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High and Low orbits??? What!!!!


Hi, well trying to get some science done, and am asked to do high and low orbit stuff over the Mun, well delving and delving, i did find that the low orbit was 14,000m or less, but i cant find the high orbit.

while orbiting the mun, i increased the orbit height bit by bit and ended up a little over 2million km, but still no science given, so what the hell is "high" orbit...

and er...yes...have looked at wiki and many many articles...but nop answer.

anyone in the knowledge please.


sam Damn...sorry, posted in wrong place...i do apologize.

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posted in wrong place
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When you're heading to Mun from Kerbin and you leave Kerbin's SOI and enter Mun's SOI, you're in "high orbit." You're not in orbit, but you're high. That's all you need to be.

Eventually, as you fall from that high point down to Mun you'll get low enough to be in "low orbit."

In the game these are referred to, I believe, as "high over mun" and "near mun"

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Low orbits go from altitude above surface to following range:

High orbits go from following range to exit SOI:

Sun - 1000 Mm

Moho - 80 km

Eve - 400 km

Gilly - 6 km

Kerbin - 250 km

Mun - 60 km

Minmus - 30 km

Duna - 140 km

Ike - 50 km

Dres - 25 km

Jool - 4 Mm

Laythe - 200 km

Vall - 90 km

Tylo - 250 km

Bop - 25 km

Pol - 22 km

Eeloo - 60 km

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