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NyanCat 1.0 [KSP 0.25/0.90/1.0]

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Introducing NyanCat!

Download link: http://godarklight.info.tm/nyan/NyanCat.zip

Source code: https://github.com/godarklight/KSPNyanCat/

Licence: It's complicated.

The code is public domain via the unlicence.

The media file appears to be free for non commercial use, but without a specific licence specified.


Q: How do I Nyan?

A: You must be over 9000m, but under 10km with altitude, your must fly fairly level, and your speed must be over 500m/s.


A: Because.

Q: So when do we get a Sonic Rainboom mod to go with this? :D

A: Just... no. No. Nooooooooo! Well, maybe.


Q: This mod is awful!

A: That isn't a question.


"This mod is awesome. I always wanted to bleed from my ears!"


"If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music! Oh wait..."


"Its better than fighting in the war room"


"Pure destructive fun!"



Use of this mod may result in the following side effects:

Uncontrollable laughter, dizziness, vomiting, spots, believing unreal things, a feeling that people are against you, blindness, deafness, cardiac arrest, death.

For those questioning the grips on my reality, please click here

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I'm glad that at least some people are enjoying this mod, I made it in a few hours because I wanted to get a better handle on unity's API, and because this seemed like a fun thing to do :)

I could easily take the rainbow trail from this and add it to sonic rainboom, but I never released it as most people's reaction to MLP related things is quite polar.

I'm still surprised by the reaction to this - you've all made me smile :)

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@Space Scumbag: There is nothing serious about sonic booms, especially when they get combined with a rainbow.I guess we'll see what the future holds.

@lordmuffin: Possibly, but not something I'd like to figure out... It would make nyanning a bit complicated.

@sarbian: The best part about this mod is that it also supports nyanning on 32bit - Not just 64bit. Show 32bit KSP some love too :)

@randomness5555: As there has been a pretty big knee jerk reaction to the barn in the upcoming KSP 0.90,

has inspired me. I have to collaborate with BDA for DMP support though - I doubt they will add nukes :P

@CaptainCreeper56: Thanks, but I'm not the first to jump on the whole meme thing. Ask sarbian.

@Vaporo: Maybe you can do both. I believe uncontrollable laughter and death are listed in the disclaimer in the OP :).

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