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Status: M.I.A. [AAR]


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Enjoy the bland placeholder until I make a nice logo!

I've had the idea to start up a new story for a while now (though unsure if this counts as an AAR- Much of the pictures and storyline are not based around an actual mission.. though many AARs are fabricated in the same format.) I've had a few in the past... though I believe they aren't good. On top of that, a somewhat recent one from before my break from KSP was never finished.. I simply didn't have the willpower to push through it. The majority of the pictures are gone, as it stands; I've cleared out my imgur gallery for space.

This is an entirely new storyline, and I have big plans to make it special. :)

All of the mods in this story are purely aesthetic:



Prologue Part I: A Rusty Mess

Prologue Part II: Looking Past It All

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Prologue Part I: A Rusty Mess

The sun beamed down over the space center, causing the pure white walls to shine like a gem. Many of the workers were huddled inside, watching live yet poor footage of Henski Kerman undocking from their station to head back down to Kerbin. While the smooth service roads were nearly empty, one car remained. A blue, vintage coupe rumbled down the road, driven by none other than the program's fan-favorite: Kirrim. Kirrim was 35, with a head of orange-red hair and a beard that matched, scraggly and lightly kept. He had been in the program for nearly 9 years, ever since he was 27. Kirrim never changed; He had the joy and vigor of a teenager, all the way through his years as an airman and even through his many years enlisted in the program. It was the usual ordeal: while he enjoyed the missions, he wasn't too keen on keeping track of them unless he was on it. Kirrim took his right hand off the wheel and began to click through

until he found a song that seemed to spark his happiness. As he looked back up, a member of his trio was exiting the crowded complex, gently shutting the door behind him. Kirrim pulled over and revved his way into a nearby parking spot before turning the car's key and shutting the engine down with a few bruhb bruhb bru-..ch.... The silence was followed by the redhead stepping out from the vehicle and slamming the metal door shut to greet his close friend, Lenney. Lenney was a rather lanky 27 year old scientist with slicked-back charcoal black hair and a clean shave. His hair was speckled with stress-induced graying. Unlike Kirrim, however, he always kept himself presentable.


Kirrim: "..Seems like there is a party in every building. Did somebody sneak in booze?"

Lenney: He rolled his eyes with a faint smirk before eyeing Kirrim's new ride as he spoke. "Nope, though I'd like to know why."

Kirrim: Kirrim held back a grin and got into pose, showcasing his wheels. "She's a beauty, isn't she? And I got her for a steal!"

Lenney: Lenney was quickly ushered towards the car as he responded. "It seems like something my grandparents would drive... isn't it a bit old?"

Kirrim: "It isn't old, Lenney, It's a classic. Get in! We need to go find Richald."

Lenney: He let out a faint groan as he got into the passenger seat and shut his door. "Of our four fellow peers, why Richald?"

Kirrim: Kirrim got in afterwards and began to adjust his mirror and turn up the radio a notch. "I realize you two aren't the type to.. eh.. get along too well, but just do this for me. You'll understand soon."


Lenney: Lenney rose a brow and gave him a faint yet curious expression. "You know something."

Kirrim: "Yeah, yeah, I understand the essence of privacy, Lenney."

Lenney: He shrugged. "Just start up this hunk of junk and prove to me its worth to you."

Kirrim: Kirrim mocked his voice as he turned the key and slammed it into reverse before jetting out of the parking lot. "start up this hunk of junk... myeh myeh myeh.. I can't have fun.. damn you, Lenney."


Lenney: Lenney smirked and punched him in the arm. "..You still haven't told me.. how much did you pay for this? And where did you even find it?"

Kirrim: "I found it on the side of the highway with a "for sale" sign a few weeks ago. Though it's been in the bodyshop for some time.. I wanted it to be a pleasant surprise. In the end, it cost me around... 15 thousand."

Lenney: "It's not terrible..-"

Kirrim: "You're right on that one! It's worth every koin."

Richald was sitting outside of a building in the development section of the center, having a smoke. While it was against regulations, nobody was around to see, including the nearby broken camera. He was the youngest of the three at the age of 24 with wild light-brown hair and a trimmed goatee; he always seemed to be the most relaxed. Kirrim drove his 'baby' up near him and tapped his hand on the outside of the door with a smile.


Kirrim: "My man, Rich-aaald! Get in!"

Richald: Richald let out a puff of smoke with a wide grin and threw down the cigarette butt before stepping on it and driving it into the grass. "Kirrim! You're too lucky, man!" He walked over and ran a hand across the siding as he made his way to the backseat and hopped in. "Where'd you find this beauty?"

Kirrim: Kirrim let out a hearty chuckle. "I had to spend some money to make it a beauty. It was a rusty mess off of the side of I-41 before the restoration. I'll tell you all about it over in the shack."

Lenney: "..The shack? What?"

Richald: Awkward tension brewed between Lenney and Richald. "...It's an unused storage unit, Len. We've got a little zone set up."

Kirrim: He continued off of Richald's statement. "We just have to be at the astronaut complex in an hour."

Richald: "Good! It's enough time to order take-out. Hopefully we don't have to pick it up the front gate. Just put it under Gene's name!"


* * *






Henski: "I can just make out the space center. Good, clear day. Over."

Comms: "That's a roger. You have quite a party waiting for your arrival. Over."

Henski: "Seems they're waiting on that announcement, not me. Supposedly special. Over."

Comms: "...I can't disclose that information. Over."

Henski: "..."

Comms: "...Enjoy your last moments up there, captain. It may be a while before your next trip. Over."

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Prologue Part II: Looking Past It All

Kirrim, Richald, and Lenney were stuffed by the end of their budget meal, hands on their bellies. The announcement, by none other than the newly elected President Genesby, was nearly 10 minutes away; Kirrim was the first to launch to his feet with a grunt, herding the other two into his car and slamming the gas pedal down. The old battleship's engine rattled as it lurched onto the road and off to the employee parking section of the Astronaut Complex. Kirrim quickly flashed his I.D. to a security officer and headed into an open spot; the three rushed off to the outdoor stage, and as Kirrim didn't stop near the crowds, Richald and Lenney were confused. They struggled to speak over the cheering citizens as Mr. President walked onto stage with a large, charismatic grin.

Lenney: "Where are you going!?"

Kirrim: "Front row! Best spot to.. view the speech."

Richald: He rose a brow. "It doesn't have to be the best spot in the world.. let's just find somewhere.. maybe not so crowded?"

Kirrim: "Trust me on this one! You'll both understand soon enough."

As President Genesby began to make his speech, Kirrim shuffled near the front row, motioning for the others to follow him. The president was middle-aged, his hair only having a few strands that weren't completely gray. Countless microphones lined the podium; it was hard to see more than the top of his head as he spoke.

President Genesby: "I am incredibly pleased to be able to take away time from my work back at the capital to come here and speak to you all today. While tensions continue to brew with the Roschlic Federation, it's very rare that I am able to get out of the office." He let out a faint chuckle. "But that's not what we're here for today. Many people in my position would, sadly, leave this program's funding bone-dry. I, however, am not one of those people. From a young child, to a scholar, and even now as a leader, I've always had a strong outlook on space exploration. In fact, about a thousand years ago I too had high intentions to enter our Air Force and serve my country, with the possibility that I could become an astronaut. However, both of those dreams ended at a failed eye test at the recruit station."

The crowd let out faint chuckles, with Richald and Kirrim watching intently. Lenney was lost in curiosity and anxiousness; what had Kirrim been hinting at for those many weeks?

President Genesby: "...however, what I am getting at here is, we as Kerbalkind must always have plans and goals, no matter what the risks may be. There's been an economic boom over the past year, and I've, with the assistance of CEO, Jonsie Kerman, decided to add another 5,000,000 Koins to the annual budget of this fine program. We must not focus our time and efforts into political bickering- we must focus past that. We must focus past the moon. We must focus one more step forwards: Duna. Much like the successful yet long-ago challenge of getting to the Mun, I mark the challenge of a prolonged research effort in lower Duna orbit and a manned landing on its moon, Ike."

Clapping and cheers erupted from the audience at this point. Kirrim had a large, all-knowing grin on his face as he watched Richald and Lenney in amazement, cheering along with the crowd. Genesby waited for the crowd to settle before continuing.

President Genesby: "This is a joint operation with the Linnish and their leader, King Hadsworth, who is making the same announcement over the pond. The Linnaer Isles will pick two of their own astronauts over the next few years to train, though we will have three. I'd like to call this new mission's captain, one of the program's senior astronauts, Kirrim, up to the podium please."

Lenney and Richald were in silence as they watched Kirrim head up onto the stage and take the president's place at the podium. There was a quick drain in Kirrim's usual behavior; he was mature when he needed to be, and this was a special moment to him.

Kirrim: "...Over the past few weeks, I've been hinted at a new mission. More specifically... to lead it onwards. And, as I have been given this decision not long ago, it was an immediate yes from the start. I make this promise to not only you, Mr. President, but to the whole nation: We won't go quiet until this is a success. And when I say we, I mean two other fine men who I've had the chance to get to know while making the.. other decision- who to bring along. If Richald and Lenney could please join me up here?"

Yet more clapping started up as Richald and Lenney headed up the few steps and onto the stage, speechless and overflowing with surprise. It all began to make a portion of sense- Kirrim was a skilled pilot and leader, Lenney was a knowledgeable scientist, and Richald was an engineer who always knew what needed fixing and how to fix it. The three stood center-stage as the president retook his spot at the podium.


President Genesby: "Before we give a warm welcome to the returning Henski Kerman, I ask any questions be asked now..."

* * *

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I've had a tendency to draw out sections of time spent pre-mission and on Kerbin in my past AARs, but Chapter 1 will mark the beginning of the actual mission. Expect that soon.

Also, there are slight updates I am making (mainly descriptions of Lenney and Richald) to the 1st part of the prologue, expect those shortly.

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