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About scale from Blender to the game.

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In blender. Cube 1x1x1


In unity. (scale is set to 1)


Same model different config files


in game



When you Not specify a rescaleFactor, the model goes to 1.25.

Addendum for modders:

Take the 1x1 plate is the reference to the sizes, because it is made to be 1m by 1m. It config file have a rescaleFactor = 1

If you want to see the model in game exactly as you model it, then add rescaleFactor = 1

If the rescaleFactor is not specified, it will be automatically rescaled to 1.25

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changed and added images.
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what's it look like with the fuel tank attached? is the fuel tank's diameter same as the side of the square?

your screen cap shows 1 unit cube being 1.25m in KSP. which is what one expect when not using "rescaleFactor" in the config. the info from link compilation is still correct.

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It would be clearer if you placed your cube on a 1.25m tank for comparison, just to make sure.

Use scale=1 and rescaleFactor=1, check, then once you do that if you could put all the actual relevant information at the top of your first post for convenience then I'll add a link to it.

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Ok then. I added the new images

It seems (how NecroBones said), that when you not not specify a rescaleFactor, the model goes to 1.25

And then, I was wrong.

By moments I was thinking that the tank size was wrong, but then I saw the 1x1 plate, and if that is meant to be 1m x 1m then is the reference that the tank is ok and it diameter is 1.25

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Ok good but remove all the unnecessary text at the top, is what I wanted. As in make the OP like a mini-tutorial, rather than a question. And don't link to the other thread. It'll confuse people.

Thanks, I'll add it in a minute.

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