have a good good amount of allowed debris shouldn't be deleted, but id does, along with any other debris, because that bug.

and for the next helmets you do. add a drop distance in the config file. Is funny that pops out when the remove it without using the Attach command, but if doesn't have a good collision resistance, will explode when it come back to the ground. also sends your kerbal flying away when you are floating in space. Some kerbals remove theirs helmets when are in space (don't ask me why).

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Sorry guys that I didn't posted no new thing yet. I was going to start a few days back, but also wanted to do other things (+ relax, laziness and boredom )

To Space Scumbag:

The chrismas hat is the first hat ever existed made by KospY. I will ask him if I can add it to the list and to the second pack.

The hat should have a download link somewhere in the forum. I have to search it.

For a beard; try your had re-texturing some other pro-props like the Mask type A or B or or the Mustache prop. Better don't wait for me to do a full model of a beard.

To Scart91:

Thanks for sharing!

I hope to make the new layout texture for that helmet soon. In fact, it will be the fist thing I going to do.

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Las-pen: I would like to play the game first T.T

LVL: ok leave a link when you do.

with the little time I have. I worked on this.J4ViwP9.png it comes with a layout to retexture if you want.

I critique myself over and over. and I never happy with the result. but I have to move on. So I will left both versions on the pack.

If you are a modder or someone that know how to improve the layout or the model, just PM me and I will send you everything I have for it.

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Is there any chance of an electric guitar please? I'm prepared to go all the way to Laythe and blast a joint there if that would get me one (if that offer is still on) but that's hard work for me without hyperedit so I thought I'd ask first :) Oh, and drugs are bad, you should say no like I do. Merry Christmas.

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So nice Darren9!

(Data of the day: the Mate drink is like a tea. Is weird to drink it with salted foods like chips, preferably with sweets like cake.)

you can download the guitar from the list now.


Curious thing is that I was listening Daft Punk Interestela 5555 while making the final touches.

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yes SpriteCoke. it was removed from the list, but I'll add it again.

and to everyone: Sorry, I am not in the best place to make more models, the pace has been severely reduced. sorry

(I have noted the broken links)

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