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Dreamer - SNC Dreamchaser Mod - V1.2 UPDATED! Now with (some) FAR support!


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On 2/25/2016 at 4:45 PM, Rainbowd4sh said:

Anybody got a weird camera glitch where it seems to be locked onto something other than the plane? Every time I active the 2nd stage at launch, it spins out of control as well. 

Yeah I was getting that to, And Mine suddenly started a extremely erratic spin out side of the atmosphere. I never managed to actually recover it not for lack of trying.

After A While though I got bored and took the engine off the Farscape module and used it in place of the default ones. I got it to take off like a SSTO. It made orbit then it went out of control. However, Because the engine on the farscape are ridiculously OP vs the fuel consumption and the fact I was using two of them on a craft that had a larger Fuel and Oxidizer load, It had enough delta V that had it not gone crazy, It would easily have reached escape orbit with plenty of go juice. 


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On 11/17/2014 at 5:12 PM, artwhaley said:

Update V 1.2 - Includes a brand new IVA with completely custom props, so there's no more Alcor dependency. I also fixed a couple of texture mapping issues and made it a little easier to control in the atmosphere. It's STILL tough to land, by design. Please keep feedback coming - I'm not actively playing the ship much, at the moment, so you guys are the only way I'll know what needs work!

DREAMER RELEASED! A roughly 2/3 scale model of Sierra Nevada Corp's Dream Chaser space plane!



Let's start with the pics -


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And new pics of the updated IVA:

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What's included -



  • Two versions of the body - one that's true to the original, and one that adds a small payload bay. The payload bay is one of a few changes that I've made to the Dream Chaser (all of them optional... you CAN build and set it up to fly true to the prototype if accuracy is your thing.) because I want this to be a mod that people can actually use - rather than being like some of the awesome mods on here that realistically capture every detail of a real world craft... but don't really have any 'playability' - so you launch them once to marvel at the model... then either delete it or let it slow down your game load times forever... but never really PLAY with it. These are game pieces... not museum collectibles.
  • Two versions of the nose section - one that just has internal space to attach pieces - batteries, computers, small rcs tanks, etc... and one that adds an Orbiter Delta-Glider style docking port in the nose.
  • Three payload bay modules - a generic tank (comes preconfigured for TAC life support, but the idea is that you can edit the .cfg file to add any resource from any mod that YOU use... so reconfigure it for snacks or karbonite or anything else), an LFO tank that adds additional delta-v to the ship, and a KAS workshop module that, if you have KAS installed, gives a winch, a pipe attachment, and a storage crate, turning this into an awesome little maintenance and upgrades platform.
  • An Atlas V two-stage launcher to lob the thing into orbit. This is lower detail, as I wanted to spend CPU cycles and memory on the ship you actually fly all mission, not on the launcher you discard in three minutes. But it's there, and both stages terminate at 2.5m so they're useable with other payloads... though you'll probably have to have an adapter fairing of some sort for the upper stage, because the top of the centaur isn't flat.
  • The other little parts to make it work - wings, tail, landing skid and wheels, a rear docking port (true to the prototype design) OMS engines and a 2.5m adapter.


I've now added integrated airbrakes. They're attached with the tail model, and the tail is where you click to control them. It's possible to reenter and land the ship in both stock and FAR without them... but they make it a LOT less scary.

The launch vehicle adapter is 2.5m, so you can hypothetically launch it on top of any 2.5m parts from the game... but... there's a lot of aerodynamic surface on this thing, and it's way up front in the launch configuration. My Atlas V has increased gimbal range to let you counter act the instability instead of fins (just like the real thing) so if you launch this on stock parts, you may need quite a few fins at the base of the rocket.

The IVA requires: (not necessary if you don't want to IVA)

Raster Prop Monitor - http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/57603-0-25-RasterPropMonitor-putting-the-A-in-your-IVA-(v0-18-3)-8-Oct



The Ship Requires:

Firespitter. It makes the landing gear and airbrakes work. Does anyone NOT have this at this point? http://snjo.github.io/



The centaur loads with less than full fuel tanks... and the Dreamer loads with more fuel than you probably need. I highly recommend planning your missions and adjusting the fuel in these two stages appropriately. As it loads, the launch stack will put the Dreamer into orbit with aproximately 400 m/s left in the Centaur, and 1100m/s in the ship itself. You could make a mun orbit and return with that... If you fully fill up the Centaur, you can almost make the Trans Munar Injection burn on the Centaur alone, before you ditch it. If you fill up both tanks AND add the LFO payload bay module... you can BARELY make a complete Duna transfer, aerocapture, escape and return. If these delta-v numbers are too high for you... feel free to take some of the fuel out in the VAB to tune it to how you want to play! :)

There's an electric generator built into the capsule. And the output is HIGH. I've had to do this to make the batteries last all the way through re-entry. I suppose I could turn the power down on the flywheel system. I'll play with that. But at the moment you'll never run out of electricity. Which is a little hacky. I need to get this into balance.

The mod supports DRE and FAR. The Far support should be considered a WIP. Please give feedback. The ship isn't designed to be EASY to fly, but if it's uncontrollable it's probably a bug.

The Atlas V 402 launcher is low detail, but it exists. I've put the .blend files in the abandoned model thread and you're welcome to start with my cfg files.... so if anyone is looking for a mod project, a day texturing what's already there... a couple of days building fairings and payload adapters, and a day modelling the single nozzle Centaur engine and you'd have a stand-alone Atlas V mod ready to release. :) All I ask is the option to include any improvements you make back into this mod if they fit with it! :) I may move on to this project eventually myself... but I've got a couple of projects ahead of it, so please feel free. I'll gladly help someone along, if it's their first project! :)



Link is Broken.  Tried it several times. 

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7 hours ago, Kerbal-fan said:

Can someone provide a link to download the mod ?

and also i have ckan to install mods for me but it doesnt have those mods so any way to download it ?


Not all Mods are hostet/linked at CKAN. You can find downloadlinks in every mod-thread (mostly in the first post at page 1) here. If there isn`t a link, the mod is outdated or WIP. This mod was hosted at *** malicious site we no longer use *** which is dead for years. So there isn`t a working link anymore.

Here is another, working mod:


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26 minutes ago, Cheesecake said:

If there isn`t a link, the mod is outdated or WIP. This mod was hosted at *** malicious site we no longer use *** which is dead for years. So there isn`t a working link anymore.

Huh... I found a working download link pretty easily, just looking back a few posts, above... vOv


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