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T95 Gun Motor Carriage (HEAVY TANK DESTROYER)


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T95 GMC (Gun Motor Carriage)

Designer: Zekes


Cost: $165,192.00

The T95 was designed as a counter to the German heavy tanks during WW2. This tank is equipped with a flame gun (activated by pressing "2") and seats one kerbal on the commander's hatch, for repairing the tracks (It has two ladders in the back to get up and down). Decouple the kerbal's pod on the back once the Kerbal is at the seat.

Like the real tank, the T95 is not a speed demon. Do not exceed 15 m/s in a straight line, or turn at higher than 10 m/s or the tracks will start acting up/ break.

Download: http://www./download/qins77amsr86p41/T+95+Gun+Motor+Carriage.craft8rDcErz.jpg

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