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Jeb immediately flies off into space when he goes EVA from the Mk1



A typical way I gather science is to periodically pop Jeb out of the command module, get an EVA report, collect the data from various scientific instruments mounted to the command module, and then get back in the module again.

I just grabbed the 0.25 update a few days ago, and I am now having serious problems with this that almost make the game unplayable for me. Whenever my Kerbal goes EVA from the Mk1, instead of clinging tightly to the hatch ladder like he always has in the past, he either gently floats away from the hatch or is flung violently into space. Then I have to navigate him back to the hatch again.

I also have serous difficulties getting my EVA'ed Kerbal back to the hatch, and I am hoping someone can help me with this. Suppose Jeb has floated half a meter away from the hatch and I just need to inch him forward a bit to get back in the pod. I haven't figured out an easy way to do this. As soon as I hit R to turn on his jet pack, the Kerbal suddenly reorients himself to face some arbitrary direction (which usually moves him farther away from the hatch in the process).

If I recall correctly, in previous versions pressing W would move him "forward" with respect to the current camera angle. So, I used to be able to just point the camera in the direction I wanted the Kerbal to go and tap W to orient him in that direction. But the game doesn't seem to be working that way anymore. Instead, it seems that there is some kind of absolute orientation now that is independent of the camera angle, and the WASD keys move the Kerbal relative to that absolute orientation.

Because of this, I usually have to navigate my Kerbal back to the hatch using this unnatural orientation. This means that when he eventually gets back to the hatch he is usually facing an odd direction. Then, as soon as I press F to grab the hatch ladder, he flings himself around and flies off into space again.

I thought it might have something to do with having obstacles close to the hatch, but it still does this even if I only have an Mk16 parachute on the top of the pod.

Has anyone else experienced these issues, and what do I do about it?


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This is a known issue. While there may be a "proper" way to fix it, what I usually do is orient the Mk I pod so that the hatch side is fully vertical comparative to the kerbal's "natural" state (the way he orients himself when you hit 'R'), and go on EVA. For me, at least, this keeps his on the ladder instead of immediately launching him out.

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This is a known problem with the MkI Pod.

Personally, rather that fix it, I roleplay it.

As the MkI is too small to have a functional airlock system, I consider each EVA to consist of..

1) pumping down the pressure in the cockpit

2) opening the door to space, despite there still being some air in the pod. Re-enact the Dave Bowman space-transfer scene from 2001-a space odyssey

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