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[1.10.x] SafeChute v2.1.20 (continued)


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(continued from Red3Tango's SafeChute)

SafeChute takes you out of time warp when your parachutes deploy, and also just above landing. You can restart time warp manually after SafeChute stops it.

This plugin was originally necessary to prevent your ship tearing apart when parachutes deployed; this is less of a problem in the latest versions of KSP, but it's still nice.

In the config.xml file you can configure:

* The minimum altitude for the plugin (10,000 m by default)

* The altitude to stop warp above ground (15 m by default)

The altitude above ground is calculated based on height from the terrain or "sea level", depending on which is closer.

All parachute deployment altitudes are automatically supported.

Supports stock, RealChute, and FAR parachutes.

Download for KSP 1.10.x: at SpaceDockGithubCurse

Download for KSP 1.9.x: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.73: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.6: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.5.1: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.4.5: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.3.1: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.2.2: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.1.3: old version at Github

Download for KSP 1.0.5: old version at Github

Source: Github (BSD License)


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v2.1.20 for KSP 1.10
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Just tested this and no errors with stock 0.90b!

Cool. I recompiled anyways and bumped the version number. :)

Great. May I recommend SlowChute? You guys should consider merging!

Neat, hadn't heard of it before. There's not much to merge, actually.. there's no duplication of effort or anything.

SlowChutes also looks like it would interfere with RealChutes, which does something similar.

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seems like this doesn't work with Realism Overhaul.

Maybe there's a collision with another mod. Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm getting it with Real Solar System without RO, but only on the "pre-impact" unpause. the pre-deployment unpausing does work.

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For whatever reason, I wasn't subscribed to my own thread, so I've just now seen these comments.

For the people not dropping out of warp right above ground, please note that SafeChute won't stop warp above ground unless it's already stopped warp upon deployment.

Said another way: if you deploy while not warping, then SafeChute won't stop warp right above the ground.

It's something I've been meaning to fix but was first going to try to figure out why it was that way.

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v1.7 released!

[updated] - Ground dewarp now activates regardless of deployment dewarp

[updated] - Reduced number of checks done, especially when in orbit

[updated] - Recompiled for 1.0.2

To clarify, the old behavior was that if you weren't warping when your parachutes deployed (for example at 500m), then it wouldn't stop warp above the ground (at 15m). Now, it will stop above the ground (at 15m) regardless of whether you were warping when your parachutes deployed.

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I thought I saw in a stream that this function is now stock. They just color the background instead of the foreground on the Icon.

In stock there's now an indicator on whether or not it's safe to open the chute (due to speed and atmospheric pressure). That has nothing to do with this mod, SafeChute.

SafeChute stops time warp when your chutes deploy, and 15m above the ground. It does not tell you when it's safe to deploy, nor does it deploy for you; it just stops time warp. That's it. :)

Stopping time warp before deploying used to be important (your ship would disintegrate otherwise), which is why the mod was originally named SafeChute, as it was a safety measure. Now it's not a safety measure, so the name of the mod doesn't quite fit any more. I'm open to suggestions on how to rename it... "stop time warp when chutes deploy" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

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