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[WIP][1.4.5] VST (Vectura Space Technologies)

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Another update!iTK6t5i.jpg

Big old escape pod for all of your large escape pod needs. WARNING: Uses a borrowed IVA, only seats 3 kerbals (will seat 8 when I've done with the IVA). This consists of 3 parts- a launching bay (fancy decoupler), the orbital maneuvering system (get your kerbals on a re-entry course) and the pod (get them down safely). The pod does have some drag problems right now, so I really recommend a shallow re-entry unless you want to smack into the ground.

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Another update! This one adds the Integral and Derivative, a pair of engines, one for atmosphere and one for vacuum, stats subject to change. They have a 1.875m stack size, though with the nozzle size and power they'll readily fit on a 2.5m stack. They haave a high max gimbal too. Still working on a custom particle effect for the atmospheric version, and emissives.UdJqNhk.jpg

And no, still no IVA.

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Another little update. I hid the escape pod bits (they still exist though) because I'm really not happy with their current state. I added a set of 3 small radial probe cores (textures are almost non existant, will likely be improved in the future). Added a WIP vacuum engine (similar case with simple textures to be improved). Also added the containers from a side mod I was developing- these are a rectangular probe core RCS service bay with junior docking port, an identical version with no walls or service bay functionality, and a partially textured adaptor for the wall-less version for mass attachment of the wedges from the new Universal Storage 2.


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