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[FORUM GAME] ______ is Illuminati confirmed.

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wait, look at how many times you wrote "four has four letters."

15 times. 1+5=6.

Now look at how many four letter words he wrote. 39. (count them) 9-3=6.

Now look at how many words he posted total. 94 (count them) 9*4=36. 36/6=6

There you have it folks, 666!!!

mythebusters844, Illuminati confirmed.

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Like snow




Water vapor

Vapor is gas


Gas giant


Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system

The first Galilean moon of Jupiter is Io

The first letter of Io is I




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Thomas has exactly 3 numbers in his username.

the numbers are 988.

9+8+8 = 16+9 = 25

the square root of 25 is 5.


a pentagon has 5 sides.

then the number of letters in his username (6) divided by the number of numbers (3) is 2

5-2 = 3.

Thomas988 is Illuminati confirmed.

CamTroid is also Illuminati confirmed - on a completely semi-relatable note.

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Megatiger has 9 letters. 7-8=-1. 9-1=8. 302 posts. 302/8=37.75. 3 blog posts. 37.75/3=12.58333... Third digit in 302 is 2. 8/2=4, 12.583/4=about 3. Triangle has 3 sides. Illuminati symbol is a triangle. Megatiger78=illuminati CONFIRMED!

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Soylent Green.

Soylent Green is food.

Soylent Green is people.

Lizard on a Stick.

Lizard on a Stick is food.

Lizard on a Stick is people.

Using this equation, we find Lizard on a Stick = Soylent Green.

Lizard on a Stick is in Fallout.

Soylent Green is in Soylent Green.

Both take place in the future when times are hard.

Fallout is made by Interplay.

Soylent Green is by Richard Fleischer.

Fallout has The Master, who was Richard Moreau.

Fallout is in America.

The common symbol for the Illuminati is the Eye of Providence on the American Dollar.


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your wrong i m a brume-969 wich is a drag'on not an illu ... such a weak thing illu are :cencsored_emote: illu are ... *butt_-_mode on_-_really thay are weak you have_-_no_-_i_-_dea_-_*

by this imean of none interest at all such thay are pre*-vivble ... that's just boring you know ?¿¿? i!i

and at least templar are more fun to deal c=with ... but illu serioulsy ... just fool ... nothing more ....

Edited by WinkAllKerb''
at least they made 'we' two add laugh but not much more ; ) xDR¨. . .
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WinkAllKerb. WinkAllKerb has 11 letters. 11 is comprised of two ones. 11 - 1 = 10. 10 is the number of letters in NineEleven.

9/11. On 9/11 there were planes. Planes are made out of metal. Metal. Osmium is a metal. Osmium is the most dense chemical element. What else is dense? THATS RIGHT. Black holes are dense. Black holes are in space. KSP is also in space. Coinicidence? I think not. Lets dig deeper into this.

Space. Space is where Moon lies. Moon is a rock. Pluto is also a rock. Pluto has a tiny atmosphere. What else has an atmosphere? That's right! Mars has an atmosphere! Mars is a brand of candies. Candies are made out of sugar. Sugar is farmed on plantations. Plantations rhymes with Donations. Donations are made for charity. What else is made for charity? that's right! Kerbal Polar Expedition 3! KPE3 is made by HOCGaming. HOCGaming is a youtube channel. What else is a youtube channel? That's right! Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie has more subscribers than Swededn has population. What else is more than sweden's population? Ants! Ants are insects. Insect has 6 letters. What else has 6 letters? Thats right! "Letter!". Theres a letter in "Lizard" and that is L! L is also in the world "Illuminati!"


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2015 with the 0 and the 5 removed is 21, combine the 2 numbers and you get 3, Posts: 0 the 0 is a eye, 3 corners in a triangle, with a eye in the center...

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Let's take CAKE99 for an example. CAKE99 divided by three is CAKE33. Divide the letters by 0 and you get error. Error has five letters in it. Five subtract two equals to three. Three corresponds to CAKE33. Divide 33 by 3 sides and you get 11. Eleven corresponds to 9/11. What else was in 9/11? That's right! The Twin Towers. That equals to two easily recognizable structures. What else is recognizable? That's right! The Pentagon. A pentagon has five sides. Five divided by two is 2.5
Two decimal five is to 2.5. Two point five is three characters as to three sides of a triangle.

CAKE99 is Illuminati Conformed
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SpaceplaneAddict has 17 letters, 2 of which are capitalized. This is obviously a sign, because 17-2=15. SpaceplaneAddict's join date is August 2015. It's all coming together now. You see, August is the 8th month of the year. August also has 6 letters. 8-6=2. 2015+2=2017. 2017 is the year when Exploration Mission 1 is expected to launch. EM1 will launch on the SLS rocket. SLS has 4 liquid engines and 2 SRBs. The SRBs will decouple, leaving just the 4 engines. After the main stage decouples, there will be 1 engine. 6-2-4=0, but there is still one engine. There were 3 decouplers involved. 3 decouplers + 1 engine = 4 spaceship parts. Spaceship parts has 14 letters. SpaceplaneAddict is an advocate for the Rocket Builders. 'Rocket Builders' also has 14 letters. This is not a coincidence. You see, the truth is cleverly hidden in the very word 'coincidence.' 'Coincidence' has 11 letters. 14-11=3. A triangle has 3 sides. Also, 'coincidence' has 3 'c's. C is the third letter in the alphabet. We have found 3 sets of 3. 3 is the number of the illuminati because their symbol is a triangle with 3 sides.

SpaceplaneAddict is illuminati confirmed.
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