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KSP memes Megathread


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6 minutes ago, Wizard Kerbal said:

If anyone puts a kerbal in a maid outfit, their health will be at risk due to me.

If you can't tell, I don't like people putting characters in maid outfits.

I argee.  Please don’t.

This isn’t a KSP meme, but it’s funny anyways.


On topic…


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1 hour ago, Ben J. Kerman said:

I know it's not that good.

Why? Whats funny to me is Kerbin is 1/10th the size but Kerbal physics and parts wobbliness makes the equipment 1/1000th the strength!

Just too true!

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Just a complaint I didn't know where to put.

In Fallout New Vegas in a DLC, I saw the Gemini's engine on a rocket. I was super excited they used a 1960s rocket engine on a nuclear missile in their 1960s style game.
But then I realized, they used the Atlas's body for it, and I was disappointed. Still, better than than 10 living corpses going to "The Far Beyond" in these:


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