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Just a couple of easy questions for the experienced players


Hi, is the a key that enables to continues place a piece in the vab...like a parachute, so instead of placing one at a time, the chute stays on end of mouse pointer ready for another placement...instead of keep going back to re-select the same part again...i don't mean the symmetrical placement button on button left of ui.

also how do you save a craft in the sub assemblies bit please..i made a nice lander, went to put it in there and it got deleted...lol

many thanks


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What you're probably seeing is part duplication. Mod-click (alt-click for Windows, right-shift-click for Linux, I forget for Mac) when mousing over a part, and you can duplicate the part and any parts attached to it.

As to saving a craft in sub assemblies, you just click a section of your craft and move it into the sub-assembly saving section. This section cannot include the root part (the first part placed). You must build your craft from a dummy root: the SelectRoot mod can help you change over to a dummy root if you've already built a craft.

Notice the fuel tank (and engine) I am dropping into the box at the lower-left.


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if you want to save say, a lander, in your sub-assemblies, you need to make sure it is not made with the root part (the first part you place when you begin to build your craft)

without mods, try to begin with a dock port as root part, slap a command module on top of it and build your lander around it, once you've finished select the command pod and the lander should stick with your mouse, then slide your craft into the "sub-assembly drop zone"(leaving the root part there) and the work should be done


hope it helped

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