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[1.3 - 1.2.2] Collision FX v4.0 (2017-03-09) Now with biome coloured dust!

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I have updated this mod to use the new particle system. I hope you are okay with this, it has been a while since you touched it, and I kind of wanted this to work ;)

@whale_2 I added your wheel fix.

@Aonova I added the MM changes.


The code was licensed under GPL2, and remains under that license.

I will create a new page for the mod soon, and post to CKAN in a day or two. Unless there are major objections, but the clock is ticking :)

The graphics are still wonky. I am playing with it and waiting for responses.


Should be compatible with 1.4++



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(I just hope the Kerbal squeak still works! :D )\

Also, if you want to include the OPM dust colors in the config, they're here:

Also, also; Does anyone remember what mod was providing a tire "chirp" / "screech" (like upon touching down on the runway)?

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Would my wild slowdowns upon crashing/hard landing that invoke this mod's effects share a similar condition to landing in water? I noticed I get a similar nearly "seconds-per-frame" degree of slowdown when splashing down that gradually improves when each effect fully plays through. Since the behavior is so similar, I'm guessing it's something to do with my settings.

Any ideas what game effect or feature this mod invokes to see if I have some absurdly high value set that would govern it? Is it just using the particle system?

I'll try wiping my config and see if I can figure out the culprit.

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