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"Nice" Ksp Photos


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Hi guys, I saw the "Show off your awesome KSP pictures" Thread, and it made me wonder.

I think we should have a thread for "Nice" photos, not just random screenshots, but photos that look good, have meaning, or just look good.

Here is my first example:

tD6gNqx.png?1(Please Tell me if a thread like this has been made!)

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Here are a few images I took today in KSP.

The Laythe Express is on it's way!


Jool fly-by / retro assist on my way to Laythe


Laythe orbit with a Jool rise.


The Laythe Express on final for landing.


Duna Sunrise


Do the IKE hop!




KTV-2 with Munar Eclipse


Relay-1A - part of my geo-sync communications mesh. this was the first of the three Relay-"A" series launched and inserted. These were launched as support birds before I started my GPS constellation around Kerbin.


Mun-Sat-1A - First of my mapping and imaging birds launched to survey the Mun in 90 deg incllnation polar orbit


NOAA GOES-R or my best attempt at it..


One of the 32 (so far) GPS birds orbiting Kerbin,


On a sad note one of my Kerbals was killed on Laythe due to a landing strut failure. After Bartbe Kermin repaired the broke strut the whole ship shifted and the strut failed again causing the ship to crush him.

Other than the one lost Kerbal the mission was not in vain nor lost. the remaining crew collected a ton of science before planting a flag and heading back home.

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The latest mission that was completed this morning "The Jool Express" orbited Jool and landed on Vall and also on Bop. The craft used Duna for a course and gravity assist and then again used Laythe as a last minute "shoot from the hip" course correction and speed reduction...

This mission arrived at Jool just as "The Laythe Express" was leaving Laythe. In fact "The Laythe Express was still in high Jool orbit on her way home to Kerbin.

Final countdown T minus 20 seconds. All systems green!


T minus 10 seconds. Go for main engine start!


The Jool Express is on its way carrying a crew of 5.



Tower cleared!


Jool Express booster stage seperation and nose cone tower ditching, Throttled to 1/3 power to conserve fuel and not "over cook" the planned Kerbin orbit.


Duna assist burn as see from behind the craft.


Duna fly-by and assist on our way to Jool.


Laythe flyby and maneuver assist to reach Vall a little more efficiently.


Jool and Laythe seen from Bop


Cat Nappin' on Vall


Orbiting Vall preparing to ditch the stage and land on Vall when we got a Laythe rise then a Jool rise!


Stage separation.


Bop was setting behind us just before stage separation and landing maneuvers.


Kerbin Space Sunset 1


Kerbin Space Sunset 2


All five kerbals return home with a bounty of science and samples. I had to put a drogue chute on this big girl to slow her down before deploying the 3 main chutes. other wise they would have been torn off.


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Here are a couple of stations I put up this evening..

Why use the usual boring names? Not us at Elfnet Communications we like to think outside of the proverbial box!

Kerbal Science & Hair Care (For new discoveries and great hair!)



Kerbal Space Science & payday Loans (A convenient place to get a loan to pay for your science.)




KOX-News Network satellite (just a replica of a KTV bird but renamed..)


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wonder if I could do this for others' work, as a compliment to the already-existing Debris Series?

Actually, that is a really good idea! Make a new thread, and I think people will love it!

BTW, +Rep...

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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