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This Will Not End Well (post images of your craft in a precarious situation)

John FX

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It was broken before it launched. You can`t dock a docking port to a docking port jnr...

Anyone else got a `This Will Not End Well` image?


No pictures, but slamming into Kerbin's atmosphere sideways because the timewarp caught me out was a Bad Idea. Snapped the capsule section clean off the rest of the ship. In stock aero mind you.

I can see from your profile image that you like the flames, hehe

EDIT 2 : Hooray, 1900 posts!

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Made a tiny-sized Minmus lander. It worked and got to Minmus! A parachute would have added too much weight however so I wanted to do a powered landing back on Kerbin. Unfortunately, Jeb was the heaviest part of the remaining ship so this happened on re-entry...


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When I was building a Laythe colony back in 0.23, I had some trouble with delivering the modules to surface.


It actually ended well after 20-30 reloads. I managed to lower the habitation module on top of the utility tug, launched the loose payload out of atmosphere, completed a quick suborbital docking operation, and circularized the orbit.

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Well, it did end well, but that's what I get for trying to scream through the tunnels at KSC. And yes, I did also post this on the day of the event in the "What did you do in KSP today?" thread, but I figure, why not, it fits the theme well enough.

And yes, it was an unmanned flight, but I wanted to save the craft anyway. Too many piloted aircraft exploded much like that and so I've learned how to fly damaged aircraft back to a save landing spot. With a keyboard.

That's perhaps the worst damage I've flown back, but not the most difficult to fly. Flying with a missing jet engine is harder.

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