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[FORUM GAME] ______ is Illuminati confirmed.

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SmartS=true has 100 posts.

His username has 11 characters. Three of those characters are not standard alphanumeric lowercase.

A triangle has three sides.


89 is a prime number.

Prime numbers can only be divided by one.

the Illuminati triangle has one eye.

One eye'd triangle means . . . .


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Sierra is a captain.

Captain have ships on water.

Water is H20.


That's someone breathing out.

Breathing needs oxygen.

That's another oxygen.

So we have H2O2.

That's poisonous! Oh no!

How many people died from it this month?

It's a totally real fact that 3 died.

3 is the Illuminati.

The Illuminati poisoned them.


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1977 is when the first Star Wars movie was released

George Lucas directed and wrote it

George Lucas has 11 letters in it, Nikola has 6 letters in it


There were 6 Star Wars movie released by this date,


Illuminati has 1 eye.

The eighth Star Wars movie will be released December 2015

December is the 12th month


The Illuminati triangle has 3 sides.


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According to you sig, you throw triangles out of cars, but w8 m8, triangles have three sides, the word triangles has 9 letters, 9 is the 9th number 9*9=81 mirror that, 18, 9 is half of 18. We have seen 9, 3 times 3+9 is 12

12. In K.S.P 0.12 the mün was added, nasa is moon as you are to illuminati confirmed

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MrWalrus123. 123. 100, 20, 3. Hold to 3 for later. 100/20 = 5. 5 is a creative number that shares multiples of any number. 81? 810 is both a multiple of 81 and 5. But what we are looking at is 9, the most said number in your post above. 45 is the smallest common multiple of both 5 and 9. You have 38 posts, 7 less than 45. Notice how in both the post above and the brief description of your profile left of your post never is 7 made reference, except for one factor. You are post 57. 57 is 13 more than 45.

13 and 7. A difference of 6. 6 is a funny number. Divisible by 2 but one of the many multiples of 3. As said by many mathmaticians, 3 can be connected to any number better than any other number, except of 1 and ∞. 3! Another 3. Along with that 6, there is another. We are on the 6th page of this thread. 2 3s. Now we have 4 3s.

Seeing your signature you have 6 badges. 2 x 3. This time we hold the 2. Now we have 5 3's.

5 3's, as I have previously stated, is the physical emboidement of pyramid. The pyramid is only known for one thing. Being the symbol of the Illuminati. But where is the eye? The profile picture. We only see one of the walrus' eyes. 1 eye. A pyramid. And that left over 2?

It's already 2 late.

MrWalrus123 is...


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You are AWOL.

AWOL = Away without official leave = 24 letters

Your explanation has 8 points.

24/8 = 3

3 sides to every triangle.

Your kraken has one eye.

Triangle + 1 eye = illuminati mark.


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Your avatar is an alien of some sort.

Im not sure what it is because I said some sort

it has small detail

I forgot to write "a"


a is the first letter of the alphabet.

I used a . in that last statement when the other statements do not

That was the longest statement so far

Some of these statements have no capitals

So we're up to a, ., and capital.

I just used another dot.

And again

Now we're up to a, ., ., ., capital

There is one capital and one a


1 is the first number above 0

a is the first letter of the alphabet

I said a is the first letter of the alphabet twice

now we're at 2

2 is 1 more than one

2+1 is 3

but 2-1 is 1

A triangle has 3 sides

Triangle is a part of geometry

Geometry is boring

Boring has 6 letters

We got two earlier, so divide 6 by 2

we get 3

3 is the number of sides a triangle has

Now we have 1, so let's confirm that

1 is 1 more than 0


This makes it connected to the 3 pieces, because 6 divided by 2 is 3

1 is connected to 3 that way

Again, a triangle has 3 corners

Illuminati is a triangle

Illuminati has 1 eye in the middle

If we want to go further

JebKerboom had 6 lines in the middle explaining his Illuminati Philosophy

He had 2 lines on the outside of the 6 lines

6 divided by 2 is 3

He also has 1 bar of reputation

Again, 1 and 3 are connected

So lets start again

A triangle has 3 sides

The eye of the Illuminati is only 1, which is connected inside of the 3 sides of the triangle


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Your name is Nikola7007. 4 numbers. 2 7s, and 2 0s. 22 and 00. 22-00 is 22, but 00-22 =-22. -22 is a negative number, similar to the negative power that the government has on this world. You claim to live in the Universe, coming from the greek word Un for 1. 1 universe. 1 power. 1 Illuminati. But this is not just the only similarity with you and the Illuminati.

You joined May 2014. From the current posting of this it has been 8 months since you joined. You currently have 773 posts. 773 / 8 is 96.625. The three most common numbers in that are 9 and 6. 2 and 5 are also there, but we will hold onto that for a little bit. The difference between 9 and 6 is 3. 1 3. The last post by you on this thread was at 11:50, January 17, 2015. 11:50 is 10 minutes before both midnight and noon. January 17 is 14 days before the end of January. 10 and 14. 2015 is the last full year that Barack Obama has in office. Everyone knows that 14 - 10 is 4. What is the amount of time a President has in office before another election? 4 years. Flaming Space Kraken, this is some crazy stuff. During that time, there is 1 president. 4 - 1 is 3. Now we have 2 3s. Currently you have 4 tabs of reputation. 4 is the squared version of the most even number known to man, 2. 2 can be multiplied into any even number. The smallest even number that 4 can't multiply into that is still larger that 4 is 6. 2 * 3 is 6. Now we have 3 3's. Praise Jebediah this is some freaky donkey dung.

Now we pull up our -22 and 25. The difference between these two numbers are 47. 47 is 6.855 squared. Oh please no. 6.855 is known for it's amount of 5s in it. 2 5s. with the left over 68, 2 5s is 10. 68 - 10 is 58. 58 is an even number with an odd number in it. The smallest of these numbers are 12. 58 - 12 is 46. 2 even numbers. Like this EVEN matters. The smallest number like this is 22. 46 - 22 is 24. Go back far. The 8 months that you have been on the forums. 24 / 8 is 3. Now we have 4 3s. This is wrong. 4 3s? Not 5? Or is it... Your name. 7007 has 7 and 0 in it. The average is 3.5. 3 and 5. We have 5 3s. The physical embodiment of 5 3's is a pyramid. Go back to the beginning: 1 universe. 1 power. 1 Illuminati. But there is something missing. 1 eye. A pyramid and an eye.

Nikola7007 is...


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You work for a defence contractor. defence contractors are hired by the government. government prints money. money has 4 sides. 4 - 1 is three. gabe newell can't count to three. gabe newell owns valve. steam engines have valves. steam engines were used in the 1800's. The civil war happened in the 1800's. the illuminati caused the civil war...

jake9039 is illuminati confirmed

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You started posting on the forum in May 2014. 5 2014. 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7. 7 - 5 is 2. At this time you have posted 184 things. 184 / 2 is 92. 92 is a famous number for being the year that Christopher Columbus traveled to the americas. 1492. 92-14 is 78. 7 and 8 and consecuative numbers. The difference between 2 consecuative numbers is always either 1 or -1. The illuminati has 1 eye. We are not done yet, though.

peachoftree. 3 worlds without correct punctuation. 3 words. Hold onto that 3 for a little bit. The location of you is redacted. Hidden, like the illuminati's secret base. You are a Lego Space Commander, thus you must use the plastic bricks for construction purposes. The most famous lego piece is the 2x2 red brick. Crimson red. The Hexadecimal value for crismon is #DC143C. DC? District of Columbia? The capital city of the United States of America, famous for it's governmental mysteries, including the illuminati. It is believed that the illuminati started and remains in DC. The other part, 143, is a true mystery, though. 1 + 4 + 3 is 8. That 3 taken away gives us another 3, plus a 5. 5 is known for being easily multipliable and one of the first numbers that children multiply. It is said by the age of 5, children are the most seceptable to being recruted into the illuminati.

You posted that post on 18-3-2015. 18 / 3 is 6. 6 / 2 is 3. Where did I get that 2? 2015, a new year that both you and I live in at the time of this post. You, me, and everyone alive currently live in this time. 2015 is known as the year from 'Back to the Future Part 3' 15 / 3 is 5. 5 is the age of illuminati recruitment. Now we have 3 3s.

The 2x2 lego brick. A squared brick. the 3 3s, together make 9. The square root of nine is 3. I now have 4 3s. The age of illuminati recruitment, 5. 4 - 5 is 1. There is one eye of the illuminati. 3s, 1 eye. 3 sides of the triangle. Triangle with an eye. That is the symbol of the illuminati. Thus I conclude the peachoftree is...


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There are four i's.

But he's not for eyes, he's against them

The purple shirted eye stabber's shirt is purple.

purple has 6 letters!

there are 3 i's in IllumInatI

666 is the number of the DEVIL!

DEVIL backwards is LIVED



the circle of life


Cirlcles have 2À radians



Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a pony

There a six ponies in the Mane Six

six/À ≈2

Prof. Endwalker has 2 eyes...


The illuminti symbol has 1 eye

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Ugh, these jokes used to be funny back in June of last year, but now they're so overused they're now cringe.

Wait a minute...cringe has five letters.

Five has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.

Four has four letters.


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